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This Week on NuTang
Friday. 3.27.09 4:32 pm
This week on Nutang, dave worked his magic and members' sites were brought back to life! Hurray for dave!

And longtime member ikimashokie was interviewed by randomjunk:

How long have you been a Nutanger?

Forever!  maybe august 2003?  Yes, august 2003.

What kind of blogger would you consider yourself?

The kind that tells you everything and absolutely nothing.

Have you ever been attacked by bears? What about other animals dressed up as bears?

No, I don't think bears like me all that much.  Nor do other animals dressed as bears.  Dogs seem to come barreling toward my legs, though.

1. What do you think is one good idea that has been corrupted beyond recognition?

Television.  What was an awesome way to disseminate information has become a great way to watch people... be stupid. Or diversity.  Diversity is pretty corrupt too.  It starts off as "let's accept EVERYONE and all be friends!"  and turns into "HAVE THIS MINORITY or else you are horrible and racist/discriminatory/prejudiced and just plain wrong!"

People just look into these things too much, it's ridiculous.

Isn't it?

2. Do you believe there are any baked goods that should never have been invented?

Hrm.  I think I like all baked goods.  Though I guess if you mean just things that are baked, any casserole involving pasta or soup or mushrooms... :/ But as far as danishes and such, I don't think I've met a muffin I didn't like.

Heh... muffin... You know there are some pretty "interesting" doughnuts out there? I think I saw one with avocado on it the other day...

I don't think the doughnut shops around here like to do... edgy pastries. I haven't been to the local shop, but I'm certain they stick to glazed/crullers/boring.

Personally I think doughnuts can be disturbing enough without the exotic stuff.

It depends. Apple-filled doughnuts are the best, except for when they're sad and there isn't any apple. I was reading a review on Amazon the other day for the mini-doughnut maker, and apparently it's a horrible thing.  Though there was this guy who decided he needed to hack the maker with a 555 timer and some other stuff.

I had no idea you could hack... doughnut-machines... :S

I would have just returned it like everyone else...

3. If you could become Supreme Ruler of Nutang (let's say dave is passing on the torch), what would your first course of action be?

Fixing the problem with me not being popular. And I guess giving the baboons jaunty top hats.

I really don't know why there aren't any baboons on the island. You'd think there'd be at least a couple, huh?

They're hiding behind all of the people. Some are in the trees, they're waiting for someone to step out of line so they can fling lemons.

And all this time I never knew...

Yeah...  you'd better watch where you step. :/

4. What would you say are the craziest and most boring countries on Earth?

I guess North Korea could fit both of those. What with Kim Jong Il and his quirks, and then all of the pictures you see being brown and... occasionally fancy. I wrote a report on Namibia once, it didn't seem to be either crazy or boring. :/

And when I wanted to do one on Vatican City, my teacher told me there wasn't enough information.

It's got the Pope!  How isn't there enough information?  Surely the Pope must be a country in his own right.

I wouldn't be surprised if he was. He would be the only mobile country in the world... But I wonder who would live in....on? him?

Well maybe at least whatever is within a ??? mile radius would be his country. Or he could build a house out of bibles, and claim that as his.

Maybe all countries are equally crazy/boring. And since VC is the smallest, it has more crazy per sq. mi., and since the USSR is obviously the largest, it is the most boring, as it has less crazy per sq. mi. Though I guess once they broke up, the amount of crazy/sq.mi. would change, so the new countries would have the same amount of crazy.

Mathematical insanity... is... almost as confusing as plain old math.

It's what I do. :D

5. Do you think there are any words that ought to be pronounced differently? (Think weird spellings)

I once did a survey on how people pronounced "coupon"... kewpon or koopon.  I don't remember which one. Dave makes fun of me, as my southern-ness gives me a hard time with pen and pin. Maybe pin should be pen, and pen should be pEEEHHHHn. That would help. There's a place near home called Powhatan, pronounced pow-uh-tan, but I call it po-what-an. And people glare at me. There's this crazy debate on whether the local expressway is Pow-hite or po-white.  The black people call it po-white.  The white people call it pow-hite. But I think most words are pretty straightforward.

