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Age. 34
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. A European Medley!
Location Radomyshl, Ukraine
School. Seattle Pacific Univ
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Feeling I can't shake.
Sunday. 8.7.11 3:46 pm
In my 23.5 years of making mistakes, I have only one true regret-- not going home with this guy (http://www.walteratorres.com/index.html) Cinco de Mayo 2009. If he becomes famous for real, I'll really be an ass. More circumstantial evidence that you regret what you don't do more than what you do. So drink fully from the cup of life, and always use protection.

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Growing up is not for Chickens
Thursday. 7.14.11 8:28 pm
Formerly-flakey BFF is now officially engaged. Like, for realsies. She and her fiance have been living in Southern California for a little more than a month, and they'll get married some time next year, probably. As much as I am convinced that I am the only one good enough for her, he's a good guy, and I'm really excited and happy for both of them.

It's so weird to watch her become an adult, moving furniture and comparing car insurance, when I've always been the older (by five months) and more mature (in thought process if not always in behavior) one. I think I'm actually becoming less adult-y than when I was a teen, and that's kind of ok with me. I don't want to be Peter Pan or anything, but for me, getting older has meant becoming more free, not settling down. I do' have to be attached to a person or apartment to be completely whole in myself.

Then again, I'm 23. My brain hasn't even finished developing yet.

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2 minutes and 21 seconds in my shoes
Tuesday. 5.10.11 10:59 am
This is satire, of course, but it comes pretty close to what I have to deal with. Imagine if you had to straighten out a class of teenagers that had been taught English this way for 8 years. Without bruising egos.

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Happy Birthday, Employer!
Tuesday. 3.1.11 1:36 am
Happy 50th birthday, federal employer who I am supposed to report all blogs to, and therefore will remain nameless (although I'm sure I've mentioned them before). You do a lot of great work, and I'm proud to say (offline) I work for you! Thank you for hiring me and giving me the opportunity to do the things I love, albeit in a frozen cold wasteland the past few months.

Now give me more money please! Kthxbye.

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That One Person
Wednesday. 2.16.11 1:07 am
No, I don't mean "the One." Quite the opposite. I mean the one person whose approval you crave and can't seem to earn. Do you have one of these?

We'll call mine "A." She and I were in the same language training group (with three others). She was the second American I'd met in town, and the first to actually have a conversation with me. She showed me around, introduced me to people, and helped me around the language barrier. She was so nice, and I thought we were going to be friends. Then came the group project.

I'm not going to try and explain who did what to whom first, who was right or wrong, because I'm biased, and I can't sort half of it out anyway. The project was executed very successfully, but at the expense of my feelings and trust. Over a year later, I bristle if I hear a non-negative comment about her, mostly because of what I'm about to explain.

I want to be in her good graces. I want to move on and repair the relationship because we have a lot of friends in common, and cross paths fairly often. We're involved in each others' projects, and have developed a dynamic that from the outside looks very productive. However, she has shut me out.

Her small-town Midwest smile and tone are bright, but her words are thorns, if you're listening. She cuts conversations short and doesn't return my calls. I can usually analyze what makes a person feel good about themselves, but she is unfathomable. I cannot change her mind about me.

Ok, enough sour grapes. I probably just need to get over it, right? Well, I'd love to learn from your experiences.

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VD on VD
Monday. 2.14.11 12:44 am
Don't let it happen to you. This is a reminder to friends at home and abroad to glove up this Valentine's Day (and every time you are intimate with a partner), less you wake up next week with a rash and pain when you urinate. Or worse, you could join the two percent and rising group of Ukrainians who can expect to contract HIV in their life.

You've been warned!

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