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Holy Moly, it's been a while!
Saturday. 1.26.13 6:57 pm

*~HAPPY 2013!~*

Around the time I couldn't stand using my old MyTouch 3G anymore (which I resorted to because my G2 had suddenly given up on living even though I had everything set up so nicely and perfectly for me) Best Buy decided to have a one day promotion for the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

$49 only!!!

Bullshit. Fine print says for every other major carrier except mine. I asked the salesperson who assures me that I'll still get it for cheap, I'll just have to pay an extra $30 for my carrier's version. By the by, my carrier isn't the one that has special networks and is different from all the other American phones --> that's AT&T slash Verizon. (I can't remember if it's one or the other or both. Whatever.) I tell my dad, he doesn't care because he knows I just need a working phone.

We stand on line. And wait for at least half an hour. After which we are then told that the entire Best Buy network has been down and can't process ANY new activations or upgrades. Or was it only upgrades and no new activations? Or vice versa. Actually I think we already knew before we waited half an hour, because we were told they didn't know exactly when it would be up and running but it could be any time soon. So we had no choice but to wait. They were able to process a few in the meantime through the long way, meaning by phone and staying on hold and all that jazz.

Then they start skipping me. I don't mean other customers, I mean the salespeople. Now before you all so kindly get angry on my behalf, it wasn't their fault. They didn't get the necessary codes to process T-Mobile activations slash upgrades yet. (Best Buy doesn't have T-Mobile phones in their stores, but they can send you the handset for free.) Finally, a counter opens up and the salesperson calls out "Next" without asking which carrier I'm with. I immediately explain my situation and ask if they can process my purchase yet.

"If that's the case, just do it online. It's the same thing. They'll still send it to you for free. I don't know when we'll be able top help you."


I explain to my dad and we trudge out of the store with heavy sighs. Back at the apartment, I double check that everything is the same online and proceed to purchase. I encounter several technical issues and finally resolve to do it by phone instead. However, I end up speaking with a completely clueless customer representative on the phone (which makes me wonder what the requirements are for that job). Luckily the line disconnects before she annoys me further. I go back to purchasing it online. An hour and a half later, the purchase is completed.

End of Day.

This was back during the week before or of Christmas and I've been happily using my new phone ever since. ^^

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Cut off from the world!
Saturday. 11.10.12 3:34 pm
The HTC G2 I've been using over the past year & a half inexplicably died last night. I was waiting for December or another T-Mobile "All Smartphones for FREE" 2-day deal (whichever comes first) so I could finally upgrade. Now I don't know what to do. Of course, being disconnected has it's pros and the biggest con I can see is my boyfriend not being able to reach me. So...I guess I could use a feature phone for a while until one of the two mentioned above roll around. I have insurance on the phone, but discovered through my research last night that it may be more trouble than it's worth.


Will respond properly to comments & previous entry later.

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Saturday. 11.3.12 3:22 pm
A great yet not so lengthy time ago, I was half-heartedly going through the tables of available classes for the next semester. It was mid-August and I'd finally gotten around to forcing myself to register. You can guess my level of enthusiasm then at the prospect of continuing my college education at that particular institution. As the search continued, I realized I really did not want to pay for anything listed. There was no financial aid available to me from FAFSA, family or otherwise. I paid my own damn way and honestly, I didn't think those classes were worth my money.

I wanted to shoot myself in the head. The quality of education sucked that much. "Most bang for your buck"? Not in my book. You get exactly what you pay for. I went from the Undergraduate Dean's List, with my lowest grade being an A-, down to a semester GPA under 3.0 and obviously, no spot on the Dean's List.

I did not go through with registration.

No one knew. The next few months passed uneventfully with a bit of acting on my part. Shockingly, my mother actually paid the minimal attention needed to notice and start getting suspicious.

As a rule, I don't like to lie. I'll admit it: I'm a goody-two-shoes. One of my few role models is Mother Teresa. I try to be as good, kind, understanding, and loving as possible. Sometimes that causes problems, because I AM human after all and a girl too. I'll talk more about that another time.

Instead of lying, I would omit or say little white lies that were intentionally misleading. I didn't need her all up in my business or any more of her brand of "pot calling the kettle black". I can't say I was successful, but I didn't completely fail in my deception either. See, her habit has always been to notice things and then do nothing about them. A huge red and yellow warning sign can be flashing right in her face, but she never takes enough interest or give enough of a damn to do anything. All she cares about is herself. She is selfish and stupid. So be it. Makes it all the easier to get my plan off without a hitch.

I needed a change of scenery badly and there was more than enough money in my account. You're only young once and when is the next time I'll be free enough to just up and leave the country so easily? So I planned a little voyage overseas and again, told no one about it. Researched all the necessary documents for my visa, hostels, financials... I needed at least one person in the family to know where I was going. One day, I let my aunt into my plan. She helped me figure out the best dates to leave and even bought my tickets for me. Next, I told my father. That went surprisingly well.

I began to drop hints around my mother. In accordance with her habit described above, she pretended they didn't exist. When I finally told her straight out, she told me "No" and thought that was that. Little did she know, I wasn't asking for permission. I let it go and continued with my preparations. I mentioned it again and again, as usual she took no notice.

We had dinner together the night before my scheduled departure. Midway through the meal, I took out my ticket information and showed it to my mother. She took one look and said with a very rarely, if ever, seen parent-like attitude "We'll talk about this later."

