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expo tomorrow.
Friday. 1.15.16 4:28 pm
I'm going to the d.c. tattoo expo tomorrow. never been to any sort of expo before. the biggest events I've been to are regional smash tournaments and odyssey of the mind competitions on the 90's. it's the gonna be (trump voice) huge.

getting a piece done at an expo/convention is terrifying to me, because it'll more than likely be by someone you have never seen/heard, and there's the added pressure of a huge crowd on both the tattooist and the tattooed.

...not that i am dying to get a piece done tomorrow. it would just be a fun little "you know what? fuck it" moment. i am mostly excited to see the scene. i know i won't fit in.

then, dim sum on sunday. then, a company party.

and here... we... go...

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three hundred sixty five
Saturday. 10.17.15 8:37 am
tomorrow at 3pm, it will be one year.

it's been twelve awesome months. three hundred sixty five fantastic days. eight thousand seven hundred thirty six great hours.

...i subtracted a day because there was one day where i think i got food poisoning and seldom left the couch if only to go to the restroom.

today we are going to the maryland renaissance festival. woohoo!

tonight we are going to eat awesome thai food with sank senior (my pops). yum!

tomorrow we are going to the prime rib for a sweet, delicious, expensive anniversary dinner. ka-chow!

later, friends.


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i traded.
Monday. 10.12.15 10:34 am
i took off work this week. not that i really had any plan, but i need to take some time, so i figured, why not.

today is columbus day, so we are celebrating that asshole for whatever reason.

i went to taco bell for breakfast today, and they weren't open.

i have an iphone now. first apple product i've ever had. damn it, it works so well.

i got my tattoo worked on yesterday. i'm so happy with it so far.

my left eye itches.

i traded in my ps4 for an xboxone.

the college kids renting the townhome a few doors down from me really suck at parking.

when's lunch?


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off work.
Saturday. 9.19.15 6:03 am
one more week! one more week!

i can't wait to go home.

i'm actually off work this weekend for the first time in five weeks. some co-workers were going to go to cedar point today, but that may be out of the question if thunderstorms continue.

i don't think i'm going to go anyway. i need to get my oil changed and i seriously need to clean my car.

i also want to experience those types of adventures with my friends, and not with people that i likely won't ever see again.

...nothing against them, either. some of the people i've met up here are very nice and are probably a lot of fun. i'm just the kind of guy who is uncomfortable unless i'm in a familiar situation or around familiar people. call it a flaw. not really anything i can do about it, even if i address.

"well scott, you could just jump in the deep end."


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all day long.
Sunday. 9.13.15 2:01 pm
so m'lady is currently headed back home after a week long visit. it was nice. i needed it.

now, only 12 days to go until i'm home. i'm counting down the seconds, honestly.

this experience has been one of a kind, in good ways and bad. i've learned a lot and taught a lot.

however, long hours day after day certainly takes a toll, and i can say that i probably won't be part of something like this merger again.

i have anxiety with stressful situations with customers, and when that's what i'm doing all day long for a month, it wears me out.

but, the end is near. hooray!

i will say, those i've worked up here with are really cool, nice people. but, i'm still ready to leave. i miss maryland. never thought i'd say that.

bye for now.

-mr. sank

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each night alone.
Thursday. 8.27.15 6:56 pm
i've been up here in avon, ohio for two weeks now.

eating dinner each night alone in a hotel room is a lonely existence.

oh well.

only four weeks to go before i can sleep in my own bed again.

mrs. sank is coming up here around labor day, so there is that bit of positivity for me to hang onto. it's hard, working 10 to 12 hours a day six days a week. but, i guess that's what i signed up for.

someone give me some words of encouragement. ready, break.


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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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