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aboutz ME

Age. 28
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. filipino
Location Pacifica, CA
School. Other
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rizzeading room..

hmm no blog yesterday
Wednesday. 8.20.03 2:37 pm

i got stupid WEB training tomorrow!...nOOOOOOOOOOOOO

OH HELL YA..lol..its gonna be off the chains...lol...

well..lets recap from yesterday..after i woke up and ate breakfast...which reminds me i have to go eat now...lol...i went to supercuts to get my hair cut..bekuz where i usually go it was booked...we waited 45 minutes...then we decided to leave..and we had burger king...mmm that ceaser salad burger is goooood..but its pretty big..i have an appointment today at 4 tho..my dad had an appointment to go to his doctor for his bone spurs..when he got home he showed me the email virus worm trojan thingy he was gettin..i was gettin it too..spooky...then i played madden for a bit agen..lol...then i posted about the virus..and it seems many ppl are getting it..psy sed it was some kinna trojan worm,..lol..reminds me of condoms.. lol.....its scary..phil sed he got infected just by being online.. ...then i ate puddin and drank a hella big glass of milk while watchin lizzie mcguire movie bekuz my sister was watchin for like the 100th time..shes like 3 yrs younger..10 years old..go to her nutang..its...makulitbabyg...and it was like 1200 when the movie finished and i went to bed..but my mom made me get up..bekuz she discovered the virus too..thats when i read psys thingy and told her what it was...

random junk from the trunk

lol thats me in chicago at my uncles 50th bday party...lol...

to the window
to the wall
till theres sweat drop down them balls
all the biatches crawl
ahh skee skee mothereffer
ahh skee skee skee skee
=get low by lil jon and the eastside boys with ying yang twins...cleaned in the laundry for your convienience


thing sed
Haha EMaN...its called "looking hard" hahaha -jojo..haha...its funny..kuzz i commented about how his pic after his haircut loooked like he just woke up..go to his page..its ...effinJOSELL..i sed it in the chat box...

and thats all he wrote folks... soo get out

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countdown i dread oh so much
Tuesday. 8.19.03 12:50 am
ugh..schoool on thursday ... just when my summer was gettin fun

school grabs me away from it all

errr....stupid 6th graders..lol..i got training for orientation on thursday,...

oh wel..i get to see my frenz agen ..well...some of them..wel...i have to start sleeping early.. err..no more caffiene..not that i drink it alot..its just i like staying up..but i dont like getting up..lol...im weird|| |smileys are so kool..well i wont be posting on forums often now..oh well..its was fun "nutanging"while it lasted...ill still get comps on weekends..but its for a good purpose..i need to raise my grades..ugh..i told yall already...i need to be like kevin and christeen..wel..actually now that i think about it..a 4.o means i need an A in pe..ugh..i hope i get guyon..its all on effort..and im a superlink so i kno her..but that wont really help..and i need pe clothes!!..lol..and an assignment book..which i will actually use this year..lol what a shock..oh yea..just finished watchin even stevens movie..its kool...GOTCHA...lol...well..its getting late..peace


lol..me karl and ernesto..karl is in the middle..or me kevin and nate..and im in the middle...-sigh- i miss school..well..not really...lol...

belle: hey toot
me: hey beep
me: lol
belle: lol
belle: toot nd beep fasho

lol belle just IM's me all of a sudden..lol..we're such koool losers...lol..i still LVOE her ..lol..she cant spell...lol..inside jokers..like always...

all i hear is raindrops
fallin on the roof top
oh baby tell me why you had to go
kuzz this pain i feel it wont go away
and today..im officially missin you
-tamia officially missing you

aww...it reminds me of [y]nez...sniff sniff..i miss her..and all the class of o3...sniff..good luck to you all

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Monday. 8.18.03 2:33 am
now i reeaaallly seriouslly neeeed to change my layout...its pissing me out ..lol
well lets recap..sorry i havent updated in a while...wel anyway..friday my kuzzins from LA left..you kno my ate ria reminds me so much of KAREN[dipity] and vice versa..lol..i have no clue at all why..anyway same day they left we left me my mom kk for sac agen.. my grandma hosted a dinner..my dad had to drive alone the day after bekuz he had to go to a funeral..his co worker had passed away while we were in chicago..she had breast cancer shes been fightin for a long time...she was 50 years old... she was a good frend..but i didnt see her much..but when we would go pick up dad from work she was always there..she was nice to us.......
anyway saturday was the party a bunch of people were there...w00t w00t lol..i was like this tall compared to my ates from hawaii.. forget the sexes pretend thats a guy.. agen pretend those are girls..lol..there frikin tall..ate angel is 5 10 and ate uhm i for get is 5 11 i met them well actually i met ate angel before its just the other for the first time..the today we went to vacaville to see tito rogers house in the makin then we went baskin robbins..tito roger was supposed to meet us there but well...his mom in law decided to come..so they went to the mall instead..lol...and now im here alone..in my room...nutanging..lol...
anyway i got a goal for school this year..to have a 4.0 gpa for at least a semester..im gonna try to limit myself to computer onlee on weekends..[nooooooooooooooo ]you'll have to snifff sniff make it without me! lol..kuzz i used to be an A student ..i got my first B in 5th grade..then i was a B student now im a C student i gotta raise it up..and yea..by the way school starts the 26th for me ...[weakly]w00t w00t?err but on thursday and friday i have training for orientation..kuzz im part of it..but not much since im a second year..monday will be orientation..and then school..boo..yea..im tired im bout to sleep so later..i got to think of better closing thingers ..lol..
smiley luke i am your father...
avatar wow look at the colors..coooool
potpourri abnormal snails..lol..
quote-hello would you like to try fcuk him or fcuk her today?-lol fragrance lady at fcuk french connection united kingdom

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Thursday. 8.14.03 2:36 am
wellllllll changed the layout bekuz the pictures wouldnt post..used utb
recaps..nothingness till 8..lol...my ate sugar and her boy came..ate chinky ate ria ate chato kuya mel and 6 of his frenz lol..kuya bok..miko nining tito oreo...yeaaaaaa..played madden 2oo4..i was playin miko..it was my first time..and well..he was killin me..like 49 to 21..but in the fourth quarter i scored 35 points and he didnt score nothing..so i won..lol..he was so pissed off..lol..they just left..miko and his 'rents went home and the rest went out..im bout to go sleep...im tired..and my tongue hurts..
"just think of it this way,even though they're laughing at you, at least you made them laugh!"-me..
random -
smiley/avatar/potpurri- i think hes flippin me off im not sure
sentence - "productshizzle doggyfizzle televizzle my nizzle"-miko the hell?one of kuya mels frendz walks in my room and he says that to him

uh oh, link me -ate chinky lol..it sounded funny and i didnt get it

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oh yes
Wednesday. 8.13.03 2:02 am
today was so kool..lol..i woke up ate keilbasa and rice for breaky..then i discovered paint shop profesional and ive been fussin with it all day..haha..i went grocery and dropped off my kuzzin some souveniers from our trip..i got miko a gary payton bucks jersey..bekuz payton is on the lakers which is his team..and i got him an all star game visor..i got his dad a colts white hat..i got kuya oreo a manning jersey and his mom a coach hat fishermans hat..when i got home i fussed more...and called belle and nicole..and now my page is kool!lol picture of jci,..two of my bestedest frenz [l to r]jerr and belle and then christeenie weenie..lol sabby calls her that..well im out..later +edits aww man it dont work, the pic..oh well...ill get it up..+

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Wednesday. 8.13.03 1:51 am
i love that little thrusting guy its so funny

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