In NJ, there's a place called Monmouth.  Obviously it is mon-mouth, and not mon-moth. It has mouth in it! But Dave laughed at me when I read the sign. I'm not a fan of the phonetic spelling movement/joke, though.

6. What song(s) do you think will live on forever, regardless of quality?

At this point, I guess Never Gonna Give You Up will live on, just as one of those VH1 "back in the day"  sorts of things. Though I totally thought it was a decent song before Rick Rolling. I guess at some point they will do away with Xmas songs, for the sole fact that everyone knows that Xmas is the most awful holiday ever, and excludes so many people. Fame!  It's going to live forever.  It's gonna learn how to fly.

I've never actually heard the Fame song.

Neither have I...

I'm perfectly fine with that.  I don't much care for musicals.

7. Has being a Nutanger for such a long time taught you anything?

Well I guess that instilled a "if I don't want anyone to know it, don't post it"  policy when it comes to the interwebs.

Perhaps that favicons rock?  Or if you change your appearance, people will not recognize you.

I learned my lesson the first time i took advantage of the loophole, and discovered something scarring.  There's a reason entries are password protected. They are very emotional/controversial/messed up/whatever.

Hence dave's oh so helpful warning!

Yes! Take heed of it. Then again, those holes have been closed for quite some time.

8. What is the strangest first impression you have ever gotten about somebody?

Strangest, hrm. I usually get negatives as opposed to strange.  There was that reeeeeaaallly creepy guy that I walked past in a shop, that was traumatizing. I've met people who say like every other word, and like, it like gets annoying, you know?  I tend to write them off as possibly well-meaning people, but I should be wary of them.

Haha, I say 'like' a lot. Not so much online, as you may have noticed, but in speech it does come up a lot.

Yeah, it's a habit that gets picked up. I think it's from talking to people and needing something to break up your speech so they don't zone out. There are some people you talk to, and they say like every second, and their eyes are vacant, and it's really weird.  It seems like those sorts of people are trying to be cool or cute or something.

Around here we say 'like' when we're trying to think of what to say next. At least, that's what I do... sometimes...

Yeah, there's the "like, you know....."  think, and then there's just saying it to say it. I guess I picked up on it after living in an all girl dorm for too many years, and going to a high school full of people that liked to drop "like". Kinda like when you have a teacher with a quirk, and they say "y'know"  or "essentially" every five seconds, and you get distracted.

9. Best slang term ever is...?

Duuude! I don't know. I'm certain there's one I use like it's going out of style, but I couldn't tell you what it is.  I think I go through phases with them. Older ones tend to be more entertaining.  Like throwing the baby out with the bathwater, and crazy like a bedbug. Bedbugs are quite insane, you know.

I use "small town feel"  to make fun of places that want to expand, but whine about their small town feel (insert tons of stipulations) and then cause craziness when they let the expansion happen, but it is poorly planned, and makes the small town more like a half-town/half-cityish area.

Or maybe my ideas of slang are old and outdated.... I tend not to keep up with these new, hip, sayings.

10. Who do you think deserves to be interviewed next? And why?

Since you've interviewed yourself... I guess that won't work. I guess ranor would be someone to interview. He seems like an interesting guy. Or maybe helena or elessar. Or perhaps find someone that hasn't been on in forever. And interview them. You could use a random number generator, and go by usernumber. Though last I knew it stopped between 10300 and 10700. My cousin that I haven't spoken to in years, but has invited me to his wedding is number 1000.

Wow. Early signup.

Eh, I was 996 originally. >.>

Maybe you could find dean.  He should be interviewed. Maybe you could find dean. He should be interviewed. Or marcmang, or monkeymeister!

Hey, I actually sort of know monkeymeister. That would work, if I could somehow contact him.

