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You Can Help after all
Wednesday. 4.16.08 11:44 pm
Many of us might have known about SETI @ Home, which was a concept where instead of investing heavily on supercomputers to read and analyze files, they send smaller pieces to all volunteers whose computers will do the computation during its idle time. While this has become popular, it did not really have such a big impact on computer sharing as not everyone really felt the need to volunteer for SETI.

Given the idea being set by shared computing, a website, http://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/ , does the same concept of SETI @ home but with a more diverse option of researches we can participate and help.

You may choose to help in AIDS, Malaria, Weather Prediction, Einstein theories, and other different researches.

The potential is amazing. Researches that would have taken decades due to infrastructure and budget limitations can now be distributed to a large array of computers. Our computers, whose processor speed has greatly increased on average compared to 10 years ago, usually wasted on graphics and new browser enhancements, can now be more productive in helping solve different world crisis. It is, in a way, a noble solution that we can join.

It would be believed that if you believe the sincerity of the group and its purpose, and believe on the potential result of different volunteers letting their computers help, then please promote the organization. The more we can help, the faster progress can be achieved in helping the world.

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Cancer Free Cigarettes?
Wednesday. 2.20.08 2:52 am
Here is one very thought provoking idea, if cigarettes can be made to not become detrimental to health, would it more acceptable to society?

Everyone wants to put down cigarettes due to the health problems that it can cause. This is perfectly logical and understandable. But, with the new developments in gene replacements and biotechnology, in the near future, there might be a chance for cigarettes not to be detrimental to health anymore. It was once brought up that nicotine is not the cause of cancer or other health illness, but the other ingredients are. Cigarettes use fiberglass for its tips, and its tobacco contains carcinogenic ingredients. If these ingredients have been revised, chances are, cigarettes might come with anti-oxidants, vitamin c, and perhaps cancer prevention meds as well.

What would be our reaction to such a situation? Cigarette smokers will definitely try the new cigarette and if it tastes the same, the new cigarettes would be favored over the traditional brands.

How about those who recently quit? If it was for health reasons, they would probably now have an excuse to smoke again, it will make things easier to not quit.

More importantly, what will be the public opinion over healthy cigarettes? It would definitely be illogical for someone to go against the development of healthy cigarettes, as the primary purpose of stopping people from smoking was mainly due to health problems. Would you now let your child smoke if you know it does no bodily harm? Would you let it slide if you do find out your child smokes? If you are a non-smoker who is curious about how cigarettes feel in your body, would you now try it?

What if all we have now developed is a stereotyped impression that smoking is a vice, rather than understanding that the ingredients inside the cigarette is the problem, and not the cigarette itself, that if these ingredients were removed, the cigarette will enjoy its golden days again. Cigarettes were once enjoyed by a greater number of people.

Many tend to take certain core problems (cigarette ingredients that causes cancer) and judge it as a whole (and therefore cigarettes cause cancer) when it might be possible to eliminate the problem, and thus give the product its justice (healthy cigarettes).

What should be imparted is sometimes we tend to let go of the potential of a product because of the core problems that are part of it. There is a good chance to perhaps separate the problem from the product and give it the respect it does deserve.

Some other examples for this would be products made in China. We have all been victims to shoddy products when we actually have failed to realize that we are merely getting what we are paying for. If a Chinese company produces better products but for a higher price, our subconscious will dictate that the quality will still be shoddy because China cannot make good products.

I will leave this point with a slightly open end, with your thoughts now left to make its own reflection. It will be surprising to realize that there are many things in life that has similarities to the idea of healthy cigarettes.

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Cigarette Candies
Saturday. 2.16.08 1:15 am
Many of you may remember this during your childhood (up until mine) we used to have candies that look like cigarette sticks. These candies were actually bubble gum, and its casing looks very much like a pack of cigarettes.

My parents never did buy me those packs, but I did get them once when I was young (from my dad's friends or relatives, the origin of where I got it was very unclear, and from what I recall, very irrelevant as well) and found them to be something children of my age would like to get. These packs of cigarette candies would make us feel like we are adults, and respectable, or to another term, even "cool". My friends got them, there were parties with candies in little paper mache donkeys dangling for its dear life overhead and whoever beats until its innards come out would find a lot of candies (overhead paper donkeys being beaten up are also called Pinatas in the Philippines, given its large Spanish influence on the culture) and this particular type of candy was inside.

I don't want to sound like a nagging mother who might fight for all sorts of "wrongs" in society to be corrected, and only later on realize that it was rather foolish (if ever realized), and it might seem to be hypocritical of me to discuss the next point considering that I smoke.

