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Pain Feedback
Monday. 9.6.04 1:22 am
Sometimes I have great ideas... ideas that I should have gotten a patient for. Usually a year or two later I see my very same idea for sale somewhere... Always bothered me... could I have made alot of money off of that? Who knows... It is nice to see that your ideas are worthwhile enough for other people to be selling them (even if someone else has the patient for them).

Anyways, it's probobly some conspiracy... the government is probobly reading my thoughts, and taking my groundbreaking ideas, and using them for personal profit... I think that is the most logical explanation. That, or maybe someone else had the idea first... meh.

Well my latest idea is an awsome idea to say the least. This is something that is bound to come out in the future anyways. It's really just the next logical step in console gaming. Infact, I can't wait until it comes out so that I might be able to purchase one.

My idea? The "Pain Feedback Controller". Yes that is right, a controller that can send small jolts of electricity to the users hands when they are hit in the game. The amount of pain could varry by the harder the player is hit in the game, thus making it increasingly real.

Force feedback was one thing, but painfeedback will revolutionize gaming. It will serve to add a whole new level to your gaming experience. Games are becoming more and more realistic as far as graphics... so what is the next step? It's only logical that when you get shot or punched or run into a wall that you experience pain. Well now your console system will be able to administer that pain.

Not only will these controllers serve to make the games more realistic, but they will help people to become better at their games. It's one thing to run your car into a wall and not feel a thing... it's another to run it into a wall and have both your hands shocked with electricity. I think this will help people to become less lazy, and focus more. This will probobly yield some kind of real world benefits as well.

Hopefully a glorious device such as this will be released soon. I can't immagine how much more fun games with that level of realism. Maybe they will even throw in the ability to turn pain feedback off, or a parental lock... it probobly won't be safe for small children anyways. Either way, it's a solid idea.

Take your gaming to the next level

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Poptart Fun
Sunday. 8.29.04 12:56 pm
Ok, so it was lunch time, and i had a package of brown sugar poptarts with me. I guess I just haven't been in a poptart mood lately, so I oppted to get some stuff out of the vending machine instead. So I ended up getting some sunchips and a Big Kat Kit Kat bar. Anyways, After I was done, I still really didn't feel like eating the poptarts.

It's wierd... I haven't felt like eating poptarts in a while actually. Perhaps I have finally burnt myself out on them again... Every time I go for one... They just taste so dry and bland. No matter how hungry I am, I cannot seem to force myself to consume poptarts anymore.

Well that's fine right? I mean, I just won't buy anymore poptarts then. However, I still had the poptarts with me that I was supposed to eat... What should I do with them I wondered... It was a hard decision, but I was hard pressed to not let those poptarts go to waist.

I had already concluded, that it would be most worthwhile for me not to eat them. I mean think about it... I payed for those poptarts, so I should enjoy them. If they would cause me displeasure to eat them, then it would be more worth my money not to eat them. I look at it this way, I payed to enjoy something, if that something is going to bring me displeasure, then why eat them? I sure as hell am not going to pay for something to cause me displeasure, so I decided to just not eat them.

The question of what to do with them still remained. I held the innocent poptarts in the palm of my hand... such power... such control... Their fate was entirely in my hand. Infact, I could do anything to them that I desired... for they are mine, to do with as I so please.

Thoughts of destruction and absolute chaos ran through my head... The poptarts were helpless to persuade me... I was alone in the decision I would make. They had no control over their fate at all, and it only fueled my villanous thoughts. These poptarts would die a grousome death... I would see to it personaly.

As I held their helpless body in my hand, I realised what I must do. I decided to crush them with my shear might. I would show them no mercy, none at all. My fingers slowly wrapped around the package of poptarts... Their fate was sealed, I would not turn back now.

My grip on the poptarts slowly tightened. I like to think of it as a boa slowly constricting it's pray. I sqeezed the poptarts even tighter... The packaging split in multiple places, and their insides began to ooze out between my fingers. Finally, I was gripping the poptarts as hard as I could... It was all over for them...

The after math, they were completely mangled. The poptarts lay lifeless on the table... infact, they ceased to exhist as poptarts at all... Their remains were merely a mound of garbage waiting for me to dispose of them into the garbage can.

Overall, I found that this was far more entertaining than eating something that I really did not want to eat. Sure you could call it waistful... but was it really? I happen to think that the real waist would have been to eat them. Think about it, I had more fun crushing them than I would have eating them. Therefore, it is my belief that I got the most out of my money.

I am one crafty consumer

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Death By Homework
Monday. 8.23.04 1:35 am
Did you ever consider, that the next time you take a breath, you could die? No, I'm not talking about disease or polution... not really anything in particular. I'm just saying, you could die at any moment. "Anyone can die, at any moment" -Joe Bob Briggs.

So yeah, anything could happen... you could be destined to die any instant in time... any instant at all... it could be quick, or it could be slow. The only problem is, you don't know when it's going to happen. So the question is, what are you going to do about it?

