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"Some books leave us free and some books make us free."
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Happy almost birthday to meeee!
Sunday. 12.26.10 10:13 pm
I am 19 on the 27th!! yayayayayay!

So it has been a while since i have updated. Just to catch you up on a few new things happening withhhh meeeee....

1. I have decided to commit to South Carolina Lancaster for my BA in nursing in a year and a half after I finish my two year science degree.

2. I finished my first semester of college with a 3.667..... I was super happy....and super glad to go on Christmas break.

3. Tyler and I are still together and very happy! we are approaching one year of being together on Feb 14th (yes he asked me out on Valentines day)

4. I am turning 19!! hehe so crazy!! I know this may sound silly but i feel reallyyyyy too young to be turning 19.

5. I got a new laptop for Christmassss! its wayyy awesome! its a Toshiba and its super awesome and i love it!

6.We rescued a turtle from our two dogs the other day and now have it in a box with water.... I named him Herbert.

So tomorrow Tyler is taking me to the mall for my birthday! and we are going to go shopping and have a great day! I'm so excited to spend the day with him! He spent the night over at my house last night and it was so cute!! I live with my mom and my dad was in town staying with us. So Tyler slept in my older brothers old room down the hall. He came in my room at nine this morning and woke me up very sweetly and rubbed my back until I wasn't sleepy anymore. He is such a sweet guy!!

Night Tangers!!

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Your big mouth and ignorance and pure stupidity annoys me.
Tuesday. 11.16.10 6:55 pm
So we had dinner with my boyfriends family and his uncles new gf.

Well i dont really like her. this is basically what she said

UG (uncles girlfriend): I think anyone who is sick and intentionally kills themself or lets themself die is going to hell. Thats my beliefs. No matter how much pain they are in its wrong to give up or starve yourself.


My grandpa was dying of cancer this past summer. He basically gave up the will to live and to eat and died slowly. I really did not appreciate this mouthy b*tch talking about things she does not know. When asked if she had family members die this way she said no.

When she goes through an experience like my family did then we will talk. You honestly can only take so much pain before you want it all to go away.

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And the lies go on and on and on
Friday. 10.29.10 3:17 pm
It is amazing to see how much my mother lies. Not only to other people but to herself too. for an example

She decided to quit smoking about a month and a half ago. We were all very happy about it (seeing as she had been smoking for 30+ years). So about two weeks ago she picked back up. Instead of admitting she started back again she says "i still quit i just have one or two now and then". However, she is smoking at least a pack a week and gets angry if you imply that she hasnt quit.

She is also spreading horrible lies about her ex husband. Things that are so wrong and false its ridiculous. There is no way that crap can be true. And if it is why tell anyone? Why stoop to that level?

Im so sick of all the bull$hit that comes out of her mouth.

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cold and rainy
Wednesday. 10.20.10 11:41 am
i wish i didnt have school

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/yawns....and opens eyes to a beautiful morning to hear..../
Friday. 10.15.10 9:00 pm
Water -_-

gallons and gallons of water pooring out from the wall in our pantry downstairs

Apparently a pipe decided to burst last night and very hot water was all over the downstairs floor at 6 30 this morning.....It was ridiculous..

So mom goes to work and mason goes to school (little brother) and I deal with cleaning up the mess calling the insurance company... dealing with the plumber and cleaning people and cleaning up the destroyed things in the house...

then i pull the bags of dog food out of the pantry and the bottoms fall out of them.....

-_- It was a rough day today

and so they are going to pull up the wood floors and dry them out tomorrow and then we are going to have to replace them and the wall

Positives about this situation... I met a very nice plumber who made my morning. Tyler was super sweet and brought me lunch and made me feel better. And I met some very nice damage control people who will be fixing our house

overall not a bad situation

:] you can always find positives in a negative situation

I promise... I have lots of experience doing it lol

going out with Shan and Laur tomorrow!!!! wooo im super excited!!!

right now im going to see Tyler and have hot chocolate with him

night tangers!

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Too young
Tuesday. 10.12.10 6:50 pm
Please before you read this understand I am not trying to offend anyone. If you are 18 or younger and you have a successful relationship and children and are happy more power to you! I love when people beat the odds that society places on them.

So today i noticed a girl i new in highschool is engaged... I was astounded by this for a few reasons. 1 she is only 17 at most (graduated early). 2 She has only been dating this boy for 6 months at most.

Tyler and I have been dating for eight months (on thursday :] ) and marriage is wayyyyy in the future. Now I know not everyone is like me. I know people find that specially someone and right away want to get married.....but whats the rush?

My gosh you are only a teenager why do you need to make that big of a choice when you have so many years ahead of you? now im not saying he isnt "the one" but if he is why the rush? why not live together and learn more about each other and spend a good portion of time together before you get married?

Im also not saying couples dont need to talk about their future. To me its nice to hear Tyler say he thinks we are going to have a long future together. It makes me excited to spend some great years with him. But marriage should be such a beautiful and meaningful thing why not think it all the way through?

You dont need a ring on your finger to make a lasting commitment.

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