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Friday. 12.16.11 12:56 am
Look both ways before going through an intersection, EVEN if your light is green.

My mom and I were driving home from the gym yesterday. It was an intense workout; I was glad to be headed home. We were stopped at an intersection of a main road (Cherry Rd.) and a not-so-main road (Constitution Rd, maybe?) ANYWAY. We were stopped at a red light. We chatted while we waited. I always watch the lights perpendicular to mine to see when they turn from green to yellow to red. I noticed it turned red, and our light turned green for us to go. We even got a left turn green arrow.

Halfway through the intersection (note, it's not even that big of an intersection) I look over to my mom, and I see it. I immediately scream "MOM LOOK OUT THERE'S A TRUCK." She looks over and witnesses the giant 18-wheeler not even six feet away. She puts her hands out in front of her side (as if her hands were going to stop the truck) as (I assume) she stepped on the gas to speed up out of the way.

I realize that big trucks can't usually stop right away at a stop light, but this truck had plenty of time to stop. What's worse is that not only would my mother (and I, possibly) have died, but it would've been considered a 50/50 fault: the truck for not stopping, and my mom for "not looking before going."

Please please please drive safely. I am not the safest driver, but it's experiences like this that make you reconsider driving over the speed limit and being a little late for something.

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In need of motivation.
Sunday. 12.11.11 11:24 pm
I started a diet not too long ago. To be specific, it was the HCG diet. I basically could only take in 500 calories a day, I was limited to only certain fruits, veggies and poultry, and I took drops twice a day to boost my metabolism and suppress my appetite.

I started off great, I was losing a pound a day like I had anticipated. I lost seven pounds in seven days. I was feeling great. But then exam week came. I was already under a lot of stress and running on little sleep. So, I inevitably began to cheat more and more on my diet by drinking a lot of coffee to keep me awake. I also started eating my feelings because of the stress.

I guess I also started my old eating habits again because I had lost seven pounds already, I could lose more anytime I wanted. That is partially true, but if I keep putting off the exercise and healthy eating until "tomorrow" every day, I'll end up gaining every pound back.

If I've been judged from the beginning of this blog about the diet, I don't want to hear it. I've been uncomfortable in my own skin since this past January, and I'll admit I've gained the freshman 15. Do I think I'm fat? No. Do I think I'm overweight? No. Do I think I'm obese? Of course not. But, am I okay with how I look? No. And when people you know tell you that you look "bigger" than since the first time they met you, or that "maybe if you lost some weight you could fit into that dress", you begin to get more discouraged and more uncomfortable with the fact that not only you notice your weight difference, but obviously others do as well.

So, help me out guys. Tell me your exercise routines and healthy meal plans and what gets you motivated. Because I've reached a slump that I need to get out of asap.

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A little secret.
Saturday. 11.19.11 10:40 pm
I want to tell you guys a random fact about myself that I rarely share with anyone, unless I trust that they truly accept me for who I am.

I'm a huge manga freak. I like anime, but manga is my serious weakness. My step-mom works at a Barnes and Noble about 20 minutes from where I live, and so she gets a discount on all books: including those wonderful, read-it-backwards, Japanese comic books.

I don't think you understand how much I love it. I probably own close to 300 volumes (I wish I was exaggerating) and there have probably only been two or three series that I have that I didn't like as much as the others.

I guess they're just my escape from reality. Romance manga, and any animation film by Hayao Miyazaki (My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, etc). I just love love love love love it all. And if I could I would probably choose to live in these fantasy worlds.

But yeah. If you also like manga or anime, hit me up! We can chat about it bahahahaha

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A rude awakening.
Tuesday. 11.1.11 12:00 pm
It being November and all (aka the month where it is officially ok to start playing Christmas music), I started thinking about Thanksgiving. And Christmas. Especially Christmas.

The past few years I've fallen more and more in love with these holidays because the amount of people I've celebrated it with has grown. It would be me, my dad, my grandma, my uncle, my "step-mom" and all four of my "step-siblings" (I put quotations around them because my dad and "step-mom" aren't actually married, but they've been dating for what, seven years now? AND they've been my neighbors since I was two years old.)

Earlier this year my uncle passed away from colon cancer, which got me thinking: Will I always be in love with these holidays? I don't want to think about my grandma dying anytime soon, nor my dad or step-mom, but eventually that's going to happen. All of my siblings will branch off into their own private celebrations, as will I (hopefully). But is that going to affect my outlook on Thanksgiving and Christmas? Will I always have this warm feeling when the calendar strikes November 1st?

I sure hope so.

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I miss being young(er).
Tuesday. 10.25.11 2:05 pm
I'm sure the majority of us do.

What makes me think about it in particular is that Halloween is fast approaching. I'm not a big partier, and I don't feel like I'd be missing out if I were invited to a slutty Halloween costume party.

I just miss the simplicity and innocence of everything. I miss dressing up and going trick-or-treating door to door. I miss being able to ask for things for Christmas and not having to worry about if it's affordable with the household budget. I miss shooting off fireworks and getting high just on the colors and sparks, and not having to get drunk to have a good time. I miss being able to go on Easter egg hunts in my grandma's backyard. I miss the days where people were persistent with pinching you if you weren't wearing green on St. Patrick's day. I miss the days when a sufficient April Fool's joke was putting a whoopy cushion on you teachers' chair. I miss the days when 4:20 didn't even exist (at least in my mind).

But now it's:

Halloween: LET'S GET DRUNK!


Christmas: Family time (but planning on drinking with friends afterward)


Easter: For the most part I like to think that people don't go out and get drunk. But people who gave up alcohol for lent may think otherwise.

April Fool's day: The jokes go too far.

4:20? Fuck you. That's all.



Birthday (whether you're turning 21 or not): LET'S GET YOU DRUNK MAN

And then the cycle repeats. I'm just thankful I have a great handful of friends that I can spend time with where we don't need alcohol or drugs or any of the above to have a good time. I really am thankful for that.

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Fixed my layout a little.
Wednesday. 9.28.11 1:48 pm
Just a little.

It makes me sad not seeing as many new posts each day as there used to be. I can't say much for myself though, because I was absent for a long time.

I hit a deer for the first time ever this past weekend. I cry when I hit even squirrels, so this was a really shocking experience for me. Even the OFFICER commented how big the deer was.


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