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Get familar foo, Get real familar!
NAME- Scot
SEX- male
HAIR- dirty blonde
EYES- blue
HEIGHT- 5'10
WEIGHT- 112 lbs
LOCATION- the ghetto nigga
ETHNICITY- white boy
STATUS- single
HOBBIES- freestyle rapping, listening to music like 24/7, talking with my friends, swimming, street basketball, and most other sports
Turn'n up the system to-

Sean Paul, Infiltrate

Woman nuh waan nuh bait
Dem Naah guh feel violate if yuh accelerate pon a date
Dem waan yuh infiltrate
Woman dem waan yuh tear dung dem wall an dem gate
Yuh nuh hear whey mi state

Verse 1:
Woman nuh waan nuh coot, from a knock boots
Whey yuh waan yuh fi tell har fi tear off di suit
Dem nh waan nuh dude, whey never inna di mood
An dem nuh waan nuh little bwoy wid nuh gal attitude
Mi say, a nuh nutten fi wi hide
Inna di gal dem pathway man a slide and a glide
Is a natural ting fi wi collide
Bedroom argument, leg fi divide, catch di ride

Woman nuh waan nuh bait
Dem Naah guh feel violate if yuh accelerate pon a date
Dem waan yuh infiltrate
Woman dem waan yuh tear dung dem wall an dem gate
Yuh nuh hear whey mi state

Verse 2:
Natural like a fruit pon di tree
Gal a get ripe, so rudebwoy forward nuh badda flee
Now she say she name Queen Bee
But yuh mek har beg an wait pon har knee an a plee,
Well She want har clothes fi tear
Need a little loving an she waan yuh draw near
But yuh fear, inna yuh heart yuh nuh waan fi guh there
Disappear and Sean Paul will appear
Yuh nuh hear

Woman nuh waan nuh bait
Dem Naah guh feel violate if yuh accelerate pon a date
Dem waan yuh infiltrate
Woman dem waan yuh tear dung dem wall an dem gate
Yuh nuh hear whey mi state

Verse 3:
No time fi debate, dem dont want fi wait
Dem want a little loving fi dem appreciate
Dem want a good man, fi caress dem han
Di gal dem want a man wid the rightful program,
Well Yuh fi listen to the Dutty
Gal dem deh deh wi haffi tek it an wuck it
So nuh badda talk bout mi mind too smutty
Sean Paul, mi got a lot a sweat fi wi bussi
Dem nuh mussi
White boy word of the day

Pronunciation: "tre-p&-'dA-sh&n
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin trepidation-, trepidatio, from trepidare to tremble, from trepidus agitated; probably akin to Old English thrafian to urge, push, Greek trapein to press grapes
Ghetto word of da day

Forskezzy- (For sk EZ) a prositute the ultimate ho- easy forskezzy
Ew fuck parents
Tuesday. 8.19.03 8:02 pm
Parents officially suck, kyle calls me and invites me to go get some pizza with him and the boys, on justin, so knowing how i feel bout pizza specially free pizza i was like HOLLA! I go outside to ask my dad whos trimming the bushes, so im like dad u think i could.... NO! Im like you didnt even listen to what i had to say, and hes like i already know what your up to you wanna hang with kyle and the answears no, so im like but justins paying! And hes like theres no way justins paying for all u specially tom and im like its one pizza were all gonna share! Then he gives me this really dirty look and tells me how im not spending enough time with my family, im like fuck that (in my head of course), so i say i dont spend time with you guys even when im home; so then my dads like let me talk to kyles mom and my dad and kyles mom dont get along AT ALL , so im like kyles not there and hes like lemme talk to justins mom and im like why hes paying for it TRUST ME! and he says i cant trust you anymore.... WTF!!!! Nathans really my dads favirate friend so hes like you can go but only cuz nathans going so once again WTF? but in a good way haha. So we get out to the suburban and my dads like ill think ill take you in my chrystler, and im like NO!!!! (my dad bought a f'n chyrstler from 1971 cuz his grandafather owed it and i geuss it had really BIG sentimental value for him) Im like dad why drive that when we have a 2003 suburban id rather run there! My dad gets furious and starts telling me how important his grandpa and that car is to him. My dad used to drive a porshe and mercedes, he BOUGHT his freind a mustang convertable! Then when i was born he got all conserveitive and father-like and got that god damn car! God when i grow i hope i dont turn into a prick. Screw my family i love you guys your my family!

