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Age. 37
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It's been a while...
Tuesday. 9.9.08 10:46 pm
...only because I really haven't had anything to blog about. After my gigantic rant, I was sort of done with it. Just wasn't in the mood.

I've been using the new Google browser, Chrome. There's some things that I really like about it, but mostly...it really doesn't compare with Firefox. I like the tabbed browser thing and the fact that it saves my most frequently visited pages when I open a tab, but other than that...it just isn't Firefox. Speaking of strange quirks with it...it's deleting things that I type, but acting like it's there...and then it reappears later when I keep typing. It is quite annoying. I honestly thing I'm going to finish up this entry in Firefox because it's pissing me off!

THERE WE GO...this is MUCH better.

My son has the poopy (literally) stomach bug that is going around. He's had diarrhea for two weeks now. It literally gives him diaper rash the minute it comes out, he screams (because he can't express himself) and then he won't let you change his diaper. Chasing around a baby with diarrhea and trying to change his pants is no fun at all! I ran out of butt cream to put on his rash and I didn't really have anything to put on it, so I was letting him run around naked (air is always good for clearing that stuff up)...yeah, not a good idea. I was watching him run around...and then the next minute, it looked like 3 cow patties were on my carpet! I was so mad, but at the same time, I can't yell at him...he can't control when he poops, he's sick, and I'm the one that let him run around. SO, down I was...scrubbing the poop out of the carpet. FUN STUFF (not so much)...

I've been working lots of overtime. Need to make lots of money (not that it's working, but I try). Went to work on Saturday and bit down into my breakfast burrito and my tooth broke off. Called the dentist, she said to come in...but I wanted to make sure my insurance problem was cleared up (going on 6 months now)...still hasn't been fixed, so I will deal with this broken too until I find out if my insurance is cleared up. I'm not going in there to have work done only to find out that my insurance is screwed up. Not doing it! I have an appointment on the 23rd for a cleaning, so I'll just have them look at it then.

I've been pissing around in PS again. I found a tutorial on how to merge faces into classical works of art and I was messing around with that. I didn't really do a very good job, but I try. I had to sign up for http://www.worth1000.com thought because I'm really interested in messing around with their contests (beginner category, of course) and possibly submitting some stuff. I think that it'd be fun (and would challenge me to be creative). I would post my atrocities, but I'm sure you don't want to see that.

Greg has always been my guinea pig. See some of the things I made with him:


Little Pup is his nickname (since I'm lazypuppy...and I post on message boards, so when my "pup" was born, he just automatically got that name)


This one's my absolute favorite! He was in the perfect pose, ya know.


Hehe...I love the "OOOPS" face...

I made some for other people too, but mostly they were for me. I was using them as siggies on iVillage (foolishgames had mentioned making siggies for iVillage too)...it's a fun little niche and I enjoy making stuff for people (well, mostly look at other people's babies and stuff!

Anyway...I think this is it for the night.

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My rant blog...
Thursday. 9.4.08 12:14 am

This is about work...and work alone.

I moved back into my old department about 3 weeks ago. I had moved from customer service over into the accounts payable part (as a whole, AP and customer service are one in the same...just AP is more of the data entry, no talky talky to the customer part) back in November of last year because I was getting tired of having my ear bitched off every day by people I don't even know.

Now that I've had a break from all that, I realized that I really missed it and decided to move back (they were having me help over there anyway...I just asked to be moved back permanently). I am SOOOOO glad that I did.

They had made it know that they were going to open up two new positions for team "lead" in the AP area. We had one "lead" already and our department is expanding so much, they really needed more "lead" spots. They were looking to hire within, so they asked people to apply. I guess 5 people applied (one of which is my friend at work...and no, I'm not biased). She went for her "interview" and she was a great fit other than the fact that she did not have any experience. BACK IT UP...the entire department is brand spankin' new. The current "lead" has been there since May of 2004 (first oldest), I've been there since September of 2004 (making me 2nd oldest), and then everyone else has been there, MAYBE, two years (minus the million and one temps they have working). Out of the five people that "applied," I could only think of two people that WOULD have applied that would have this "experience" they are seeking. Come Monday, those two people are the people they chose.

