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Let My People Go
(a) Clean room
(b) Do homework
(c) Update website
(d) Find Trent Reznor poster
(e) Buy microphones
(f) Finish East of Eden
(g) Practice piano
(h) Buy/search for violin
(i) Get a job
(j) Go to doctor about suspicious looking, possibly malignant mole
Tuesday. 1.18.05 11:02 pm
Sometimes I don't want to think in terms of facts. Sometimes all you have are gut instincts and sometimes, that's all you need. Screw statistics and probability. I don't care about that. I am myself, and you can't tell me what I'm more likely going to do or become or like. I hate generalizations. People are unique, and you should never categorize or generalize anything. (From J.K.) When you start to compare something to another, you aren't really looking at that thing in terms of what it really is. You're looking at it in terms of how it's better or how it's worse than something else. Everybody deserves to be looked at alone, without comparison to someone else, regardless of who you are.

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Sunday. 1.9.05 4:31 pm
I haven't updated in a while. I'd just like you all to know that I'm having a kick ass time.


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Bob Dylan
Friday. 12.10.04 12:10 am
rocks my socks

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Bob Dylan
Monday. 10.18.04 6:36 pm
I saw that man in concert last night. That was awesome. Bob's voice is a little uh, decrepit and harsh. But he's still sexay and can rock a cowboy hat like nobody's business. The concert was at UC Berkeley in the Haas Pavilion. I had general admission so I stood on the ground floor. I tried to take some pictures, but my camera can never focus unless I put it on flash and the times I tried to put it on flash, it didn't turn out so well. I don't think I'll bother posting them up since they aren't very clear.


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I'm Hungry
Monday. 9.27.04 2:37 pm
Let's see nothing truly interesting has happened. Oh wait! Yes, I went to see the Kronos Quartet last night. I was out 'till about 11:30. The best preformer (besides the Quartet, obviously) was the Azeri guy! Holy god he was so good. I love him. I am going to marry him. Anyway, then there was a Chinese guy who played a leaf. Yaw man. Then I saw a traditional Chinese opera thing. That was weird. They sing in really high pitched voices. But it was interesting I guess.

We shouldn't be forced to help pay for someone's welfare. I mean, if a great majority of us can make a decent living, why can't anyone else? Unless you have some type of physical or mental disability, then you should be able to keep yourself alive! I mean god, welfare is such a sham. It promotes indolence and heavy dependence on the government. Why should hard working people have to spend their money tyring to help some poor bastard who was too hyped up on drugs to go to high school? Or some crackwhore who had one too many children. It's popostorous if you really think about it. Taking other people's hard earned dollars, and giving it to lazy assholes who don't bother trying to get a job. Even I could get a job at McDonald's. And people abuse welfare. They use it to buy $100 shoes. That's why all the ghetto people starve, but they have nice clothes.

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I wanna date you maybe...
Wednesday. 9.22.04 8:28 pm
Too much of nothing is happening. The only notable event the past few weeks was going to a Giant's game and making fun of androgenous people. The game wasn't particularly exciting since, as usual, all the major scoring took place while me and Patrick were huddled over a sourdough bread bowl full of clam chowder.

Here are a few things we learned that night:

  • Unless you plan to choke, do not laugh whilst drinking.
  • Never sit near old men with crusty growths in their ears.
  • Pac Bell is racist and agist.
  • A bottle of water is $4.00. A cookie man, $5.00.
  • And last, but not least: It's a man, not a woman.

    Well, I don't plan on doing anything for a while except going to the Kronos Quartet alone. I don't know what it is about going to the city alone, it irks me. But I'll have a jolly ol' time. Perhaps I'll even meet a hot guy. Ch-yeah, right. I wonder how the elections will go. I mean, Kerry sucks, but he's the alternative to Bush so what're you gonna do but pick a sucky president, or a more sucky president. Whatever, politics ain't my thang.

    I'm determined to get a job, although it really wouldn't fit with my schedule. I have school, plus piano and Irish lessons, plus AP art history on saturdays. The only days I could work is Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Four days a week, if they open on Sundays. Ha, I got an application from Wendy's. I might apply, just for the hell of it. I just want some money, man! Boohoo. Maybe I'll get into drug dealing.

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