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Hacker gets RM 5k without any obstacles....
Wednesday. 11.19.08 10:29 pm
Until now there is no news about the hacker who cheated the e-banking user who accessed to phishing(fake) website dispite a lot of warnings given out about fake website thus, hacker got the RM5k transferred out from the victim.

Within an hour the hacker login the ebank account and transferred RM 5k to another account, the victim called the bank after 1 hour and asked the bank to cancel the transfer but instead the bank refused to do so. That's why I said the hacker gets the money without any obstacles....

In my opinion the bank could have freeze the accounts, and before you transfer the money you need to request SMS(random code given by bank) only then the hacker can successfully transfer the money, so the hacker must had changed the phone number and get the SMS himself, VOILA! He had successfully transferred the RM5k, that means the bank could trace the registered number under who's name(unless the bank has no record of the SMS sent). Besides that the bank could freeze the transferred account and find out who's the owner, usually is the hacker's account =) just my guess.

I say the hacker is pretty well checkmate himself by doing such things.....

I hope the bank will take the appropriate measure to help the victim and not just let it be....
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Finally A Trip to Port Dickson!
Wednesday. 10.1.08 5:09 am
Yeah after exam it is the time for us to enjoy! This time I am going to Port Dickson and staying at my friend's house for 3 days (3 days 2 nights)

Well PD has nothing to enjoy except you go to enjoy the sea and play in a pool. My friends are having 2 groups of people going to PD and both groups staying in different places, why is this happening? Because there are 2 people planning this trip to PD. One group is planning to have everyone of their own classmates the other group is to have ex-classmates who are currently working.

Thus I am now going with the second group which consist of my own ex-classmates ^^"

OK I am going to pack my stuffs now and going to take a bus to Seremban. see you guys in 3 days time...

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Having Hard Time....
Tuesday. 9.2.08 7:07 am
What am I talking? It just happened today when I was going out with my mom along with my baby brother...As I was walking in the complex suddenly my right feet are cramp! OMG I tried to relax but it still won't work then I tried to sit down and massage my leg, it works..so we continue to walk for like 10 minutes...the cramp is back!

argh!! Pissed!! This time it's the left feet....Is this a joke? man this made me request to go home as soon as possible....but my mom have to pay for those items, so I have to hang in there, guess what just when I wanted to rush home the cashier scanned made a mistake or the system made a mistake not sure but still a mistake so the cashier have to call a supervisor to cancel off the item...

Although we're not the one to be blamed but the customer(teenager) behind us was complain and whispering to her mother about how slow the service was and they have those eyes when you look at them you know they were blaming you....I seriously wanted to ask them what had I done wrong? But I am having cramp here so I kept quiet...

Please be patient, try be a cashier then you know how it feels...I done cashier job before and I know the price displayed and the price scanned has a difference and this always happened! Why is it so hard for them to understand?!

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Stop Pushing Please?
Friday. 8.29.08 9:12 pm
The people who are taking LRT are always so pushy! I do not understand why they have to push you from behind when they knew you gonna be pissed and scold them "STOP PUSHING" and in the end they apologize...

So what's the pushing? There is a queue, you can get in if the train inside NOT FULL!! I just freaking bought a new shoes and they just step on my shoes like no body business....retarded fella! Really need someone to fine or punish those retards for pushing from behind!

Really "buai tahan" with people pushing me from behind when I am moving NOT SLOWLY it was the fella in front that is slowing us down.....I too wants to get into the train before the door closes after the siren end but what can we do if the people in front not being considerate? We just have to be patient a bit more DON'T PUSH SOMEONE MIGHT TRIP!!!

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Wednesday. 8.27.08 6:02 am
Really been tagged and I have to finish this ASAP so i can get on to other stuffs :P

Rules :
1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
2. People who get tagged need to write a post of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.
4. No tag backs!!

ok let's see what 15 stuffs which are weird/habits/little known facts about myself...

1. I love to play in the rain!
I don't know why but I just love to play in the rain....

2. Save all animations files, it's a habit
I like to do that, and I can say I have a pile of animation like Shakugan No Shana for over 2 seasons in a disc! I just love to put them into a collection =)

3. I hate people going through my stuffs
Never go through my stuffs because it always end up I have to re-arrange everything back otherwise I will not find my stuffs when I need it =S

4. Play online game
PLaying online game really waste a lot of my time :P but I like it because can chat with a lot of people around Local country and around the world....

5. Classical Music
Yes classical music for some it's very sleepy music but for me it is very entertaining, AND I AM NOT OLD !! My friends said it's only for old folks ~_~

6. I don't really like white colour....
not that the colour is not nice but it's because it gets dirty very quickly.

7. Just love weird stuff
well i am not sure about you, i just love weird stuffs as in being different. I got my 21st birthday present, it is MONEY DOVE my friends make a lot of paper dove using RM 1 ! I love it!

8. really hate taking nap
because I always end up having headache.... Any cure?

9. Do you love height?
Myself love to stand on high ground and enjoy the view...If in the future I could have an office where is in a very tall building facing the sea.....man it's beautiful....

10. Msn is a place of joy!!
I always have to login MSN no matter what I am doing or how busy I am because I love to chat with my friends...

11. unlike renaye...I am a dog lover! wahahahah

12. I don't like to go karaoke because I am not a good singer....

13. no more

14. no more

15. no more liao...i cannot think any more!!

I don't want to make the TAG miserable for others so I end here :P 15 really a lot leh...if 10 i think still ok lah...

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What's Wrong?!
Tuesday. 8.26.08 3:41 am

What is wrong with this website sending me such email?

I had been receiving a lot of notifications but I did not sign up for an account in this website, is that why they send me a "sucks" word after my name? I do not understand.....I want to send this file to the customer service to have this matter checked!!

If it is a virus sending me this email then I might want to warn all my friends and readers not to go visit this website just in case you will get virus...

Well I went to visit this website....and guess what? My WOT(Web Of Trust) shows RED which indicating the website is not reliable! Do not visit it....Besides that I sees the options for country, there is no Malaysia country so how did my MSN friends joined? WEIRD!

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