These two people are very BUDDY BUDDY. They are connected at the hip, they do everything together, they smoke their bud together, they drink their drinks together, they do their concerts together...bosom buddies. How convenient that they both get hired as "leads" of the department. They're the two that I referenced earlier as being in the two year crowd. They're also two people that cut corners, do things incorrectly, don't give a rats ass about anything...and they are now the people that everyone is supposed to look up to. WHAT A CROCK!

The temps they have trained to audit our bills were trained by one of them...they were trained maybe 50/50...SO many bills come over to my area because they are missing things or there is no authorization in the system, however, on further review, they are missing nothing, they are sending duplicates, they can't "read" the bill...5 thousand documents are sitting waiting to be reviewed by my team of 7 versus their team of 30. They have 10 thousand documents waiting to be audited, and half of those go to my team that is 4 times smaller than their team? That's ridiculous.

The other person couldn't enter bills to save her life...she enters things incorrectly, doesn't take the time out to see what/who she is paying...we've paid so many wrong vendors, it's not even funny. I would say 50%+ of those bills belongs to person # 2 in this "lead" equation.

What the hell is up with that?

I'm just so irritated with this whole situation. We had a meeting today at work and they told us to contact them with issues. Excuse me? Any issue my team has is going by the wayside because my team does not agree with the way they are doing things. Even if things that we suggest would help us out or anyone else out, they would be ignored. It's just a bunch of BULLSHIT...

Ugh...anyway, I just had to get that out. SORRY TO RANT

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What utter crap!
Monday. 9.1.08 10:45 pm
Okay, no...it's just an article about Crap...actually, the 8 Shittiest Jobs of All Time (literally)...


Click the link...here's a teaser...

#8. Arming Squire

Job Description: The Arming Squire was a knight’s caddy, personal assistant, and bitch all rolled into one. They’d haul his gear, clean his equipment, clap his coconut halves together, and jot down important dates like the next scheduled battle with the Saxon Hordes.

So Where Does the Poop/Pee Come in? One of the Arming Squire’s main duties (pun definitely intended) was to clean the knight’s armor after a battle. Aside from the expected sweat, blood, and stubborn grass stains, this included scooping out and rubbing down the inside of the suit, which, if it had been a particularly long or frightening battle, or if your knight ate bad Mexican food the night before or was a huge dick, often contained a special “overtime bonus.” Knights it seems, like astronauts, have more important things to do than locate a toilet when their pants are literally right there.

I LOVE THIS WEBSITE...I've laughed my ass off for days. This was one of the more amusing articles I read, and I actually learned something in the process (which is a win-win situation).

Anyway...today was not amusing. We mowed the lawn, weed-whacked the weeds, and ate some meatloaf (which, to some, could amount to some of the crap above). Labor Day was basically spent...laboring??

It's back to the grind tomorrow. I'm going to be working, and possibly working late, and doing some more working all before a group of Brian's friends come over so we can play Rock Band into the wee hours of the morning and I can go full throttle into Wednesday on 3 or 4 hours of sleep...WOO

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today was hot
Sunday. 8.31.08 6:54 pm
My friend Melissa and I went to Taste of Colorado. It was fun, it was hot, and I feel burnt and exhausted. We walked around and tried to maneuver our way through crowds of rude people. People piss me off and that's why I don't like to go anywhere with large crowds with Greg. They don't have any courtesy for people with strollers. It's irritating.

Thursday night, I was getting in my car to leave work and my car wouldn't start. We spent about 30 minutes trying to jump it and nothing.

Friday, Brian came out and we cleaned off the battery terminals. They were extremely corroded, so we thought that maybe it wasn't getting a proper ground to start it. Tried to jump it again and still a no go. We took the battery out and drove over to Checker and had them test the batter and they said that it was good and they recharged it. When Brian's dad was messing around with the battery, he saw that two of the cells were almost dry (not good), so everyone was surprised to see that the battery was still good. Drove back to my work, put the battery in, car still wouldn't start. Conclusion #2, the starter, but it was too dark on Friday to do anything with it.