Are you prepared for the worst? Are you fullfilling life to it's fullest? Is there something you'd rather be doing right now? These are the questions you should be asking yourself.

I find myself thinking about this when I am doing my homework. Writing an essay or doing a long assignment... anything that is very time consuming. I ask myself... am I going to die in a few seconds... Because if so, then I shouldn't be doing this homework... It would really suck to spend your last moments doing homework, would it not?

I also have resorted to asking god for some help with this... Before I start an essay, I usually ask god... "If you're going to take my life any time soon, could oyu please take it before I do this essay?". I mean, I'd rather him take me a earlier so I wouldn't have to write it.

My parents tell me I'm just lazy, and I am procrastinating... I know the truth though. They just don't understand... doing your homework is no way to die... no way at all... I'd rather die watching TV or something... not homework... never homework... That would be a sad death indeed.

Today is going to be my first day at school... I guess I'm just wondering if I'm going to die before I even go to my first class... sure would be convenient.

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Mario Conspiracy
Wednesday. 8.18.04 1:15 am
She must have been plotting it for some time... such tirckery... such betrayal... such a horrible horrible deed. She knew she was bested and that there was absolutely only one way that she could win. The villianous deed that was commited could only have been conjured from months of planning.

In an instant.... all was gone... everything disapeared... nothing was left for salvage... Evil came swiftly and without mercy. It left nothing in it's wake... nothing at all. I couldn't believe it the first time I saw it... but it is true... everything was erased.

Ashley, who was jealous of my supreme super mario world skills deleted my save. She couldn't get as high of a percentage on her game as I did on mine... so she did the only thing she could, she deleted my game save. It was the only way she could ever win...

Well anyways, I'm already on my way to getting a higher percentage then her again. It won't take long either, I'm simply better at super mario world then she is. The only difference, is that this time, I am going to be careful and protect my game. I know better than to look away while she is playing my copy of super mario world.

Anyways, on another note, I've noticed that super mario world actually does cheat. Yeah you heard me, it cheats. I've had mario fall right through the ground... yeah right therough solid rock. I've even had a platform disapear from a key area and be somewhere else... like right ontop of another platoform so there was no where to jump to... it looked really wierd because there was a pole, but not platform ontop. Anyways, these are all glitches... but just for the sake of blaming people, we'll say the snes was cheating.

So anyways, next time you die, maybe you should take another look at your gaming consule... is it out to get you? does it like to win? Yeah... I thought so. Sometimes it really isn't the players fault. (for that matter, next time your game save disapears... maybe you should take another look at your girlfriend!)

Mario truly is a game of cheating and conspiracy

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The Great Hunt
Tuesday. 8.17.04 2:01 am
It's unexplainable... really... I don't know what it is, but sometimes things just come to me... and other times they don't. When I'm hunting for food, sometimes I can find tons of stuff like stuff is just flying off the shelves at me... other times... I just get frustrated and leave.

So what is it about those magical shelves in the grocery store? I am yet to figure this mistery out... It bothers me every time I set foot in the store though. I can't help but wonder if it is going to be one of the times I can find everything... or one of the times i can't find anything.

So anyways, Today was a good day at the grocery store. It was interesting, everything went fairly well, although it took quite a while. It always takes a long time though... When you see food you want... it is extremely hard to decide. I guess that all goes back to the being indecisive.

So I found these chips at the store... Well It's almost like eating dehydrated pepperonis in a bag. They are chips that are shaped like, and look like, pepperoni. Not only that, but they are flavored with real pepperonis. Lets just say I was more than a little impressed with their taste. If you are interested, tehy are made by "Snak King", and are called "Pepp'A-Roni".

The other amazing thing I found at the store was "Celestial Seasonings Natural Cider Mix, Honey Vanilla Apple". I can't begin to describe how awsome this stuff is... Would you really expect anything less from Celestial Seasonings? Yeah I didn't think so.

Oh, and just FYI, Celestial Seasonings is the best tea brand ever, hands down.

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Courtesy Entry
Saturday. 8.14.04 2:45 am
Yeah so I was into it for a while, but blogging just isn't as fun as it used to be. This was destined to happen though. I don't use this blog for talking about my day or things that interest me really... I mostly just use creatively... Kind of pointless writing actually.

Anyways, Other things have taken presidence over blogging. I no longer really feel the need to update or comment on other people's entries. In fact, when I try to make myself update... I get about half way and just give up... it's like I've got no motivation... no insentive... no muse.

Now I'm not saying I've suddenly become void of creativity... not at all by any means. I'm just saying that writing isn't satisfying me right now... I think I need to start using my creativity for other things again... like my drawing, digital graphics, playing guitar, etc...

anyways... this was just a courtesy entry... Just letting people know why I don't update much anymore... and why I rarely comment on people's entries (it's not cause I don't like you).

Perhaps I will feel the need to blog after college starts back up...

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