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Monday. 7.28.08 1:25 am
hmmm oooh decadent deep sexy music.... AHHHHHhhhhh

Just having a Evanesence moment.

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Metallica Wisdom
Saturday. 7.5.08 11:23 pm
Metallica is one of my all time favorite bands. I got all their albums and listened way too much over the years. Here is some clever little lyric tidbits.

All that is, was and will be
universe much too big to see

so close no matter how far
couldn't be much more from the heart
forever trusting who we are
and nothing else matters

Suppose I say
You cut some root
To make the tree survive

Peirce the apple skin
You bit more than you need
Now you're choking
On a bad seed

**The higher you are
The farther you fall
The longer the walk
The farther you crawl

Now you're choking
On a bad seed

So you bring this poor dog in from the rain
Though he just wants right back out again

Don't go looking for snakes you might find them
Don't send your eyes to the sun you might blind them

Careful what you wish
Careful what you say
Careful what you wish
You may regret it

All the wants you waste
All the things you've chased
*And it all crashes down
And you break your crown
And you point your finger
But there's no one around

Betting on the cure
Cause it must get better than this
Betting on the cure
Yeah everyone's got to have the sickness
'Cause everyone seems to need the cure
Precious cure

The joy of violent movements pulls you under

find your peace
find your say
find the smooth road in your way

Justice Is Lost
Justice Is Raped
Justice Is Gone
Pulling Your Strings
Justice Is Done
Seeking No Truth
Winning Is All
Find it So Grim
So True
So Real

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AHAHa Beat This Punks!
Saturday. 7.5.08 2:23 am
I just sent the longest facebook message I ever seen or heard of. It was 4 Pages on Word using times new roman size 10. 1800+ words! Beat that punks! HEHE

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The Stupid Tax
Wednesday. 7.2.08 1:11 am
mood: Jaded
listening to: Paramore
watching: Like I said don't like TV

Ok so I was on my way to take my little brother Joey to school. He goes in the afternoons he is studying to get his GED because he was home schooled. I was trying to get him there by 4pm. Had to get gas right? I was running on vapors, nothing new. So I coast into the station. All four of the pumps are blocked, and a line has formed. Finally I get a pump. I go in to prepay. There are two people ahead of me.

Doing what? Paying their daily "stupid tax".

So the woman buys $50 stinking dollars worth of lottery tickets. Don't she know that is a days pay for some people? That she or her husband had to work nearly all day doing something to buy those lottery tickets? I mean come on the government gets about 16% of all our paychecks. Also 6% - 7% more on what we buy. Plus property and car taxes and 50 cents a gal on gas! All to the government. So this lady is plain stupid enough to give somebody’s hard earned $50 to the government. When they get nearly half of our money anyway.

So my question is why? The remote chance of being a millionaire. You are more likely to be struck dead by a meteorite while mowing your lawn one Saturday.

Come on people quit being stupid! Value your hard earned money! Put it the bank! Earn interest! Put it a friggin fruit jar! Just don't give to government!


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Wow really got some feedback.
Thursday. 6.26.08 1:13 am
I admit I do not check my blogs before posting. I was in the mindset that nobody really cared. One reason being I see so much poor writing on blogs. I do know how to write properly. I have just been laxed. I know I made some sentence fragments. I know I prolly misused the comma. I even committed the serious crime against English. I started a sentence with and or but.

So this is my official apology.

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Wednesday. 6.25.08 2:39 pm
mood: Hopful
listening to: The Super 80's Station
watching: Like I said too smart for TV

Hey I been wondering. My dad is on to me to make sure I always check my blogs and anything I right for proper spelling and grammar. I tell him nobody cares online as long as it makes sense and is readable. What does everyone think?

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Digusting side of city growth
Thursday. 6.19.08 2:28 am
I live near the small town of Commerce Ga POP 6000. Very nice little town. I am there everyday because my church is downtown. It is full of old houses built in the late 1800's till now. Big beautiful houses that have history and add charactor to the town. These old houses can never be replaced. History gone forever. On the other end of the spectrum metro Atlanta.

I hate Atlanta and it's metro area. No class no charactor. No scenery. Nothing but walgreens, mcdonalds, CVS, kroger, publix, burger king, malls and strip malls. Over and over again. As you go down any road in the Metro you see the same businesses repeat themselves every 1/4 mile over and over. I can't stand it.

A fews years back Commerce got it's first CVS. Tore down a three story house from the 40's to build it. Now directly across the stree they are building a stinking walgreens. Oh I wanna vomit. they are tearing down three old houses that added charactor to the little town. For what? A nother walgreens to add to the other 906 other ones in the metro. Ok I am guessing 906 prolly not that many but there is one no matter which way you turn your head.

I am so mad I am about to cry. I bet they tear down my old school and my friends house to build a stinkin mcdonalds.

So mad about it I want to squeez somebodys head for letting those sorry franchize chain store husslin buncha gypsies into town.