Saturday, drove out to my work AGAIN. Took the starter out and had it tested...but Checker couldn't do it and they said it was something that they didn't make any after-market parts for *just my luck*...We drove over to Napa, they had one in stock, they could test the starter and saw that it was bad. We had to drive all the way out to Commerce City to the Napa warehouse to get my starter...$173.00 down the toilet.

Drove all the way back out there and the car started after we put the starter in. Worked great...drove to Brian's parent's house and had lunch, started me car and drove up to Target to get some chicken and stuff for dinner. I was leaving Target, car wouldn't start.

I called my dad, he said that he'd gotten bad starters before and maybe we just got a dud starter. Tore the starter out AGAIN and had it tested and it worked fine. That left the battery...I guess when the cells go dry, the battery can show like it's working, but it really isn't working...thus explaining why I could drive around, but my car would die. SO, bought a battery ($113.00)...and put it in and haven't had a problem since.

This morning, driving to work. Everything was running fantastically (almost too perfect) because I got pulled over by a Federal Heights police officer. Got a $116.00 ticket for speeding (not going to lie, I was speeding)...

SO...all in all, not such a hot weekend (other than Taste of Colorado)...

But yeah...if you read through that entire thing, good for you. Maybe you learned something about cars ;)

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How many times do you use this word in every day conversation?
Monday. 8.25.08 11:42 pm


GLASGOW, Scotland, Aug. 25 (UPI) -- Collins Dictionaries of Britain said its researchers have estimated that the most commonly misspelled word in the English language is "supersede."

The company said the word is misspelled one out of every 10 times it is used because many other words with phonetically similar endings -- such as intercede and precede -- are spelled with the letter "c" instead of "s," The Daily Telegraph reported.

The researchers said they arrived at their conclusions by using a software program that went through thousands of documents available on the Internet, including published books, blogs and news articles.

Collins said other commonly misspelled words -- including conscience, indict, foreign, mortgage and phlegm -- are challenging because they their spelling is different from their phonetic pronunciations.

"The real spelling problems occur when people have (learned) the rules or have a bit of knowledge, but then make mistakes in how they apply this," said Ian Brookes, the managing editor of dictionaries at Collins.

How strangely interesting. It's not one of those words that I just whip out in casual conversation. I can see some of those other words like indict and foreign being used more often than supersede. Oh well.

In other news...there is no news! Greg had his first bloody nose about 20 minutes ago. Really scary for me only because it was just random. He was sitting there picking his nose (and I was trying to get him not to by making fun of him) and then he stopped and got up on the couch. Then he was playing and he turned around and he had blood all over his face. ME, I got up and ran over to him stubbing my toe on a wipe box that was on the ground (remind me to pick that up)...then my pants fell down (I must be losing some weight) and then on top of that, my underwear started to fall down (must be more weight loss). COME ON! All I wanted to do was run and grab kleenex and save my little boy and my pants AND underwear fall down! What the hell did I do to you life?! Try holding a little boy who doesn't want to sit still while trying to pull up your underwear and pants...NOT EASY.

Embarrassing moment is done...I'm going to go to bed and read my books (over and over). Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban was on TV last night and I really wanted to read the book over again because it seems like I can't remember it anymore. I know things are missing, I just need to read it and remember.

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This is nifty
Sunday. 8.24.08 12:12 am
I saw this article online yesterday and I thought it was cool. Here's the link to it


All Things Considered, August 14, 2008 · People who use the Internet to talk to friends, set up free e-mail accounts or buy concert tickets are often unknowingly helping to digitize vast libraries of old books and newspapers.

That's because more than 40,000 Web sites — including popular ones such as Ticketmaster, Facebook and Craigslist — are using a new kind of security program called reCAPTCHA.

It's the brainchild of Luis von Ahn, a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, who helped develop another commonly used Web security system. That one, called CAPTCHA, will allow people to access a Web site only if they prove they are human — and not a spammer's computer — by typing in a sequence of letters or numbers that appear on the screen in a distorted or garbled image.

"Each time you type one of these, your brain is doing something amazing," von Ahn says. "Your brain is performing a task that, despite 50 years of research in computer science, we cannot yet get computers to do."

