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Name: Emily
Age: 24
Locaton: Auburn, Ala.
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*I'm back now.*
Friday, September 12, 2008
I'm back. Finally.

I still don't have internet at my house, but I can get on at work. Because I have a job now, yaaaay. I work for an architecture firm. Currently I'm doing assistant work, but once things slow down here (the company just moved cities) I'll be the marketing coordinator. I get to design a website and logo and brochures and all that fun stuff.

I have a new home now. After being displaced for about two weeks I finally found a nice townhouse for Dagmar and myself. We'd seriously worn out our welcome at my sister's house. Now I live in a two bedroom, 1 1/2 bath. Two stories, very exciting! I still don't have a couch, cable or the internet, but that's fine. I should have all of that stuff by the end of the month. My job pays monthly, not bi-weekly so my first paycheck was only enough to cover my rent. I hope to have some pictures up of my place and Dagmar (he's gotten BIG) eventually. I just need to get my cable/internet set up. I'm pretty sure that the girl who lived in my house before was evicted, because it was a BITCH getting my utilities set up. She didn't pay any of her bills. I almost thought I'd never get my water turned on. Very lame. But it's all on now, and everything is fabulous.

I missed you NuTang. It's good to be back.

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*3 years*
Monday, July 7, 2008
Edward and I celebrate our three year anniversary today. That's a really long time. But it hasn't felt that long... I suppose that's a good thing.

We're going to see Wall-E and then get sushi. We're both too broke to afford gifts for each other, but I'm going to see about getting him a little something today as a surprise.

In other news, I had my job interview. It went okay. It's a sales job, something I am definitely not interested in. I'll probably still take the job if they offer it to me though. My sister did some networking for me at a Fourth of July party and I'm sending my resume to another company that needs an office manager/person with marketing experience. That sounds better than sales to me.

I'll keep you all posted on everything. I need a job soon, Dagmar needs all his kitty shots.

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*my plan*
Friday, June 27, 2008
So. Since a job seems like an impossibility right now, I've decided to find a retail job and a second internship. My friend has a house with a spare room and she offered it to me for cheap. So I guess I'll save up all I can, get all the experience that I can and hope for the best.

I really think a second internship that allows me to build up my portfolio and hone my writing skills is what I truly need. My parents aren't going to be that excited. They want me to move back home. Har har. I'd rather not thanks. It's not that I have a problem living with them. It's the fact that Decatur, Alabama is a MISERY. No friends, nowhere to go, nothing to do. And I'd probably have to find a job in Huntsville, which would mean a commute, which I'm not interested in. Not with gas prices as high as they are.

So yeah. That's my plan. I hope it works out. I always had this idea that college = insta-job. SILLY ME.

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*as promised*
Sunday, June 22, 2008
Here are some Dagmar pictures. He's a very nice boy with no tail.

He loves the game Pyramids.

His mother, Chloe, is a well fed Himalayan from across the street. His father, a stray (but loving) Manx that wandered onto Lakeview Drive one day. We named him Nubbins, because he had no tail. Chloe's evil aunt took Nubbins to the pound one day after she realized it was he who got her precious (NOT SPAYED) Chloe pregnant. At the pound, Nubbins was able to heroically claw his way to freedom by attacking a vet and escaping out the back door. We haven't seen him since, although we did look for him at the Humane Society. Luckily for us, while at the Humane Society, Edward met Jack, a large, 4-year-old, well-behaved tabby he had to have. Saved from the needle!

Now, back to Dagmar. He left nine brothers and sisters (Nubbins really got around) and is now happily living with me, terrorizing my sister's cats and attacking my feet every chance he gets.

And remember everyone: Always spay and neuter your pets.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008
I've gotten three rejection e-mails in three days. I'm ready to stop the job search, it's getting depressing.

But no, I'll press on. I have to get a job soon and move away from here. If it doesn't happen soon, my mind will be lost. I honestly thought I'd have a job by now, considering I started applying places in March.

AGH. When will it end?? The real world sucks.

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*long time no write*
Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Look who's a big girl!

Not my best picture.

Graduation was hot. But fun. I got a giant sushi dinner from my parents and prezzies from the rest of my family.

I also had my birthday. I'm 24 and old now. And would like a job please, thank you. I've decided I want to work for a nonprofit. I've applied to several in Atlanta including Teach For America and Make-A-Wish. Now I'm just waiting to hear back.

I got a kitten. Dagmar. I have a boy cat with a girl's name. But nobody even knows that Dagmar is a girl's name, unless they're Scandanavian. So no big d.

I think my sister just got home, so I'm out.

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