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Nothing is going right for me! Grrrrr
Friday. 5.27.05 5:17 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Dogs, College, blah blah blah
Wednesday. 5.11.05 5:32 pm
Well a few things have happened recently...i spose i can go into detail some

Woof Woof
Alright well as you may or may not know my dog Bandit died two days ago i believe...its sad and i wish i hadn't have picked at her so much for being annoying...today my parents bought a new dog...they figured Klancy, the only other dog we have, needed a buddy...we got a male austrailian shepherd/lab mix and his name is Remington...i believe he's 6 months old...cute, lovable, playful, etc.

Okay so originally i was thinking of going to Sam Houston...and i'm still seriously considering it butttt...i just don't know...theres so many things to consider...i'd only be going to Sam because i'm cheap...i wasn't really impressed when i visited...one thing i didn't think of was that chances are i'm not going to stay in texas after i graduate so having graduated from a nationally recognized school would really help...its like one day i'm leaning towards Sam, the other towards Baylor, today towards UT...i just can't make up my mind!...but i have to and pretty damn fast at that...Baylor would definately be the best in terms of looking good on a resume but its so damn expensive ($32,000 a year)...UT just might be the best "bang for my buck" because its nationally recognized, a great school and its $18,000 a year...Sam is of course very cheap and still a good school ($5,500 a year)...thinking about it in terms of my GPA i think it would dip at UT and Baylor...as my brother put it though, i am an Anderson and that means we like being the best and being successful...which is true, it would kill me if my GPA dipped below a 3.0...i don't think it would get below that but i do think it would look better at Sam...its tough...i think basically i need to make up my mind within the next week...i mean if i went to UT i guess it wouldn't be too bad in terms of paying off loans...Baylor would be horrible when it comes to paying off those loans...i just don't know...i mean i guess it would be good to kinda get out there on my own...not live at home...i'll be just as anti social there though...we shall see

I still have two finals left and those are tomorrow...i know i did very well on my other three, economics, accounting, and computers...i have history and government left which shouldn't be hard...i need an 81% on my government final to have an A which is very doable...in history, i just need a great grade...best case scenario i'll have 2 A's and 3 B's...worst case scenario I'd have 1 A, 2 B's, 2 C's...i think i'll end up with 1 A and 4 B's...we shall see though

I need to work my ass off this summer...i applied to a few places but i got nothing so far...i went into Wendy's today and they said they would interview me on friday...if its anything like the last time i went there it basically means i'm hired especially since i'll work at any times...$6.50 an hour isn't bad i guess...$3,000ish by the end of the summer...every little bit helps...maybe i'll find a bag full of money on the street...maybe $45,000...that would be nice

Oh dear god i hate studying!!!

Someone shoot me now before everything gets even more complicated...if someone could just give me like a shitload of money all of my problems will be solved...well not all but a lot of them

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My Dog Died..I opened up too much here to share
Tuesday. 5.10.05 2:49 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Friday. 5.6.05 4:44 pm
I got accepted to UT Austin today...I must say, I didn't think I would get accepted to Baylor or UT...when i applied to both of them, i pretty much just did it for the hell of it...I basically made my decision to go to Sam Houston State but it makes me think twice getting accepted to those two...I'd be paying them a hell of a lot more money but how much better would Baylor or UT look on a resume than Sam Houston? And how much better is the education? Would i be able to handle something like that? I mean yeah, I rarely get C's and i've taken some tough classes but still, would it be too hard? Is it too much money? I just don't know!

Baylor: $32,000 a year
University of the Incarnate Word: $24,000 a year
University of Texas: $17,500 a year
Sam Houston (would be commuting): $5,200 a year

Pretty much double those amounts (maybe even more) and thats about what i'd be paying in total for my 2 or so years...every one of those is doable because i can get loans for the top three but on Sam Houston, all i have to do is work all summer and throughout the year on weekends and i won't even need loans...With Sam, 100% of their business majors get hired out of college, its a nice place, and like i said, if i commute i won't have to pay off loans when i'm out of college...its just, i know i'm gonna feel like crap because i passed up on Baylor and UT...should i feel like crap? Is it a really bad decision that i'm making? The main reason why i'm picking Sam Houston is because i'm cheap and don't want to pay loans off...I'm fine with going to either university but still...am i stupid for picking Sam over Baylor or UT because i want to save a lot of money?