I was brought up in a culture where smoking is more than just acceptable, but it was also a sign of being an adult, just as much as driving, beer, and comprehending adult jokes. These cigarette candies can further imprint messages in children's heads that this is a teaser of what is to come, try it out while you're young with little cigarette candies.

If we want people to further understand the risks of smoking, and make their decision not based on what their childhood might have embedded on their minds about smoking, then these are the small items that should not even be on shelves.

I am still a firm believer on letting everyone make a choice, and that things will try to correct itself over time, but I believe that if people are properly informed on what message these small items might bring, that they might actually start thinking twice on whether or not that is what they want their child to perceive about smoking or any vice for that matter.

I believe that this should be an important lesson to many parents as well with regards to how certain small things can really change or influence everyone. Take these points into consideration and be the better judge.

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Save the Trees
Thursday. 2.14.08 6:04 am
Save the Trees

“Save the trees, sign this petition” was a reply Dave got while walking to work today. It is around 8 degrees this morning and Dave can barely feel his face.

There they are, everywhere, environmentalists with wooden sticks to hold up their picket signs, all printed on paper, and the petition, paper. They have oversized evil looking heads of the CEO of large logging firms, all made of paper maché, and they got donuts inside brown paper bags. Environmental protests do seem to take a toll on the environment.

It is believed that there are those who are serious about their cause and do act on it, and in fact adhere to the value until it is ridiculous. And there are those who join in just for the sake of comforting their minds that AT LEAST they’re doing something, however mediocre.

It is this mediocrity that is found to be amusing, and most widespread, among all sins and diseases. People want to be wealthy but despise the effort needed to achieve it. This is the very secret on how many gym equipments being sold on shopping TV channels can give a 30 day money back guarantee, no one will use the product 3 days after purchasing it.

It is not too difficult to fathom the idea of the need to save the environment. The world climate is getting quite screwy that many animals we are now banned to hunt down are dying because there is no mall in their area catered to their needs. There is no barbershop for bears, or a Brazilian wax job. There are no fast food chains for lions to go to and get their deer patty between two buns of bread. These deer might have been raised in large slaughterhouses the way KFC raises their chicken. These poor animals do not seem to have the external evolution we have developed ever since we discovered that we do not have to eat food raw, and can now cook it. Thanks to our external evolution, we do not need to be fit to hunt down a tiger, we merely put a large power plant near its habitat and watch the water it drinks glow at night.

It does look rather bleak to many when they realize they’re merely living a life of excuses, and that the better option has always been “I’d rather not”. Religions gives people an excuse to stop worrying about dying, but are still not really convinced on the idea of heaven and hell.

And now Dave is situated to sign the petition, he borrows the wooden pencil and marks his name on the available spot on paper. Strange enough, he feels good today, he feels like he has done something big for the environment.

This would be short-lived, though, if Dave’s IQ and observational skills were to remind him that he is a very bad man when it comes to the environment. He still drives a SUV to work when he could carpool, and would probably close one eye on whatever he purchases even if it comes from sweat shops, just as long as there are no guilt trip commercials or ads on the paper.

This time though, Dave does not realize that it is colder than usual, as to the main reason why he cannot feel his face. Yes, the environmental temperatures are getting screwy, and not too amusing either. He is actually aware that there is something wrong with the environment, and will try to choose something more environmental if given the choice in a grocery, at the same price. He is still half hearted about it.

This is where, sadly, communism works. The government would force everyone to be environmental, even if it is half heartedly done, they have no choice.

This is also where the best ad agencies can work. Leave it to guilt trips and little feel good to do good ads to perk someone up to do something for the next three days. Environmental motivation would best be done by shopping channels than environmentalists.

There is still hope though, for the space program to succeed, and send the richest men with their hottest mistresses to the next most virgin planet to colonize and exploit, this will, of course, require that astronauts and their new hot mistresses will go along as well.

The richest men do deserve to go first anyway, considering that they are known to put in their heart and passion in whatever they do, they might actually do a good job in the new planet. Everyone might as well have to contend to figuring out tomorrow’s weather and smog levels. Either we fix things or we get fixed.

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Wonderful news
Sunday. 2.3.08 8:45 am
I am now a columnist for National Free Press :) www.nationalfreepress.org

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World's strongest man
Wednesday. 1.23.08 4:44 am

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Taxi Driver from Hell
Tuesday. 1.8.08 12:31 am

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Monty Python
Monday. 1.7.08 10:08 am

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