Though maybe some people don't want to be reminded of their 'tang. :/

Ah, sadness.

You could do whoever the newest member happens to be.

Thanks for answering my totally-irrelevant-to-anything questions.

No problem. Thank you for asking them.

Who do YOU think should be interviewed next?

Always remember: Nutang is run by one person. Cut dave some slack!

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This Week on Nutang
Friday. 3.6.09 5:52 pm
This week on Nutang the Favicontest! was concluded. The winning entry is , created by randomjunk.

Always remember: If you don't like the winning favicon, you should've voted for something else.

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This Week on Nutang
Friday, February 27, 2009
This week on Nutang things went on as they usually do.

Nutangers spam the Newly Published Entries List with "VOTE IN THE FAVICONTEST, OR ELSE..." posts. What does it mean? It means you should vote in the Favicontest, that's what it means.

Always remember: No matter how bad the economy gets, the value of NuSTORE items never goes down!

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This Week on Nutang
Saturday, February 21, 2009
(Sorry it's late :( )

This week on Nutang we had no new sign-ups.

Happy birthday to members jinyu and Midnight!

Join other members and vote for your favorite favicon in the Favicontest!

Looking for something to do? Try recommending an entry (Click the link next to the Comment link at the bottom of a post). The PoPo has been pretty empty lately, let's try to fix that!

Always remember: Nutang is a nicer place when you pay attention to the ToS.

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This Week on NuTang
Friday. 2.13.09 9:36 pm
This week on Nutang we had two new sign-ups, unless the author of this post forgot how to count.

ikimashokie's Favicontest! is ending soon.

Valentine's Day is Saturday, spread the love-- but try not to multiply like rabbits.

jolenesiah and kevin14 dominate the Monthly Top Readings.

Want more traffic? Try pinging your blog. You can also do this automatically from your Account Informationhttp://www.nutang.com/nutrol.php?mod=account.

Always remember: Here at Nutang, the baboons love you so much, they're willing to work for you free of charge. Unless you're a hacker, in which case they probably don't feel the same way.

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This Week on NuTang
Friday. 2.6.09 10:08 pm
This week on Nutang we did not have any new signups, unfortunately, although we did have requests. (Remember, the link to the queue is in the thread Remember to Use the Invite Tool! )

The Most Active list gets back into whack. ThisCharmingMan's Photoshop contest is still awaiting entries, as is ikimashokie's Favicontest. bananaface's Girl Rules is alone in the PoPo.

February's interview is of yourcupoftea. Enjoy!

How long have you been a Nutanger?

Almost 8 months now.  I think the 8 month anniversary is coming up soon.

What kind of blogger would you consider yourself?

Hmm. Interesting question. I'm not sure if there are any key words. I'd say... More of a journal blogger. I suppose that would best describe the updates, the stories, the thoughts I expand upon.

Have you ever been attacked by bears? What about other animals dressed up as bears?

 ...Can they be bears on the inside?

In the figurative and literal sense, yes.

Well, my freshman year I was on the wrestling team and I always had to wrestle the coach who would, instead of using other moves, just bear-hug me. It was like getting sucked into a black hole. I guess that's a manifestation of a bear attack.
Sounds exciting.

1. If you could go back in time and change one thing about the world (like having the Spanish empire conquer the world instead of the British), what would it be?

Oh! I would ensure the survival of the Mayan civilization.That way they could explain quite a lot of things.

Anything in specific you'd want explained?

Well, I would like a more clear interpretation of the 2012 theory and I want to know about their thoughts of astronomy.

I will merely say "interesting" because I actually have no idea what you're talking about.


December 21th 2012? The Mayan "Doomsday?"

You must be more into history than I am... But hey, something to look forward to!

2. How would you feel if someone used your head as a teacup? Happy? Unhappy? ...Dead?

Well, that would depend on the type of tea. Green tea? Relaxed. Sleep Tea? Drowsy. Sweet Tea? Gleeful.

White tea, light and delicate? Or do the Snapple commercials lie?

