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Wednesday. 9.25.13
This month of September has been pretty good so far. It started out hot (summer wouldn't leave) and now it's cooled to 70s and lower 80s. Fahrenheit. That means sweater weather in the morning, and all day by the weekend! :D

I took some vacation pay for a few days off this last weekend. BEST IDEA EVER. Beautiful weather, Plaza Art Fair and lots of naps.

On my mini-holiday I...
  • saw Short Term 12 with my best friend. (It was SO GOOD.)
  • cleaned the refrigerator. (And boy did it need it...)
  • slept 'til at least 10am every day (if not 11....)
  • made it halfway through a sort-of blanket I'm knitting
  • borrowed my brother's N64 and began to play LOZ: Ocarina of Time. Got as far as entering the Doku tree.

Not boring, not super eventful. It was so nice. ^_^

I'd been having trouble with watching Netflix on my netbook lately. When I go to watch a movie, or even a TV episode, it will work just fine for the first half minute, then the video would get choppy yet the audio would go on. So the a/v would get out of sync and never catch up to each other. Super annoying. Especially when you're trying to watch the stage version of Phantom of the Opera. I literally live in the same room as our internet router, so internet signal is not an issue. I've been using Firefox for eons, but after updating Microsoft Silverlight and still not having an effect, I decided to download Google Chrome to see if that made a difference. So far so good. Now I may use my computer every day! (And how!)

I think I'm going to buy a new phone. A new phone that has a version of Android newer than 2.2 (that's as "up-to-date" as my phone will go. I've had it for over 1.5 years and it was an older model when I got it.)
So that will happen this week, I think.

I'm looking forward to October because of the cooler weather. AND Franz Ferdinand is coming to town as well as Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. I'M EXCITED TO SEE THEM. Both of them.


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August Rush
Monday. 8.19.13
[But not really. Just normal August]

So I've moved to my new place. I now have nothing to do with my old apartment (And there was much rejoicing.) I really like my new house! It's so comfortable: clean, easy to get to (one level--no three flights of stairs). And oh, the cable! I now have unlimited access to American cable WITH HBO. WHICH MEANS TRUE BLOOD ON DEMAND EVERY WAKING MOMENT I'M HOME. At least until I'm caught up. Then on to Game of Thrones!

Considering all the time I spend on the bus to-and-from work, I feel bad when I don't use it for reading. Most of the time it's ipod-listening, or napping (or both). Usually on the bus to work I'm still rather tired, still kind of waking up; and by the time I'm on the bus home, I just want to sleeeeeppp/naaappp. A.K.A. Not keep my eyes peeled the whole time, reading.
For which I feel bad. :/

So I'm considering a new job for the first time since I moved last summer. I would ideally like to move on to something in the city, where I live, instead of commuting to the suburbs every day. That, and I really don't want to be still at the library in 5 years. Which, if I don't change anything soon, will be my future. *shudder*
Nothing against the library, or anything, I just don't want to be stuck there. It's my first job--I don't want it to be my last.

But that also means I must figure out what in the world I'd rather be doing. Which is napping and reading. But who gets money for that? Individuals with a grander social network than mine. At least.
I don't think I want to wait tables, but I really don't know where else to look. Today was the first day I actually started looking. (read, browsed Craigslist for a couple hours) Hopefully I'll be able to catch wind of something as I ask around friends and acquaintances about jobs and who needs help.


Otherwise, all is good! Just... weird transitional period, now that moving is finally over.
Although I need to figure out how to get this extra chest of drawers I have out of my room, or where to send it, even. Then I could put up a shelf to store my DVDs that are right now in a couple of teetering piles.


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Tuesday. 7.9.13
Oops, July is here already. So, no "real" June entry. :/

So, the lease at my apartment is up at the end of this month. Luckily, someone at my church helped me find a girl who was looking for a new roommate. Hooray! It's a room in a house, utilities paid. Which is nice, one check a month instead of giving whoever's owed what (gas/electricity/whatevz). And it includes internet and cable! I may become a couch potato soon! I haven't done that in forever!

(Oh man.)

So I'll be moving out of my current place, to my new place about a mile away in about two weeks. This includes finding a new home for my couch. The house I'm moving to already has furnishings in the living areas, so I won't need it. I'm sad to leave it because it's such a good couch, a nicely firm seat. That I got for free. But it was a pain to move IN to my apartment (let alone OUT of it) and I won't have anywhere to put it at my new place.
Maybe I'll try Craigslist. But I'm kind of scared/anxious/something about it. :|

Begh. I hate moving. But I hate the building I'm in even more.
It's a two-bedroom apartment (although the "second bedroom" is really office-sized), with a bathroom, living room and kitchen. The entire apartment is floored with a very short "kitchen carpet"--even in the bathroom. The floor is very noticeably crooked/unlevel, especially in the kitchen and my bedroom. Valley-like indentions. It's ridiculous.
Also, none of our doors close all the way. Due (presumably) to shifting of the building, all of our doors that aren't exits-with-dead-bolts will not close all the way. The door to both my and roommate's rooms slowlycreakopen of their own accord.

I'm glad I'm leaving it, but I still don't like moving. Packing and moving.

I work at an artsy movie theatre on the weekends, now. Tivoli Cinemas. I work in concessions, so when I leave I smell like popcorn and "golden flavored popcorn topping". (It doesn't even admit to having anything to do with food.) But it's not so bad because I get to see movies there for free. :D

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Will Nott
Thursday. 6.27.13
I just watched this movie called Decoy Bride. Mostly because it has David Tennant and Kelly MacDonald in it.

This song was at the end of the film. I fast-forwarded to the end of the credits to find out who performed it discovering a person called Will Nott. In searching the internet for the song all I could find was this video and a youtube channel and facebook page that hasn't really been updated since 2012.
Apparently, to be able to enjoy this person's music you have to be in the UK. No results here in the US except an itunes store link to something only available in Ireland. YAY.

If you plan on seeing this adorable film, do not watch this video. Just listen to it.

Beh, anyways. Real update later. Hopefully before July! ha!

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