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Age. 28
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location San Jose, CA
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Random Stuff
A bird? A plane? No! It's a new layout!
Monday. 1.8.07 12:18 am
watching: Anego ep.4
listening to: Rie Fu - 2cm
mood: tired

Well...it's that time of...no wait, that's not right. Anyways, I'm *pretty* sure you've noticed my brand spanking new layout. I rather like my current layout. The inspiration came from the avy I made. *points*

The story? Well, I was given a comission: make a cute icon for a fellow SnS-ian, Sasa. I made this for her. She didn't like it. (*sobs*) I made her another one. But I really liked the first one I made. Today, I decided to change layouts, and I couldn't decide on the image. And them BAM inspiration hit. I decided to use this icon as a reference. And so here we are. =P

How's everyone's new year? Mine is so boring and typical. And my teachers all had seizures over break or something, because everyone (including my japanese teacher) is assigning a ton of hw, mostly essays. Life's pretty much going down the drain, and I'm always tired. =_=;;

But anyways, enough rambling. Time to display all the graphics I've made. *sees everyone start backing off* xP

The second avy I made for Sasa. xD

Hope everyone's having a great new year! ^_^

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Unhealthy sleeping patterns (no new layout...yet!)
Wednesday. 12.27.06 3:42 am
So...first off, please look at the time I am posting this. Secondly, read my blog title, if you haven't already. XD

Recently, I find that I've been sleeping later, and getting up later. This all came to a head today, when I realized that it was 4:48 when I went to bed last night, and 12:53 when I got up this morning, er, afternoon.

Why is this happening? Well, I imagine that's fairly obvious; I'm on break, which is a totally fun and cool thing. Except for my sleeping and eating patterns, which have both increased exponentially in quantity. Not very healthy...

So...I really should be going to sleep now, because I'm going out to watch a movie with my friends tomorrow, so I should get some rest. >_<;;

*counts sheep*

Didn't work.

So I went online and visited...

Count Sheep!!!

It's fun. XD

And now, I need to get some sleep. =_=;;


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Merry Xmas!!! (with banner attached)
Sunday. 12.24.06 8:55 pm
It's finally that time of year, huh? Well, I'm sure everyone's having fun with family and friends. I wish all of you a very merry Christmas. Hope everyone got lots of presents!

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A New Layout AGAIN?!!! O_O
Monday. 12.18.06 2:57 pm
Yah~New layout, Sweetaholic. =P

Yeah, I know, I can feel everyone going: NOOOOOO!!! Sylphie! You changed you layout like, last week! Or the week before! Why again?!!!

My answer? I got tired of it. And I decided it was waaaaay too pink. I'm not really a pink person myself, but as I was editing that image, it just got pinker, and pinker, and pinker.....=_=;;

So yeah, the only major difference is that I got a new banner and changed the background. But still, it makes me happier. XD *gets whacked on the head by everyone*

So anyways, exams are FINALLY over!!! *cheers* I'm so happy! XD I'm kinda bored though, because I don't have much to do except study for SATs now. T_T

And my promo of this entry:
=>Azure Moon<=
My new website, Azure Moon. It's sorta random, and I just made it for fun, but feel free to visit and take a look at the layout (which is the only thing worth looking at there).

And yeah, I think I've rambled enough. Until next time~

~Love, Sylphie <3

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XMAS layout finally up
Tuesday. 12.5.06 12:53 am
And so, my Christmas layout is up. But I still need to change it, because the lower half of the image isn't showing. =/ *sigh* More re-coding. Anyways, here's the xmas layout. Feel free to critique it to pieces. I'm sleepy...good night everyone. ^^

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Homg, it's been forever
Sunday. 12.3.06 11:13 pm
I bet everyone thought I'd died. Either that or they didn't even realize I was gone. Frankly, I'm tempted to say it's probably the latter. XD

My, it's December already. I'm too busy studying for my finals, so I haven't had time to make a new layout yet. It's very sad, because I really want a new layout. Even though I haven't decided on the theme yet. I HAVE to make it Christmas-y. Hmm...*thinks* I'll see what I can do.

In the mean time, life is busy. Right now, it's study study study. I might have time to do other things once break starts. But yeah...I have a lot of deadlines coming up. All I can think about right now are my deadlines, what's due when, etc. Yeah, life's like that. <_<

It's freezing cold here...and my mom got mad at me because I was wearing short sleeves. She was like, "aren't you cold?!". So she forced me into this huge jacket, and I had to go to school in it. My friends were all like: "Uh...nice jacket (small voice: not)." And then laughing at me behind my back. Very sad. ;_; (j/k; they laughed right in front of me)

And so...what now? Let's see, I think I've run out of subjects to talk about. Ah, I saw this really awesome PV recently. Kouya Ruten by FictionJunction Yuuka. It's really good!

And yes, I have more avys to show. *sigh* Love making icons. XD

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