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my schedule analysis
Wednesday. 3.9.05 3:33 pm
Dang. It is already past half of the school year. If I could turn back time, I would change my schedule. Some of the classes are alright. Some I regret taking. here is my analysis...

Period 1: Intro to Business Principles
Teacher: Mr. Lettorale
Easiness: 8.5/10- If I wasn't a senior, I would probably actually take notes in class and do my homework. I guarentee that my average would be no lower than a 98. But, since I suffer from senioritis, and since I go to this boring ass class like 25 minutes after I wake up, I haven't exactly been doing stellar. I got A's the first two marking periods. But, now, I just got a 60 and there is a test tommorow based on notes he handed out...I lost the notes and won't look for them either.
This class is so freakin' boring! The videos suck. Its always A & E Biography of these past entrepreneurs. Who cares about the revolutionaries of the steel industry? Forget that. The lessons are so sleep inducing. Economical crap. F that. I don't really care about marketing and crap. The only thing keeping me awake is the teacher. He is so UNINTENTIONALLY amusing. He says all of these SAT words. He has like the best vocabulary ever, and he plays it off like its common linguistics. His diction is so sophisticated. He never laughs nor gets angry. He is also knowledgable in like every genre.

Period 2: Physical Education
Teacher: Mr. Yesunas
Easiness: 9.5/10 First marking period gym sucked. I got an A, but I hated speedball. It was played on a muddy ass soccer field in the morning. The ball's all wet and shit. I hate soccer. I have bad experiences with that crappy-ass sport, and Im not good at it anymore. Tennis was alright. Actually it sucked. Last year was so much better. I hated running the mile. You know how you become less athletic as you age? I have aleady started. I used to run a mile in like 5: 40 in track practice (no , I wasn't long distance, cuz that probably sucks for long distance/cross country player). Last year, I ran like 6:49 or something, and I felt good in terms of fatigue. This year, I didn't qualify for the A. I got like 7: 40 or some crap. O well, F that. I got the A for the marking period. This marking period, volleyball made up the majority of the time. My team was the best so that was good. Now, we are doing basketball and weight room. I love playing basketball indoors. Why the hell is the three point line so close? Its like a foul shot. Weight room is boring. It is so ghettoish ya heard.

Period 3: Computer Graphics 1
Teacher: Mrs. Pero
Easiness: 5/10- I hate this class. I wish I dropped this class. I didn't even sign up. Effin scheduling conflicts. I hate artistic shit. I hate drawing. I dislike computers too. I like Internet but I do not like computer art. I hate this genre. I sit next to Warren-he is like an expert at this and I think he disrespects me because I suck at computer graphics. True that. I do stink at it, and I do not really strive on improving at this stupid ass genre. Erkan has his moments. He thinks I am weird as hell and sometimes gets pissed, but I am only psychologically messing with him. Hope he doesn't get some sort of mental disease from this. Actually I do not really give a you know what Jimmy Choo or whatever (its not Jimmy Choo, but similar) He always talks about Calculus and how Mr. Sabella is so much harder than Mr. Berkowitz. I don't really care.

Period 4: AP English 12
Teacher: Ms. Morley
Easiness: 6/10-This might be my favorite class, because it is honors and the teacher is not mean. This class can involve a lot of work though. I mean theres a crapload of reading. This class is good. It is not impossible, and it is alright. I have to take the final though. I got A- and B+ or some crap. I am self destructing this marking period. I got a 17 out of 53. Like 70's on vocab quizzes. I got like 34 out of 50's. I have like a B- average. I am like the only boy in the class. Good thing most of the girls are cool. I am the stupidest boy in the class The crap we read in class is stupid. Whatever, its the curriculum's fault. Some people I don't really like. Its all cool though, its not like I am going to steal their stuff. I swear my seat is so sleep inducing. I sit literally in a corner with the soothing heating system plactaing my body temperature. And the teacher can't sit me because I use these girl's heads as shields. And the class is like silent. And then I fall asleep. We should go to New York City and watch Hamlet or some shit. F that.

Period 5: Lunch
Easiness: 10/10-I can get most of my homework done. I am so thankful. If only I had a study hall next period. Period 5 and 6, I would be able to get so much done. I am so productive this period like I can study and thoroughly do homework. Thank goodness the barrage of Government essays is due 8th period. I usually don't start it until now.