White tea does nothing for me. They must lie!

It must be a conspiracy! Maybe Snapple is secretly run by tea-loving KKK members!

I'm sure decades ago, KKK members performed a event similar to the Boston Tea Party in which they dumped black tea into the ocean. But I have heard that they are admitting black Americans into their ranks.

Wow, I never would've guessed.

 I was surprised too. Apparently it is because of the illegal Mexican immigrants.

3. What do you think has the potential to solve the world's problems?

Ah, I base my thoughts on the hierarchy of human needs. First, adequate distribution of food and clean water. Secondly, shelter and security. And lastly, education.

4. What is your opinion on the infamous wedgie? Is it overrated?

I find wedgies to be rather uncomfortable for both parties. I mean.. what if they don't wash their underwear? Ew. What if.. they didn't wear underwear and you end up with flesh on flesh contact?

That could be awkward... Especially considering where you have to reach to grab hold of the underwear. Hopefully no one going commando is a potential target.

Imagine grabbing hold of a thong when you tried to wedgie.. a guy.

Literal butt-floss!

*shiver* No thanks!

5. Do you consider any part of life (past, present, future) to be more important than the others?

Neither is more important than the other. There is such a fine line between them. An unmeasurable unit of time.

6. If the ultimate pizza existed what would it have on it?

If I could have anything on a pizza? Actually... if I could have it my way.. a slice with only the pastry bread and sauce is perfect.

Minimalist, eh?

Well, kind of yes but it tastes great to me. I usually eat the pepperonis and cheese off the pizza slice first and then eat the pastry and sauce.

7. Would you rather own a butter gun or a toast bomb?

Hmm. The butter gun would have many more uses. Say.. if you had to make a quick escape and used the butter like oil slick. Also.. butter goes great on a lot of things!

I know I sure enjoy buttering tire irons.

o.o Why tire irons?

Well gee... why not? Doesn't butter make everything better? That's what Paula Deen seems to think, at least.

:3 I think butter could also fix creaking doors. If oil works on them, why not butter?


8. If you were a nut, what kind would you be? (We're all nuts, just different sorts)

Ooo tough question. Probably a Pistachio nut. They are an alternative fuel source for me.

Pistachios are pretty tasty. And green.

Green is my favorite color! I find too many Pistachio nuts make me sick.

Everything in moderation.

 :3 The Pistachios that are not open and cannot be opened without  tools or teeth.. those frustrate me the most.

I'm sure that pistachio nuts all over the world share your pain. And I apologize for that terrible pun.

:3 No worries.

9. How do you feel about blunderbusses?

O.o That's interesting because I recently watched Hot Fuzz and one of the characters shoots a blunderbuss.

I'm like a magic fortune teller!

O.o You could work as a gypsy. Have a crystal ball?

I could probably find one at Michael's or something. But anyway, back to the question!

I feel a blunderbuss would provoke more fear than cause pain. If someone aimed one at me, I would be terrified but it would probably miss. Or misfire.

Or blow your head off, depending.

Unless we were underwater of course.


10. Can you think of any mottos that are not at all applicable to real life?

"Reach out and touch someone."

O.o... I think that one is abused.

Yeah, that doesn't seem to have a firm root in reality.

I think it's AT&T's motto.

Creepy company. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to answer these questions that will potentially haunt you for the rest of your life.

:3 No problem. They won't haunt me too long. Except... the bear one.

And there, I'm not too surprised.

One question from my side. What... experiences have you had with bears?

My experiences have generally been pleasant, because the only bears I've come into contact with have been stuffed and plushy.

:O I have a giant white one. I used to pretend it was attacking me when I was young.

Wow you must've been some kind of deprived or depraved.

After all, it was maybe 4 feet tall!

...I take it back.

:3 What else would you do with a stuffed bear that big?

I honestly do not know...

Who will be interviewed next...? Probably ikimashokie. Wait and see!

Always remember: Tell your friends to join Nutang so we can take over the world!

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