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Age. 46
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Scots-Irish-German mix
Location Newmarket, Canada
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Hi ppl
Sunday. 1.4.09 2:11 pm
How are you? I am good. I have good news! We have a new computer! It's an e-Machine and it has... *dum dum da dum* Vista!! The internet still needs to be hooked up tho.. so all I have been doing on the new computer is just writing stories and playing Hearts like a mad woman. lol


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Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday. 12.24.08 1:46 pm
When I came onto the site, I tried 5 or 6 times to log in but to no avail!!! I thought that I was hacked!!! That fucking scared me!!!!!!!!!!! XO

Um.. if I can't login again and any of my readers see any changes - drastic or not, PLEASE E-MAIL ME! [email protected] k??

For the love of God. I need some caffeine. *drinks Diet Coke out of her water bottle*

I guess that's it for me. Don't do anything I wouldn't on Christmas... but then again... lol!


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Hello ppl.
Thursday. 12.18.08 3:25 pm
watching: ....
listening to: ermm... nothing.
mood: somewhat defeated

I could make this a private post. But... nah. I just wrote to a trusted friend and now I feel better. It's about Christine. And Sara. Two bad eggs.


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A whole lot of bullshit in between movies but...
Wednesday. 12.17.08 5:00 pm
I don't care to hash out any gory details... I'm on an anti-deppresant for a reason. But, I digress, it turns out that, Heather is allowing us to go see movies at our local Famous Players Silver City! Woohooooooooo!! They have better snacks and a better selection of movies than the Gem.

So... instead of feeding into my obsession with Twilight, we saw Punisher: War Zone. I don't know if you all have seen this but it is gruesome, yet funny.. well at least to me. There is this character Budiansky, the black dude... he said something like... "What are you all? Krispy Kreme motherfuckers??" If you know the right phrasing do tell. That retarded creep Loony Bin Jim reminded both Coll and I of Kurt. Ew...

Not much is up, the internet is up. Praise Jesus. lol

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I'm going to see Twilight again tonight.
Saturday. 12.13.08 4:08 pm
I am hopelessly attracted to that actor. lol

The HSC-Regional X-mas Party went sort of ok. Victor was there... he asked me to dance, but I said no, because I was hungry. Curse my stomach! So... then, after dinner he asked me again and I did, but the bastard went off to dance with another lady. Is that my fault? After that, I was slightly depressed and got my bff to console me. =) I love that girl!!!

Hmm.. what do you think of my design? It's Darkrai. Still tweaking it tho.


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Thursday. 12.11.08 1:19 pm
Well.. the party on Saturday went well. Loads of food, many of it bad for the weight loss thing lol, um, scores of ppl. Most of them either hung around in the dining room or the sitting area or in the kitty room. (I call it the kitty room because of Malibu our kitty who kind of lives there. It's really the tv room. To show you what I mean, here, is 'Bu in the OLD kitty room... which is now Erika and Cathy's room. And then, here, is her in the new room. BTW, is she not the sweetest thing...? She may look sweet but she has plenty of tortie-tude.)

The HSC-Regional Christmas Party is on tonight. =/ I hope and I DON'T hope that Victor will be present. That issue is too sensitive.. you know... off and on bf deal??

Well.. that will be it for now my friends,

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