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There has never been a sadness that can't be cured by breakfast foods.
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a year later
Wednesday. 9.26.12 8:39 pm
A whole year has gone by since the last time I was on here. For Shame!

Things I have accomplished:
1)New *Full Time* job
2)Can knit with both straight needles and circular
3)Am now an avid runner

ok so that's it.

Things I plan on accomplishing:
1)Fire Spinning
2)Self Defense
3)Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon in Disney World

I've got a full year ahead of me!

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Sunday. 10.9.11 11:14 am
I very seriously need to write in here more.

Nothing amazing has happened in my life however.

Still working 3 jobs. The Museum, Subbing, and a comic book store.
While each of those jobs sound awesome in their own right...When I wake up in the morning I hate knowing where i'm headed.

The museum isn't terrible. I love the people, I know my job, i'm comfortable. What's not so great is that I've been there so rarely that I don't really know what's going on anymore. That means, I don't know new-hires, I don't know what gallery is coming or going I just feel out of the loop. So, it's really not bad at all....

Subbing is just so WEIRD. I don't think I was meant to be a teacher. However, I have been able to sub for the infant room. The district has a Learning Center where teachers or students with children can get basically free daycare. The infant room is ages newborn-1yr. There's 7 babies in there. I have learned how to hold them, take tempratures, change diapers, feed them and clothe them. They are much easier to handle for me. I haven't had a chance to work with the older babies though... oh well.

The comic book store.....*sigh*. It sounds awesome. It was AWESOME when I got hired on. It's more or less what I actually want to do. But the people inside bicker and fight and make scenes ALL.DAY. It's awful! One guy actually told me while we were closing together that my boss is looking for a reason to fire me and that my best bet is to start finding another job. This was after he got mad at me for not closing the store on time (while he and his D&D buddies didn't leave till 15 minutes after close...). It's become such a negative enviornment and such a drag to work there that I hate it. HATE IT. But the store itself is awesome and one or two other people are great enough that it almost seems worth staying.

I am however finally starting to look around for a full time gig. God willing, someone somewhere will want me. Pray for me!

Enough about jobs!

Tonight I am hosting Book Club at my new apartment! Aldo and I stayed up (mostly Aldo) till late decorating the apt to be halloween-y. The book we're covering is The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury. It was an AWESOME read and if you're intrest is even slightly piqued then you absolutely grab a copy of it. It's a very small book and the language is beautiful. There's also a cartoon of it out there. I watched it on YouTube so you can too! It's going to be a pot-luck so lots of different food. I'm making a Mummy Pizza Roll, and Sugar Cookie Candy Skulls. I'm hoping other people will bring stuff more along the food line and less along the drinks line...but we'll see how that goes. At least my couch is a pull out so people can crash if they need to.

Alrighty, we'll...i'm off to start cooking and stuff...

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this is how we do it!
Sunday. 9.4.11 10:40 am
So, with only two weeks to go until the company closes - I quit Borders.
They weren't really working with my schedule and all in all it just wasn't going the way I planned.

On the other hand, I now have ONE semi permanent Part Time job at my local comic book store. It's close enough to my new apartment that I can walk there in about 10/15 min. There's so much to learn! But, i'm finally in a place that I want to be. It's independent, it's a book store, they work ALOT with children and schools. This is the job that finally gets me the experience I need in the field I want to be in. Once I (finally!) finish up my schooling I'll have both! Not only that, but I've been told multiple times by multiple people that as long as I don't (basically) suck and do my job to the best of my ability that I will be up for a full time position. Plus, the looks on people's faces when you say that you work in a comic book store (and you're a woman...) is priceless. Whenever I have time off from the store, I pick up shifts either at the Museum or I substitute. It pays the bills.

I love my new apartment. My cat loves my new apartment. My dad came up to visit a few weeks ago and my mom sent up a couple of curtains, and a table! :) Since the table we've had a few game nights. It's been awesome. I'm thinking of possibly buying a new rug for the middle of the floor (beige, brown, blue?) and a fan. For some reason, my apartment doesn't have a celing fan in the living room area. I don't mind having lamps, but I like circulating air. So...a fan is what's called for.

Other than work, not much is going on. Elessar's birthday is at the end of this month. He's finally getting the tattoo that he's wanted for years, so today after I get out from work we're going tattoo shop shopping. He's also goiong to have a themed birthday "wild at 25". lol, He's getting the tattoo (wild!) then we're going to go watch the Lion King Re-release in 3d (lions, tigers and bears, oh my!), followed by dinner at the Rainforest Cafe ('cause you know...how much more wild can ya get?). I think it'll be fun. The next weekend, just a few friends are gathering to go camping in Oklahoma. Nice Birthday, right?

That's pretty much all that's going on right now.
Life is well. I'm working on moving up.

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My life is a job fair
Sunday. 8.21.11 10:27 am
long month.

I've worked 8/9 hours everyday for the past 3 weeks. I'm exhausted. However, once that paycheck comes, hopefully it'll be enough to put me in a place where I won't be stressing so much over money, and I'll have money in my savings.

At the current moment, I work at Borders helping them close down the store (1), The Museum as Cashier (2) Gallery Host (3) Call Center (4) and Museum Store (5) and I am being interviewed on Thursday to join the Membership Team (6), ALong with being a Substitute Teacher (7 though that doesn't really begin until monday...) and I also just accepted a job at the local comic book store (8).

Obviously, I need to prioritize my life. It's gotten to the point where my feet constantly ache and I don't remember who my friends are. Ok, it's not that bad, but the sake of my sanity I think I need to quit at least one or two jobs. What I'm hoping is that I'll keep the new Comic Book Store job (7.25 an hour) and the Membership job (9.50 an hour) and then be able to Sub on my days off M-F (65 a day). It'll keep me busy, but the contacts I'll be able to make through the membership depart will help me advance (hopefully) and the Comic Store job is more or less what I'd actually want to do with my life. My dream job is to open a children's bookstore one day. (...sigh :)...) Substituting is simply an awesome job and It's extra money. If I can't open my bookstore then my plan is to get into Grad School so that I can become a librarian somewhere.

So good things are happening. I'm working off my federal loan from school, I have 3 very good jobs lined up, and I'm in my own apartment that I feel awesome in. I'm simply stressed out right now from trying to keep up so many jobs. Honestly, i'm only keeping Borders on the meny because I'm hiding a book or two from myself and if I can keep working there for two more weeks, I can purchase a 30.00$ book for 8.50$.

Ah, well. Such is life.

On the other hand, i'm making progress on my dad's birthday afghan. I hope he likes it. Though it won't be nearly as done as i'd like it to be by the 23.

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