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Pissed, Tired, and Hurting
Tuesday. 5.3.05 3:28 pm
Today i woke up pissed, tired, and hurting...pissed because two of my new shirts got bleach on them thanks to my mother...i'll make her buy me new ones...i already paid $30 to $40 for those two, i'm not doing it again...tired because i only got 2ish hours of sleep last night because i had so much homework...i got a lot done though...accounting project, computer project, and economics homework...right on schedule...hurting because i had the worst case of hiccups ever...i could not stop hiccupping for like 15 minutes...it wasn't just the light hiccups, it was serious no shit hiccups...killed me...at the moment i feel like a zombie...heres what i'm thinking...i'll sleep until 7, get food, eat the food, then start my two history papers at 9...do that until 1 or 2am...and i absolutely have to wake up at 8:05 am tomorrow...i always, ALWAYS, sleep until 9 am on wednesday's which means i miss half of my computer class but this time i need to wake up 8:05 am...if any of you would like to give me a wake up call at 8 am that would be great...don't worry, i won't be talking much, mostly just groaning with an occassional "uh huh"...so feel free to do that for me...i would do the same for you!...i'm gonna go pass out now...2 hours of sleep really messes me up...give kollin a wake up call at 8 am!!

X Kollin X (10:20:30 PM): is The Day After Tomorrow any good?
ZigJustice2021 (10:20:53 PM): err any good?
X Kollin X (10:21:12 PM): yes that is what i asked...lol
ZigJustice2021 (10:21:21 PM): any good for what
X Kollin X (10:21:42 PM): the movie man...hence why i capitalized the words
X Kollin X (10:21:48 PM): lol
ZigJustice2021 (10:21:53 PM): what movie
X Kollin X (10:22:24 PM): The Day After Tomorrow
ZigJustice2021 (10:22:57 PM): wtf are you talking about
ZigJustice2021 (10:23:07 PM): MAKE IT A COMPLETE THOUGHT FOR ME
X Kollin X (10:23:23 PM): lmfao...alright i'm done with you...no mas
ZigJustice2021 (10:23:35 PM): seriously
ZigJustice2021 (10:23:40 PM): just tell me your complete thought
X Kollin X (10:24:00 PM): alright...i'm pregnant...with your baby
ZigJustice2021 (10:24:40 PM): lol
ZigJustice2021 (10:24:41 PM): damn
ZigJustice2021 (10:24:45 PM): get an abortion
X Kollin X (10:24:58 PM): too far along
ZigJustice2021 (10:25:08 PM): lol
ZigJustice2021 (10:25:13 PM): i'll give you an abortion!

Ahh its conversations like these that just make my day.

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Turkey...oh so amazing turkey...i love thee
Sunday. 5.1.05 8:27 pm
ohhh man...i had turkey today...what a delicious bird...i usually only eat turkey two times a year...christmas and thanksgiving...you should have seen me when i found out i was having turkey today...its been quite a while since i've been that excited over something...i know, its sad, but its true...my mom is great at making turkey...so juicy and full of flavor...ohhh and then the turkey sandwhiches afterwards...the second i saw that thing all ready for eating i swear a light was shinning down on it with a chorus in the background...there may even have been a single tear going down my face...beautiful...just beautiful...

alright so i didn't have much to update about but the turkey really was good...i may have exaggerated a bit but still...its like one notch below seeing the Broncos win

Kollin says:
ohhh its like heaven on a plate
Zig says:
Kollin says:
ohh what time is it? oh its seconds time baby! yeah!!
Zig says:
Zig says:
Kollin says:
lol shithead
Kollin says:
this turkey is so good, i may write an entry about it
Zig says:
Zig says:
Kollin says:
Kollin says:
so juicy and full of flavor
Zig says:
lmao seriously man
Zig says:
stop your fagotry
Kollin says:
Kollin says:
whew i don't think theres room for thirds...pilled it on when i had seconds...i'll just wait an hour or two and have a turkey sandwhich
Zig says:

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