Period 6: AP Physics
Teacher: Dr. Ferrara
Easiness: 1/10- I am so lost. I dug myself a hole I cannot overcome. So much effin' jargon. I hate science!I ain't gonne be a freakin' engineer! Mr. Baderscheinder or whatever the hell his name was didn't teach shit. He messed up my grade and he bolted to hicktown, USA. That asshole. Anyway, I used to struggle but I tried so hard. I did homework with careful precision and intense effort. I studied thoroughly for tests and quizzes. I did extra credit. Second marking period, I did basically the same. This marking period, I do not know shit and I ain't trying. I have like a F average. I get like 15's on evaluations. Even though it would be better because he curves them. I hate this class. The teacher teaches so fast. Only them Asians understand it because they have to! They want to be engineers so they need a solid foundation. Why did I take this class! Drop it. it is hurting my GPA. I shoudl've dropped this class... 'dropped it like its hot.

Period 7: Calculus
Teacher: Mr. Sabella
Easiness: 3/10-I could be getting a B. But I am not. I am such a slacker. I never do homework. Why? I am good at math. But this ain't 8th grade. Its not like I could get a B or some shit out of pure intelligence. I need to know formulas and rules. I need effort. Dang. The teacher's style is so open to slacking off. This is hard shit, so I wish I had Sabella. I like going to the math contests in the auditorium and missing class though.

Period 8: AP Government and Politics.
Teacher: Mr. Kyle
Easiness: 5/10- I used to do so well. Now I am getting C's on essays and shit. Dang. This class would be like a 8 out of 10. But I am struggling and the content is harder. F the amendments. It used to be about the election so that was fun. I will be honest. Mr. Kyle is partial. Everyone will probably think that. He hates conservatives. He is a socialist. I'm alright with that, cuz its not like I am Bush's best friend. You better hope you don't do poorly in the beggining. Then he'll think you suck and give you bad grades. He is a good teacher though. Cuz the class can be fun. He is very unpredictable in terms of grading. Whatever, its all effed up. Its all "politics" aight.

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Friday. 2.25.05 8:19 pm
I cannot believe this. The Hornets are the laughingstock of the NBA. And I thought Isiah Thomas was a dumbass. Look at what the Hornets did on trading deadline. The first deal was good.

Hornets get Glenn Big Dog Robinson
Sixers get Jamal Mashburn and Rodney Rogers

Glenn might not play, if he does great. if he doesnt who gives two craps. his contract expires. Jamal cant play and his contract expires after next season. So the Hornets saved a lot of money.

They traded Baron Davis. Baron Davis...one of the best point guards when healthy. For purecrap. They got freakin Dale Davis (good that his contract expires) and Speedy Claxton, a good backup. Shit they didnt even get a draft pick. Dang. Poof just like that Baron gone for shit. THe Hornets suck. Look at their roster.

They did these trades for financial reasons. Now they will have 23 million to spend in the offseason. But they stupid. Who the hell will sign here? Atlanta has had a crapload to spend during the past 2 offseasons. Look at them . they didnt get anyone. They offered Manu more money. ..They offered Kenyon more money. they didnt sign cuz the team sucks..and thats in A-T-L. a major market. Here is New Orleans, one of the smallest markets in a freakin bayou. Who the hell is gonna sign here unless we overpay, which wont be viable.

This offseasons free agents suck anyway. Michael Redd. He is good but he wont sign here. He says he wants to retire a Buck. Ray Allen. Hes not gonna sign here. We wont be interested either. We wanna prepare JR Smith as the future. Who do we sign? Stromile Swift? He's exciting as hell and all athletic and jumpy and shit, but hes no Amare. He wants 10 mill. F That. Watch well probably pay him that and make that our "offseason move". I am so frustrated. When I go to college I wont have time to follow this team religiously anyway. Go Rockets and Heat or some shit this season.

