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Age. 34
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Everything that ends in ish, Native American
Location , WA
School. Western Washington Univ
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i write these words on notecards
cause i have nothing better
but it's all the same feeling
as i read through your letters
"you're my rushmore"
well you're my waste of time
and you think you're such a nice boy
well boy you think too much
breaking hearts is out of style
but your comprehension lacks in grace
and he's got those tired eyes
"only a mother could love"
well i'm not your mother
but i loved them none the less

so where do i go from here?
i only ever wanted to be the lightning in your veins
so i could brighten your day
but things got cloudy and you ran away
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Friday, August 29, 2008
Damn Nails
I bite my nails ALL THE TIME. Not just because I�m nervous, or anxious, but for no damn reason. I have since I was little and I absolutely hate it but I can�t get myself to stop.

Uh oh, hair cut!
When I was in kindergarten about a week before we took class pictures and whatnot, I chopped off my own hair. My mom had been in the kitchen cutting my brother�s hair and I kept trying to get her attention but she wasn�t listening so I stole one of the pairs of scissors, ran upstairs to the bathroom, and chopped my hair into the most ungodly mess you have ever seen. We still call it to this day, my �Frankenstein� picture. Haha I really need to find it and post it for you guys.

I LOVE the Office. It�s my favorite show on the planet. I didn�t even start watching until this year, but I borrowed all the seasons from someone I know and caught up and it is the funniest/greatest show on television. And I know a lot of people are skeptical about it because at first glance it doesn�t seem like anything special but if you start from the beginning and really start to understand the characters, trust me you�ll love it.

Neon Signs Anybody?
When I see a Neon Sign with a couple letters out, I HAVE to say it. For Example, �Fred Meyer� if the r was missing in Fred, then for some reason I have to say out loud �Fed Meyer� Honestly? Don�t ask me why because I couldn�t tell you. It�s like OCD neon sign style.

Place Settings
I am a bit OCD when it comes to place settings at restaurants. I�ve kicked the habit a little bit, but still there are sometimes when I just have to straighten everything out to my liking. It�s so random though because at home I don�t give a shit.

The Cab
I�m really into this band called �The Cab� right now, they�re amazing so you should check em out, but anyway it turns out their guitarist, Ian, is from Auburn. Which is like 10 miles from me I think? It�s just crazy for me to think that wow, I could�ve passed this guy randomly on the street last year and not even known about it and now I�m listening to his music and seeing him in concert.

I have never farted at school. Ever. So I�m a bit freaked out now that at college not only will I be farting at school but I�ll also have to share a bathroom with other people and poop there too. Ahh

I kissed a girl?
So the song �I Kissed A Girl� by Katy Perry is undeniably catchy and I can�t help but like it but recently, especially with the release of Cobra Starship�s version, I Kissed A Boy, I�ve realized all the terrible messages it�s sending. I�m not saying it�s wrong to kiss a girl if you�re a girl or to kiss a boy if you�re a boy, but in Katy Perry�s version she�s almost poking fun at lesbians. She�s kissing a girl for her own curiosity not because she really means it and more in the �haha the boys are watching!� kind of way which is ridiculous. At least in I Kissed A Boy, Gabe Saporta straight up says he�s just trying to �start shit� and in the process of confusing the guy he�s also going to steal his girlfriend. It�s just more honest and direct rather than just provocative like Katy Perry�s message. Plus, have you heard that voice Gabe sings it in? Sweet Jesus.

Night Owl
I love sleep but I�m an insomniac. During senior year and even now, a lot of times I�ll go pick up my friend Jackie and we�ll just drive around Seattle at like midnight and go get Dick�s. (If you�ve never been to Dick�s, seriously buy a plane ticket or find a way to get to Seattle and go. Cause it�s amazing.)

So if I�m bored or my mom has an errand that needs to be taken care of I�ll offer to go and drive because when I�m in the car by myself I turn the music up really loud and sing my heart out. It�s my favorite thing to do ever. And I don�t care if people in other cars see how into it I get because honestly? It�s just so much fun. It�s like the one time I feel I�m really alone to just sing like crazy. I don�t even feel like I can do that in my own house.

Haha so uhh I still have the FWHS golf bag from last year in my trunk. I�m not supposed to keep it. I really want to go return it but I�m too worried Mr. Mac will be there and see me doing it and it�ll just be awkward.

I love making mixtapes. Well, I guess you can just call them mixes since they�re not on tapes anymore but still. I love to decorate the cd and give them crazy titles and to create them for myself and friends. The last one I made was for my friend Joanie because she just left for college in Vermont. I just think it�s fun to tell a story almost with a bunch of songs from random artists.

Nutang was the first blog I ever got. I�ve had it for so long it�s crazy but I think it�s kind of cool to be able to go back to old entries and read about how much of a dumbass I was haha

Shh, it�s a secret!
I legit have a secret blog. I haven�t used it much lately but it basically serves as my diary in internet form haha. I never really say anything bad in it but I do use it to vent sometimes and even though nobody knows about it, I still keep entries password protected because I have it just for me, not any other person whether I know them or not.

A dude in a suit? What?
So it�s weird. I can honestly say that every guy I have liked in my lifetime has been different. I just don�t really have a type I guess. But I realized that I love a guy in a suit. =| Which coming from me seems weird and unexpected but seriously? Ever since that scene in Spiderman 2 where James Franco is wearing that hot tailored suit I began to realize my fascination with it. Eleanor and I had a discussion about this one day and she totally gets it too so I don�t feel so alone haha.

