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Wherein I have a violent reaction
Wednesday. 5.27.15 11:12 pm

I'm flying out to New York tomorrow morn.

Then I'm going to Paris.

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floatin' [edited]
Monday. 3.31.15 12:45 am
Wednesday was Mom's birthday, so I've been chilling at home all weekend to celebrate. Other than a pretty sweet sleepover with Ryan and Kyle last night, I haven't really seen any of my friends. Last time I was here, I spent the whole time out with different people so I figure it'd be nice to hang with Mom for a few days.

Also last time I was here, I was visiting with my OTHER friend Ryan (hereafter referred to as R2. [Gosh I've always wanted to say that]). He and I wanted to stop by this place called Palmetto Moonshine on the way back to Georgia, but we missed the exit. I was pretty disappointed, since I've never had moonshine and I wanted to try it out.

Aside; when I was younger, I never wanted to touch alcoholic beverages. They seemed to taste gross and I expected it would bring out the worst in me. (I've proven to have pretty lousy self-control) But as I got older, and especially when I turned 21, I figured it would be cool if I just made sure to drink responsibly. Don't get drunk, don't make habits, just have drinks with friends or relaxing at home. That's the way it's gone. I don't like beer, and I reckon I never will, but for some reason I have a fondness for straight liquor. And since I try to limit how much I drink, I haven't really explored alcohol-buzzed territory because apparently I have a stupid-high tolerance. So that's fun.

I told homegirl that I was sad I'd missed out on the moonshine place, and what did she do? She made me some! Well, she used some recipe that calls for lots of everclear to make something resembling Peach Cobbler flavored moonshine. It's delicious. I was surprisingly touched that she essentially gave me poison with peach slices and cinnamon. Guys I like her a lot. Anyway.

I finally stopped by Palmetto Moonshine on the way here. Cool place. 30 dollar jars of moonshine. Potent stuff. Definitely more potent than the stuff Hannah made. 30 dollars is sort of a lot for a single pint, but I figure it's worth it every now and then.

wheeeee alcohol


Trying to think of a new job I should be looking for. This whole thing with the research lab is cool but it's not really leading anywhere. Mom and Mark were giving me tips today. It wasn't pleasant but I think it was helpful. Maybe.

I'm also looking into the stock market. I have a few ideas for how I could reasonably make a tiny bit of money with it, but I know so little about the market itself and the ways that other people work it, I'm probably just being naive. Still, I've started looking into ways to play with past data and see what I have to work with. Patterns patterns patterns.

Just got my new (from February) glasses adjusted for the first time. Man, what a relief. I didn't realize how much I hated having the stupid things fall down my face.

Recently I've been trying to learn more about how I build my convictions (beliefs, worldviews, habits, rules-to-passionately-uphold) and how I can build more of them biblically. I'm uncomfortable with how much I tend to lean on the convictions of my friends and church. Partially because stealing convictions from others is super fake, and partially because they're generally pretty weak unless I build them myself, for my own reasons. It's a lot to think about. I think it's also related to my difficulties in class; learning new material is hard for me. Especially if I can't put the information into a framework that makes sense to me. Most things fit into similar frameworks, so I get by, but every now and then something just makes no sense to me -cough- thermodynamics -cough-

Oh, and I've been reading this rad series called the Ware Tetrology, by Rudy Tucker. Software, Wetware, Freeware, Realware. It's sci-fi. Deals a lot with the evolution of culture and technology. I really like the way the guy moves his world forward; a seemingly innocuous detail in one book turns into a major plot point 30 years later in the sequel. Sort of like real life, methinks. I particularly enjoy the slang he made up. It's sort of depressing how the characters act sometimes, but I think it's actually pretty accurate, and might be even more so in the future. I'm not referring to the gratuitous sex and drug use, but to the sort of "meh" attitude that everyone has about everything.

No, that's not a good way to describe it...I dunno. It reminds me a little of The Stranger. That's actually a decent comparison, I think.

Oh well. What are you guys reading recently?

If you were waiting for me to refer to R2 again, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.


Also, this

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Same request
Sunday. 3.15.15 1:36 am

Help me.

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Monday. 2.23.15 10:33 am

I'm aware that this is way over-edited. I'm a n00b please excuse me.

I'm also aware that very few people here care about me doing church stuff in another country. That's OK. I just ask that you donate even a couple of dollars with some sort of task, since that will help me garner more support from others. Unless you vehemently dislike the idea of supporting missions, I think it could be worth your while. Plus you'd be doing me a huge favor. Click here to see my page.

I'm pretty excited about going to Paris. It sort of jumped on my radar from nowhere so I'm still getting used to the idea. But the more I think about it, the more I like it.

Things with homegirl are going really well. We had a great Valentine's Day, and I was able to surprise her on our one-month. It's funny, I always used to feel like dating would be a hassle because I'm not really into all these special days and mushy stuff like that, but now that I'm actually in that hypothetical relationship, it's a lot of fun. I just get a kick out of making her feel special. I did get a little stressed out during the week before Valentine's Day (our one-month was on Tuesday, which was also when I was trying to visit my brother five hours away for his 21st birthday...and I needed to be back Wednesday evening. And I wanted to make a gift for Tuesday plus one for Valentine's day! So much...) One of my favorite parts has been writing goofy poems in the cards I make for her. My dad used to do that for my mom; I've seen a few of the cards he gave her, and they're great. Trying to emulate him in that.

"Roses are red,
violets are blue.
This doesn't rhyme,
but I want to hold your hand."

I made her an origami lily. She doesn't like real flowers. I'm planning on giving her a new one every month for our first year, so eventually she'll have a bouquet. I made a haiku to go with it:

"Lily with no scent
folded paper with intent
to encourage you

If it doesn't please
it folds flat to store away
for your convenience"


As you can see, I'm having a blast.

Please donate a little! It'll be fun!

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