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Now to Think of Something...

It's me!

Age. 31
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Caucasian
Location Cape Coral Centr, FL
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Curiosity killed the cat! But I... am not a cat.
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Best song lyric ever? I think so.
Tuesday. 6.29.10 2:32 pm
"Well, I don't expect the world to move underneath me, but for god's sake could you try?"

-Kelly Clarkson, "Where is your heart?"

Also, Saving Jane's "Imperfection" is my new theme song. It's basically perfect for me.

And we got the liner up on the pool last night, and then realized that the liner was stretched between two corners so that it was off the ground. So we have to take it down, move it around, and put it back up. >_< I'm rethinking our decision to A. get an oval pool, and 2. install it ourselves. I mean, $1,500 is a lot of money, but this was easily that in work.

That is all.

listening to: Tom Milsom "Why I Shouldn't Have Let You In", Saving Jane "Reasons Why"

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I've lost 10 pounds!
Friday. 6.18.10 10:28 am

There's this health tracker thing on prevention.com that lets you put in how much you eat, all your activities, and even tells you how many calories you should be eating based on your weight goal. Awesome, right? There's more. It gives you a full nutritional breakdown of what you're eating so you can see that you need more vitamin A, for example, in your diet. I might be in love with it.

Which is a good thing, because I'm kind of over the whole situation with Will. I basically told him I'm tired of being his back-up when for when he doesn't have someone else, and I genuinely hope we can still be friends, cause he's one of my best friends, but I'm definitely over it. Yay for asserting myself(!)?

Also, these jerks on whom we had to wait for two weeks to come dig a spot for our pool told us they would fence our yard in for $300 if we provided the materials. We buy the materials, and they say they had no idea we wanted both sides fenced in and now want $800 - $300 per side and $100 for each door. We're not paying them $200 to cut a fence panel in half and apply hinges to both sides. And yeah, it makes sense to just put the one side up. "We really don't like the guy to our right, so could you just put a barrier there?" (That's not true. We actually like our neighbors...other than these assholes diagonally behind us who let their dog out and then scream "KITA!" and blow a friggin' air horn at 7 am or 2 am. Seriously, train your dog on ANYTHING but an air horn, or I will break that horn.)

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Tuesday. 6.8.10 11:18 am
So, I've finished proofreading my book. Because it's still only about 53,000 words, I need to add some scenes before I send it to agencies.

Wouldn't it be cool if it *actually* got published? But I'm not naive. I know first novels rarely get published.

Also, we're done building the legs of our pool, and now we just have the wall to do. I say just, but it'll probably take a week. There are all these steps and measurements to make sure it's stable. Grah.

Also, True Blood starts on the 13th. Excellent.

And! My roots are showing, so I need to dye my hair again. I don't know which color to do. I think I look good as a ginger, but do I want to keep it the same or switch it up?

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I'm a ginger.
Tuesday. 5.11.10 3:04 pm
That's really all I had to say.

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Diamond in the Rough
Monday. 5.10.10 3:17 pm
You make me question my feelings
for you, and whether I should have them.
Like a small sparkle in a gem
I know my beauty is lost on you.

Still I shine, hoping to be wrong
about you, and whether you love me.
Cubic zirconium cannot
compete with me, but you don't see it.

I glitter in vain, and when it
fails I dim, hoping you'll like that.
And yet you do not notice me.
I sparkle then for the world to see.

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Monday. 5.10.10 3:15 pm
A puppy, abandoned on the street
Whining, crying, hopeless.
Won't anyone come and rescue me?

A dim rainbow, struggling to be seen
Fighting, shining, hidden.
Does anyone find me beautiful?

A little tree, climbing for the sun
Yearning, pushing, alone.
Will you help me grow or cut me down?

A small child, fallen on the road
Crying, bleeding, hurting.
Will my mommy make me all better?

Little things in life are beautiful
But they must be seen.
Will you take the time to notice us?

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