When I laugh really hard, I wheeze. Yeah, I have a wheeze laugh.

I don't really know/talk to a lot of the people on here anymore so sorry if I tag some randoms or people who have already been tagged.

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eight is enough.
Thursday, August 28, 2008
Wow. Barack Obama is inspiring in a way that my words can't describe. I don't like debating politics or why I am a Democrat because I feel Republicans, just as I have my reasons for supporting Obama, have their reasons for supporting McCain. Obama gives me hope in my country and in politics that I can't say Bush, McCain, or any Republican has ever given me. Do I think Barack can accomplish everything he hopes to achieve? Honestly, no. But to know that he's going to at the very least try and run our country in the way I want it to be run, and try to accomplish the things I believe are important, and to try to fix and improve the mistakes that have been made in the past eight years, well that's good enough for me. Come November 4th, he definitely has my vote.

In other less political news, seriously if I never get to hear anything except this 30 second demo of "America's Sweethearts" by Fall Out Boy, I will murder Pete Wentz. Just sayin'.

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you could have it all, my empire of dirt
Friday, August 22, 2008
Life as of late has been pretty good. I still have a month until college but I already feel the summer dwindling away. Particularly since I had to say goodbye to one of my best friends tonight, as she's leaving for school tomorrow morning. I'm really tired and don't have much to say so I guess I'll sum stuff up pretty quickly.

I didn't think it was possible, but Warped tour this year was 10 times better than last year. Hopefully at this rate, next year will be amazing as well.

The basement will always be the place to see and hang out with good friends. I will always love that place and maybe one day I'll actually get through reading everything on its walls.

I finally visited Western for orientation the other day and got to stay in the dorm I'll be living in. Before I went my nervous to excited ratio was about 2 to 1 and now it's completely flipped. I can't wait to start my classes and meet new people because it seems like a really great place.

So yeah, this entry was pretty boring but I guess that beats being sad like the last one kind of was. I'm too tired to put much excitement in this haha. Oh! I'm seeing Jack Johnson tomorrow at the gorge so that should be fun. And there you have it, all the excitement you're going to get from me in this entry. =)

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give me reason
Saturday, July 26, 2008
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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good times last forever
Tuesday, July 1, 2008
All I really have to say is, I love my Friends, Sunday Nights, Basements, Crayons/Chalk, and Apples.

I'm sure a more lengthy update will come later.

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but i am such a mess
Saturday, June 21, 2008
So I checked my grades online yesterday and all my grades are A's or B's but it still says I have an F in college writing. Basically I freaked the fuck out because even though Ashe reassured me constantly that "Oh I've never failed a senior, why would I start now?" or "You have a B right now, why would you get any lower than that?" it's still a bit nerveracking to see an F amongst all those A's and B's and then left to wonder if you really graduated or not. She doesn't seem to understand that concept whatsoever. So I emailed her, but the only email account I have for her, is her school account so I don't even know if she'll check that or not cause it's summer. How the hell am I supposed to know if I passed this class? Wouldn't somebody let me know if I hadn't? And if by some chance I didn't, then I don't think I will graduate and that will mean going to WWU is fucked. God, I hope I'm just freaking out over nothing but I feel like I'm going to puke with worry. =(

On a lighter note, I watched Camp Rock last night and I liked it. There, I said it. Damn those Jonas Brothers and their hold over me.

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sit and contemplate your day
Tuesday, June 17, 2008
I hate being an insomniac.

I start babysitting my 2 year old cousin tomorrow..or technically today.
This sucks.

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so close and still so far
Monday, June 16, 2008
Well, I graduated. That feels so weird to say. I had wanted to get graduation over with just so I could get away from something or someone.. but now that it's over I don't know what to think. I think it just hit me that I probably won't be seeing a lot of my "friends" again. I mean you always have those friends at school, and then those friends that you actually hang out with outside of it. Well..now I'm outside of high school for good and I'm going to miss those who were in it with me.

Growing up is tough.

So I just downloaded AIM and am using it for the first time in about 2 years..I don't know who half the people on my buddylist are.

I don't think I mentioned in here but in the past couple months I saw Yellowcard and Amber Pacific in concert. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal because I go to concerts all the time, but these times were different. Why? I first saw Yellowcard in 9th grade with Megan Stokes and Brittany Shupein. I believe if you go way back in my entries, I have this crazy entry that I believe is in all caps because I was that happy afterward haha. It was my first real, small show. Then just a few weeks ago I also saw Amber Pacific. It was Matt's (the lead singer) last show so Katie and I spent the little money we had to go to it. We were pretty bummed though because Paul and Justin (who love Amber Pacific way more than we do) couldn't go because of the play. Well about halfway through the opening bands, we realized that they could probably get to the concert in time to see Amber Pacific so I text Justin to let him know. Needless to say when him and Paul got out of the play, they rushed with Eleanor and Bri to the show..rushed so much that they got a ticket on the way there haha. But they still made it and Amber Pacific were only about 2 songs into their set. It was awesome to see Justin Willis of all people go insane and just be so happy over one band's music. Anyway, I also saw them my freshmen year when they came to play at our high school. (They graduated from our school! How cool is that?) Anyway, going to these concerts felt like real closure for high school I guess. I mean, I started high school with these bands and I ended high school with these bands. And I know it sounds so dorky, but it would have been tough to make it through without them, especially Yellowcard (shoutout to the bitchfight with Brian's sister over them hahahaha) and I'm just happy I got to go to those shows and see them again. Alright, I'm done ranting. =)

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