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*profound sigh*
Thursday. 1.22.04 Early Morning
listening to: Queen Of The Damned Soundtrack
mood: bummed out
word of the day: shparklies!!!!!
Well... today promises to be boring as hell... i have to finish the remodeling of my computer room.... which means I'm gonna be busy as hell for a while.... then i have to put all the stuff i moved back where it belongs..... I WANT MY MOMMY!! Well... not really.... let me be more precise... i want my mommy do it all... the evil hen..... grrrrrr. I Still think slaves are a good idea.... well... as long as it's my mother ......

On a more exciting note... Spokane finally got a little big city drama last night.. Oooh Yay!! Click Here For More Information

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This is insane
Wednesday. 1.21.04 11:21 pm
word of the day: PainKillers
listening to: Drowning Pool= Bodies
mood: happy... but sick of being in pain
This is crazy.... i can't shake my head or it hurts.... i mean.. i thought the most annoying thing that could happen to me today would be to catch my sweater on my new tattoo.... but this migraine is far worse..... i think i may have to take some rather drastic measures to get rid of it.... like.,.. going to my mom's for a darvocet ( high powered narcotic painkiller ) I took imitrex and even that didn't work.... so its either painkillers... or almost intolerable suffering..... i'll take the darvocet....i know that it's a risk i shouldn't take... but i am taking it the right way... and for the right reasons..... so it doesn't affect my clean time at all..... I'm just sick to death of wincing every time the dog barks.... or when Randy has his stereo up loud... which normally.. i like..... i laid there suffering because i couldn'tmove to get up to ask him to turn it down..... that shouldn't be happening.... but at the same time.. i'm afraid to go to the doctors because of what they might find out. I couldn't deal with any more bad news right now.... i've got enough shit to deal with... i don't need anymore

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Hyperishly Hyper in a Bouncingly Hyper Sort Of Way
Wednesday. 1.21.04 1:23 am
mood: hyper
listening to: an odd assortment of sound effects

i got my tattoo!!!!!i got my tattoo!!!!!i got my tattoo!!!!!*bounces Hyperishl y*i got my tattoo!!!!!i got my tattoo!!!!!i got my tattoo!!!!!i got my tattoo!!!!!i got my tattoo!!!!!i got my tattoo!!!!!i got my tattoo!!!!!*bounces again *i got my tattoo!!!!!i got my tattoo!!!!!i got my tattoo!!!!!i got my tattoo!!!!!i got my tattoo!!!!!i got my tattoo!!!!!i got my tattoo!!!!!i got my tattoo!!!!!i got my tattoo!!!!!i got my tattoo!!!!!i got my tattoo!!!!!i got my tattoo!!!!!*bounces some more *i got my tattoo!!!!!i got my tattoo!!!!! I am sooooo happy.... i got my 4th tattoo finally....

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Tuesday. 1.20.04 10:34 am
listening to: Lords Of Acid
mood: pissy
word of the day: bitch
I got a decent nights sleep last night.... thanks to my migraine medicine.... but other than that, nothing seems to be going right. Last night at the Membership Meeting... i raised avalid point.... and the powers that be just shined me on.... That pisses me off. I can't understand it.... Do they WANT a lawsuit??? If Phillip is allowed back in there... it's just a matter of time before he really does carry through on one of his threats. If it is me..... and it very well may be.... i WILL sue... just to make my point. Then let the chips fall where they may... I'm not going to sit there and let a predator harass people... and that's what he is..... I'm not going to sit there and let him threaten people like Casey and them... who even though the TRY to act like they're not scared are terrified. and it doesn't matter that i really don't like Casey..... the enemy of my enemy is my friend. If my membership at the club didn't mean so much to me.... i would walk away from it.... i really really would. I can't handle this crap anymore. If the board ( minus Rusty, who agrees with me) doesn't want to do anything about him.... then fine... i'm sure we can take it into our own hands and do something about it.

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Monday, January 19, 2004
mood: confused
listening to: Slayer- Divine Intervention

I don't know what to do with myself.... i have all these goals and plans set out for myself... and i have absolutely NO motivation to accomplish any of them. I'm tired, my head hurts... and i have absolutely no patience with anything or anyone with the exception of my dogs, my dad (it's game night for the guys... and he brought cheese puffs!!!!(Have i ever mentioned how much i love cheese puffs???))and our roommate, Randy. I took a leave of abscence from my service work commitment for a few weeks in an attempt to get myself in control again... I hate that out of control feeling. It is very uncomfortable for me because I am usually so in control.... and lately.... i haven't been feeling too right with the world.... but i'm getting better.... i think...

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Monday. 1.19.04 11:31 am
listening to: DI.fm Hard Trance ( internet radio)
mood: bitchy as hell
violent tendency:armed, dangerous.... pulled the grenade pin already...

Well.... here we are again..... I am beginnning to think this prozac might be what's giving me insomnia.... or something.... yet another day of waking up before 430..... it sucks.. and i hate it.... But all in all... i think i'll live. I got in Joe's face again today for being loud and obnoxious..... Some people just don't understand that loud noises in the morning especially on days like these...seem to preset my day for an anxiety attack... it's not cool... but he didn't seem to get the fact that i just wanted him to hold it down a bit... not shut up entirely..... during the day time... when i get ok with stuff... he is one funny guy... i just can't deal with him... or anyone... being that obnoxious before 7 am... Oh well.. i wrote about it.... Now i can get on with my day.....

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