She finally realized I wasn't joking and I was going whether she liked it or not. There was nothing she could do to stop me. "If you can't beat them, join them!" You can say she did that. She even lamented at one point that night while I ran around packing my suitcase, "Why didn't you tell me earlier? I have friends who know people there! I could have set things up for you!"

Really, mother? No, you wouldn't have. That was hi-larious!

So I went off on my trip! Had a great time and fell in love with the city, country, the people. I would love to go back again and would be if...well, that's a story for another day. I can tell you it was an experience like no other and the decision to leave is not one I regret. It changed me and I am happier now.

Hope you enjoyed today's story! Thank you for all the comments on my last post. =)


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Friday. 10.19.12 1:04 pm
I am annoyed. Apparently, a grouchy middle-aged man serves as my building's security guard on weekday mornings. I have lost my package due to his unwillingness to be helpful. He is one of those who views the world as his enemy and thinks everyone is a critic. I'm just trying to get my goddamn package! It's been three days since it first came to my building! And it's now being shipped back to sender! What the grraaaaaah!

It's probably the first substantial thing I've allowed my boyfriend to buy me. I've been kind of against it because I don't want him buying me things. Neither of us are rich, ya know? But he really wants to and it was getting to the point of ridiculousness because I wouldn't even tell him what I like for fear that he would buy it and then it's kind of weird that my boyfriend doesn't know what I like or my tastes and it was just stupid so I gave in. Lo and behold! Stupid security guard messes it up.

I called customer service and although they can't intercept the package, they offered to place another order charged to my own credit card. Unfortunately, I can only get one of the items because the others are no longer available. The first order was perfect...

Anyway, such is life.

In regards to my previous post...

~Thank you, Randy & Nuttz. I apologize for almost causing regurgitation!
~Sank, I don't think it's a cause for concern as it's only happened a few times (2-3 counting this time) and we've only gotten closer after.
~Thanks for the encouragement, dont-see!
~ayl4life, haha! Yay~

Dotty sad about package...

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Oh, Tangers, I need your pearls of wisdom.
Sunday. 10.14.12 3:45 pm
Before I get into it, here's a short update:
- I am currently unemployed, looking for a temporary job
- I am still considering going overseas early 2013, which is why whatever job I find will only be temporary
- I believe I have a cold. Symptoms popped up early this week and I took NyQuil last night. If anything, it helped me sleep all morning. I now have a stuffy nose, can barely breathe, and have an odd taste in my mouth. Oddly enough I don't think it's me. It might actually be from the medicine. I don't think I'll be taking it again tonight.


This is my first relationship. Circumstances that led to it were definitely complicated beyond my imagination and it has certainly given me more life experience. (Finally. Thanks, life.)

Is it supposed to be this hard? What's the equation for good balancing out the bad?

Keep in mind I'm in a kind of "don't give a damn about anything" mood leaning towards pessimism.

Do we have fights? No. Disagreements? Kinda...not really. When things are wrong, we bring them up to each other and we talk about them. Usually in the car. Oh my, why do we keep doing that in the car? Anyway, that's irrelevant. We talk, I raise my voice here and there, he gets into a mood, we're both upset, I cry, silence, we talk more, somewhere along the way we laugh about something, he pinches my cheeks, I swat at him, and then somehow we're back to being okay. What do you call that? Whatever it is, it's only happened maybe two or three times counting last night.

Last night...or this morning, you could say. We got back to my dad's place before 2 AM (my curfew--yes, I have one now) and we got to talking. I am not going to leave in the middle of the aforementioned whatever it is when it happens. By the time we finally kiss one last time and say goodbye, it's almost 4 AM.

As I am writing this and re-reading what I have written, I am realizing...you know, maybe it's not as bad as I'd thought after all. In fact, some might even call it good. Yes, we have some problems here and there but we're willing to work on it. Most importantly, we love each other.

In conclusion, I guess I am finally living life. I just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and see where life takes me. You'll have to keep tuning in to see what happens next!

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Secrets out, No password needed *Updated*
Saturday. 9.22.12 8:22 pm
I have a boyfriend. That is all.




Just checked the 'Tang and oh my Lady Gaga, did this really deserve so many recommendations? Thank you so much, guys. Warms my heart that so many out there are happy for me. =)

Anything you guys wanna ask me? I will answer every one the best I can.

p.s. I have updated all my modules! The Call me link now works, twitter account will be updated more often bc I have reset the password, and I have put in a new weather widget and FeelYourBoobies badge. Let me know if any of the links don't work anymore bc I didn't check those. =P

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XD ~ <3
Tuesday. 9.4.12 10:26 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Oops, forgot to add a title.
Tuesday. 9.4.12 10:22 am
Look, my modules are back! Changed to a NuTang template so it'll be easier to navigate. Sorry, invis-y! I did use yours a for a long time. =)

May just be temporary. Will look over those modules when I have time. Which may be never. Or today. Or tomorrow. Who knows?

"Quick update to my closest, most treasured & irreplaceable ppl:

- I'm still in NY!
- to those in the city: we MUST meet up before I'm gone, got it?!
- I should be gone by October...ish.
- I am running low on cha-ching...any donations?! LAWL No, seriously. Nah, just joking! I need money. My bank account balance is a negative number with decimals. I'm never been so sad in my entire 22 years of existence... /exaggerated sobs used by drama queens everywhere/

Why does this post sound nothing like me?

To my fellow New Yorkers, call me! Or text. Or email. Or G+! Uh, the last two can apply to none NYers too...as well as other methods of communication. Oh, shoot! I haven't checked a certain place, have I? So sorry!!!

What the hell am I high on?"
--Today's post on my G+

I really meant that last question.^

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