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fressman class officers
Monday. 8.18.03 6:28 pm

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Monday. 8.18.03 4:02 pm
WTF!?!? i didnt learn anything at all! i took a tour of a half built school and watched old videos from like 1995, i sat with kashif and my friends durring the presentration, which was pretty fun there was like this darkchild behind us, it was so funny this kid was sitting byhimself with no friends! HAHAHHAHAHA! Unfortunetly i didnt get to see some of the people i was hoping to see, although i did get Kristas sister as a tour guide hahaha yes! I smiled at her a whole bunch of times and said hi, Kyle gave her my sn! Shes sooo funny her jokes r so bad that there funny seriously she was saying all this stuff bout the elevator being the twighlight zone or some shit and everyones like WTF??? I met a few black kids along the way that were really gangsta, they were really shocked that a skinny white boy llike me could have feet so big and i told them my dick was bigger and they believed me! hahahaha crazy kids. After all this bullshit bout having a fun productive time we went to the cafeteria, me and Kashif went and sat down w/ CHRIS FLEMING! ROFL!!!! that kids like the son i dont have seriously. We start talking to him bout cs and he just smiled and tryed to act cool, then when frank came over he got really nervous that a popular kid was sitting next to him he was bout to cry no joke! ROFL!!! The kashif went with andrew to like keiths house or somthing and left chris abandoned! ROFL!! then i think he started to cry, god i love that kid. Oh ya there was this really kreepy chinese kid wearing all black that was watching all of us as we past by, haha he looked like a hacker. Then i went to nathans cuz i dint want to walk home, nathan says to me scot have you ever made hot dogs before? and im like ya sorta, so nathan gets a pot and fills it full of water and dumps the hot dogs in, im like WTF are you doing! and hes like boiling hot dogs and im like who boils fucking hotdogs (maybe somepeople do and im just "with it" haha) so nathan boils me a hot dog, and i have to say not even a whole bottle of ketchup could take away that taste! It was like all tingly in my mouth like pop rocks and soda, it was so nasty i had to get rid of it. it was like eating your own vomite so nasty. then we went to jesses were we met up kyle aka "the cowboy" and mj ( my streetball name is tarzan). We played some basketball mostly fucked around and shit nahmean, im pissed cuz on the way home there was this guy in a bulldozer who was working on pavment, he had dropped his glasses and wanted me to get them for him, so me naturally being a good person i i lean over to give him his soun glasses and i get burned by his tar! And this guys in his bulldoozer laughing at me dangling his sunglasses, so i gave him the finger and left, and then he honks his horn at me so once again naturally i turn around, to see him in his bulldozer pointing at me and laughing what a whore. AGH and no pool for the rest of the summer! there putting in this new pavement and i cant use my pool anymore fuck! Theres this creepy spanish black guy who looks like mr em in my yard right now playing soccer WTF!?

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pre oreintation
Monday. 8.18.03 7:16 am
ive slept bout 8 hours this whole week and im going to the orientaion in bout a hour, i cant wait to see some of the great freinds i made over the summer, not to mention kristas sister hehehehe; although i probley wont even be able to do anything cuz im gonna be with my white kid "kru" i think we have to take nathans sister to agh greeeeaaat! Hopefully ill see some hot girls from bennet me and kyle can womanize haha. Well im heading over to nathans doorag and all Holla!

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record deal?!?!?
Sunday. 8.17.03 8:37 pm
ew yo im bout to get a record deal! I put out a freestyle out and i now i have 600+ downloads shhhhhiiiiiitttt! I sent my lyrics to Def Jam and they might think bout giving me a contract!They have to acctually hear me first, the guy said my music is a little TOO contraversal specially since its a white kid singing them (i never told them i was white); but people like conflict i mean look at eminem he sells records cuz hes white and angry, just like me! Kyle wants to make like a rap group, and im still awaiting to hear what hes put together hopfully ill be plesantly surprised. If me and kyle do get a group together were gonna call it "Blacker than You"? HAHAHAHHAHAHA! Dont worry theres a method to our madness you see black people will be like "there no way these two crackas r blacker then me, i gotta see dis!", and thats how were gonna get our record sales holla! heres two raps i made up please tell me what u think! Yo every night I thank my lucky stars that im not dead or locked behind bars. I can tell your scared as hell that ill come around and you wont have enough drugs to sell. Hey turn that beat up a little louder and know im gonna finish you before I finish my powder! ATTENTION! I blow shots at my reflection, shit like that would probley give me an erection. Girls love me cuz my balls weigh a ton and ill assure u I cock more then just my gun, u hos hav’n fun? Im bout to leave mommy with no son, ew fuck’n with scot yall chose the wrong one. Hey girl lift up your skirt (oh ah) trust me this wont hurt ew you the hood is not part of your shirt! I don’t even know what I rap for I give the fans what they want and they just want more its like you’re the pimps im the whore. Like if u give a mouse a cookie or if u give scot your nookie hell want another one to go with it draw a line down my dick and split it! Im the realest gangsta get it! ya damn right im bitter so what i fucked my babysitter she was a ho what was i supost to say no? oh scot hes so wack hes just a little wigger who trys to act black. well yall bitches better watch your back cuz in a year ill be sellin more records then crack! feed the need, the need for speed? no asshole the need for weed! hey kids follow my lead so you can grow up and get fucked worse then my babysitter, the DA would let me on the streets but they dont like to litter. And thats the kinda stuff im sending to your kids like how to rob and what a pussy is. Sure u can pretend like we dont know but your the only one whos pretending you stupid ho! I rap molested the dough so i can get down low with girls like u and jlo. id fuck any thing with an tits and an ass ya homes smoke that grass and dont forget who made your ass (cough) thanks id rather pass! i hate you nsync qeers and fuck you brittney spears! this song i dedicate to..... fuck it.

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