The trouble is, each time you type in one of these garbled words, you're also wasting time. Von Ahn recently realized exactly how much time was being wasted, and he found it demoralizing.

"Approximately 200 million of these are typed every day by people around the world. Each time you type one of these, essentially you waste about 10 seconds of your time," he says. "If you multiply that by 200 million, you get that humanity as a whole is wasting around 500,000 hours every day, typing these annoying squiggly characters."

Here is part of the article...the rest of the article is worth reading though. I learned something I never knew.

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I'm moved
Saturday. 8.23.08 12:21 am
I moved into my new place on the 1st of August. I had to move out of my apartment by the 9th of August...and I was done by the 9th...and I can safely say I've moved all my stuff to my new place, haven't really unpacked a whole lot.

I think I talked about the new kitten before. I have my photos downloaded onto my computer, so I uploaded them online...and here she is:

I've also got a few of Greg in there from random times throughout this month. He truly is a goof ball.

Greg, playing with the kitten (he picked it up right away)

Greg and the serious face...only if the booger wasn't hanging out of his nose

The early stages of being glued to the TV...

The next stage...glued and drinking beer (just kidding...that's not his beer...it's Melissa's that I gave to her to take home)

The final stage...stripping for the camera in front of the TV.

He has figured out how to climb out of his crib (which is bad for us)...I really don't think he's old enough to be sleeping in a toddler bed, however, I do think that maybe he's getting too big for his crib. I guess it's just a big step in me not wanting him to grow up, I guess. I wish he could stay little FOREVER (okay, maybe not little little).

HE LOVES NOGGIN (that channel for preschoolers). He is constantly glued to the TV (as you can see above) when we put it on (which isn't all day...I'm not that bad). I think his favorite shows on that channel are The Wonder Pets and the one with that bunny brother and sister (I don't care for that show)...his above picture of him stripping was when The Upside Down Show was on (creepy show...don't really like it...Greg seems to like it...ugh)...

We're going to the zoo tomorrow with my friend Stacy from work and her daughter (and her daughter's daughter). I hope they're able to make it tomorrow. I guess the baby is sick and may not feel up to going. Regardless, me and Greg are going to enjoy our mommy/son day at the zoo. I'm hoping (been 19 months old) that the zoo is starting to become interesting to him. He is really starting to pick up things at a distance and he gets excited when he sees things that he enjoys (balloons, Winnie the Pooh, balls, puppies, diapers...don't ask).

Anyway...it's getting late, and I'm going to bed.

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Just a little update...
Sunday. 8.17.08 12:29 pm
I've sort of disappeared for 2 weeks (or maybe more)...but I thought I would come and give an update.

I'm all moved over to my new house. Glad to be out of those damn apartments. I hate them...and I really hope that something bad happens to them (okay, maybe not that bad). I'm just glad I'm not there anymore. Unfortunately, I've not been able to get anything unpacked. I've always got Greg here and it's usually just me and him and his idea of helping me is really getting in the way. I understand that he's just trying to help out, but seriously...he's always taking what I just put away out and throwing it in some other place. It's a real pain in the ass! I'll get unpacked eventually.

I finished reading Breaking Dawn. I was so stupid because I decided to go on Amazon.com before I finished reading the book and was looking to see what the reviews were on the book and I read one with spoilers...SO, I was reading it already knowing what happened and I spoiled it for myself. I would consider the book okay, but it definitely was not my favorite book out of the entire series. I happen to like the one right before this one. Breaking Dawn just seemed a little too campy and unrealistic. It was almost like the fairy tale came true to a T. Those are my opinions though.

Umm...I really don't have any other news...lol...Greg and I might go to the zoo today, but not sure.

OOOOH...we got a kitten. Since I'm using Brian's laptop, I'm somewhat wary about uploading my pictures to it. They might disappear or something, so until I get my computer up and running, I won't be uploading any pictures.

She is a cute little one though. I think Brian and I are going to name her Sasha. Unfortunately, Melissa's aunt was calling her Baby before we got her, so she really doesn't come to anything other than Baby. We really don't want to call her that...

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