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The Lie Of Modern Hi-Fi Reiteration
Tuesday. 6.17.08 2:46 pm
Alright first of all let's define High Fidelity. For a system, a stereo system to be deemed HI-FI it must deliver this.

A bandwidth of
-+3Db 20HZ - 20KHZ @ RATED power on both channels.


Total harmonic Distortion is < 1% @ Rated power.

Also the accompaning speakers have to have the bandwidth also.

Now I think I have eliminated about 95% of all modern stereo systems with HI-FI written on them. You find me a system that can deliver 100watts stereo and speakers with these ratings and I will give you a cookie. If you take a close examination of a amplfier box and literature you will see the HI-FI emblem. But if the specs will show some sorry performance. I recently bought a Sony 30 watt desk radio for my mother. It has HI-FI written all over it. If you look in the manual at the specs it shows a bandwidth of 40HZ to 10KHZ under half the HI-FI standard. Also stated that it had up to 10% harmonic distortion. TEN TIMES THE MAX ALLOWED by HI-FI standard. Don't misunderstand. The radio sounds fine but it's not High Fidelity.

CD's have totally disgraced all that is HI-FI. First of all CDs cannot produce the HI-FI bandwidth accuratly. They simply can't.

The Reason? DIGITAL. CD's music is encoded with a digital code. The CD player reads the code and interpets the code into a voltage that is sent to the speaker. In order for proper playback the player reads a code 44,100 times per second. Ok so that is pretty quick right? Not at all. Your computer can read codes at well over 1,000,000,000 times per second. HMMM not so fast after all.

Now the player is 16 Bit. This is the resolution. Like a photo resolution is what determines how clear and vivid a picture is. Now, 16 bit res. What does this mean to a CD player?

A bit is a simple amount of info. The amount of info to tell if somthing is on or off.

0 or 1 Hi or Low

2 bits is more info it can add other possibilities. With 2 bit there is 4 possiabilities.

Nothing Low Medium High or 0 1 2 3

now 3 bits can describe much more info with eight levels.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 or

Medi Low
Hi Low
Low Medium
Hi Medium
Low Hi
Hi hi

Ok so whatI have been describing is every bit you add you double the amount of Information available. So in a classic CD player 5V is the high voltage and 0 is the low. If there are sixteen bits then that means it can make 65536 voltages between 0 and 5V.

Let's imagine this on a small scale. Somthing simple like 4 Bits. Including 0 there are 16 possible voltages. And would be this

Look this is the 8th point. We are 2.5 half of 5V

Ok so a 4 bit CD player could make 16 different voltage levels. What happens though when the sound being recorded to this CD is let's say .2 volts? It won't pick it up. What about if the voltage is 2.6V? It will come out as 2.5V. SO are we seeing some problems with this system?

Maybe it can't reproduce all the sounds. AHHHHHHH

Don't be discrouraged. 16 bits is plenty of voltage levels. 65,536 levels to be exact. So a CD has just OK resolution. It can't totally reproduce all the sounds despite it's high resolution. In fact a CD with digital encoding can never do it. Even with some ungodly number of bits, even megabits.

Ok so we understand the resolution of a CD player. What about the sampling rate.
The best way to describe a sampling rate is like a TV. Have you ever been online and watched a video and it had a low frame rate? How the image seems to jerk and the action doesn't match the sounds. That is the sampling rates fault. The camera took a picture a few times in a second.

When sound is recorded on a CD it works the same way. The recording device takes a sample of the music. It takes a sample 44,100 times a second. So each second of CD music is made of 44,100 parts pieced together. Now this method works great for low frequencies. But as the frequency increases the more it becomes distorted. Just like a camera, the faster the action being filmed the less it captures. What about a normal picture camera. What happens if you move while the pic is being taken. It blurs and distorts.

Likewise with sound, imagine a 20KHZ sound. That means 20,000 movments in a second. The CD recorder can read 44,100 times a second. So it can not acuratly sample the high frequency. So in one cycle of the sound, the recorder will only take 2 samples of the wave. Thus it can not be acurratly reproduced. Inversly a low frequency wave can be very well reproduced. To make it simple a low frequency like 44HZ will have 1100 samples taken in one of it's cycles.

Also in the process of changing a digital code into a analog voltage for the speakers a low pass filter is used. In digital conversion a high frequency clap is created. And is mostly ultrasonic. So a low pass filter is used to cut out the high frequency claps and DC included in the virgin analog signal. The low pass filter workes very well for this application, but unfortunatly it further cuts the upper frequencies of the HI-FI band width.

If you want true Hi-Fi go and find a true HI-FI turntable and an old record in good shape. New records would been recorded by a digital process simular to a CD so only old records from the eighties back can be the true Hi-Fi. Put a true Hi-Fi stereo and speakers with it and enjoy.

In summary Hi-Fi is rare. Stereos are mislabeled to intice you into buying them. CD's and MP3's and other digital music is never HI-FI.

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