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Monday. 1.17.05 3:41 pm

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Sunday. 1.16.05 7:32 pm

as you can see this is a new layout, ripped it off the predesigned templates. will attempt to customize if necessary given the free time available.

anywayz...i got accepted into a college. not looking to go there though. (hint: starts with a r, ends with a s)

yo ive been watching the nfl playoffs. i think it wil be falcons vs pats even though i hate da falcons. go pats i guess. ugh

school has been aight. heres a question...if some prophet/voodoo person went up to you and offered for your life to go back to say 8th grade. would you do it? and live da past 4 years over again? how bout 6th grade? or 4th grade? or even da way back when u was like 4. it depends right whether you would know that u went back in time so you could change some stuff that happened? whatever, if u dont understand me, its aight, im having trouble putting thoughts into words. w/e im out like da clapper...

o yea ive been listening to mah ipod a lot. it is really fun :)

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Yo yo yo Whats Poppin'?
Sunday. 12.26.04 8:53 pm
yo whats up...havent updated in a while. anyway nuttin much has happened. but damn this school year is maddddd fast, i wish it wasnt this fast 4 some reason. it seemed like yesterday i was wasting away my summer. i gotta do some college crap n other stuff. on Christmas, i saw the much anticipated Kobe-Shaq matchup. i wanted Kobe to try to dunk over Shaq, he didnt really try. i wanted Mo' Confrontation! i was happy the heat beat da lakers though.

yay the hornets finally won...against the lowly warriorz. they then lost to the clippz, lakersz, and just a couple of minutes ago...the cavz. my hornets are now a enviable 2-24. holdup...think about that...2-24! crappy is a compliment describing that record...heh its the injuries...mashburn/magloire/davis/rogers/garcia/and others are all injured.

whoo! marienrs got richie sexson...and more importantly adrian beltre. things are looking good.finally the front office is spending money to improve the team.please get a quality pitcher now.

talk to you later.

o shiet.i forgot...the panthers won. they have to beat da 'Aints next weekt o make da playoffs? incredible isnt it. they were 1-7. even if you hate da panthers because of me or if you just hate them in general, you gotta respect the comeback story. whatever. im out. peace

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Whatup Gangstas
Monday. 11.29.04 7:05 pm
Hmm. havent done much.

copped an Ipod (didnt spend a penny). its really good. you should get one, if you have the money or the referalls (<--you may not know what im talking about, but if you do. great)

how bout my hornets? in all my years of following them (going back to Kindergarden. no joke). i have never suffered a full season with no playoff. they started off dismal, but then paul silas took over and guided the team to 1 game away from the playoffs in the lockout season. they r 1-11 now. cot dang. that really sucks mang. my panthers won three straight. now they'z 4-7. playoffs?now im hoping. a cup weeks ago they were 1-7, n i was actually hoping they would lose n get the first pick. nott anymoe'z. they r so unfortunate. they have da most playaz on the IR (means out for season). and i aint talking about third stringers, im talking about the core players. im talking about pro-bowlerz. im talking about the cats that drove them to the damn super bowl last season--peepz like Kris Jenkins. Steve Smith. Stephen Davis. John Kasay. Deshaun Foster. yup.

the mariners were wretched last season. it was a looong ass summer for me rooting for them. i hope they draft someone nice since they have a high draft pick. i hope they do well in the offseason...well enuff to avoid rebuilding and contend again next season. they waived olerud...edgar retired...they should make bucky jacobson dh, and sign a quality free agent 1st baseman like Carlos Delgado, ill settle with Richie Sexson as well.

School has been aight. i hate waking up in da morning. it sucks mang. im like almost late everyday. ever since i drove, ive been leaving the crib at like 7:42. n i gotta heat up the my whip's engine for like a good minute. im always like 15 secs before the bell every morning. i swear, the school's clock is like madd wrong. its gotta be like 5 minutes slow.

hmm, i wonder what college i will be spending the next 4 years at. this is madd important. i really dunno. i applied to some schools, what if i dont gett into them? that would suck. im not applying into a crapload of schools like others cuz an application is like 65 bucks. these rich mofos apply to like 20 schools. i wish i could do that because this is a serious process. i hope i dont wind up at Rutgers. its a good school and all that though. i just feel weird going there. a school so close to home.

i got my SAT II scores back. this is the second time i took them. i called that i bombed them. i didnt neccessarily, but not much of an improvement. one went up 20 points, the other down 30 points. dang. o well. i aint applying to MIT or Harvard or anything like that, SATII aint even mandatory so it aint gonna hurt me. the hell with that anyway.

im out like da clappa.

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