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On the floor: Tryouts
Sunday. 2.18.07 10:04 pm
Holding her thigh with my left hand with my right arm wrapped around her waist, I gently pulled until our pelvis touched and constant connection can be felt. With only a hear beat as the lead we went down into the sexual dip, pausing at the lowest point for the imaginary audience to enjoy.

Without looking, I noticed that we got stuck somewhere because we didn’t end up as low as I thought. Then I said the most innocent of all things: “Huh, why can’t we go lower?” (I use “we” here because this is the most approximate of expression. In Mandarin, there’s a way to address such things without pointing out who or what it is). She got pissed and left, leaving wondering what the heck just happened. Later, I’d find that I insulted her by saying she wasn’t flexible enough.

What did I do back then in my confusion? I just shrugged and waited 20 minutes for the next girl to show up.

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Zan: The peon
Saturday. 2.17.07 11:13 pm
This is a story from the story battle thread I wrote here:
"Let there be light!"

The crescent shaped light brought the sizzling pain to his slumbering mind. "It hurts" was his first thought. "What's hurting?" the second.

He feels people pulling him up, with cold and merciless jerking at his vulnerable arms. In the distance, dogs are barking and howling to a symphony of the damned. Although these ruffians are giving him a rough time, he did not howl in pain for pain is merely registered. It isn’t a feeling anymore. The world seems alien to him like he’s some sort of a new born alien, waiting to be held for the first time by his green mother. Yet at the same time he possesses understanding of an adult. He just can't make sense of it all.

He can recognize the Kevlar plated vests and shotguns that the mercenaries are wearing. Along with a few flame throwers primed for his head, little devilish flames dancing impatiently for the trigger to be pulled. This is big, very big. And he is part of it yet it all seems so surreal.

A petite woman emerges from the shadows of the mercenaries in order to stare him in the face. “Is this my mom? Am I her baby?” Still suffering from the vertigo feeling he tried to hold his gaze steady in order to have a better look. But before he can do that, he hears the crisp sound of hands slapping his face and the burning crescent moon twirls on.

"This is an old one, so you better make your question clear and simple." The petite woman said before a younger and manly voice joined in with a monotonous tone: "Did you, John Edward, had incest with your sister who gave birth to a bastard son called Chris?" ... A long silence ensured and the monotonous voice repeats: "did you...." "Yes" he replied, no reason than to make the bastard shut up. Little did John know, that he just sealed his fate and that of several others.

"That's a night boys, let's wrap it up." The petite woman said and blasted John's brain with the shotgun on her back. John never saw that coming, but he can still hear them after his visions went black.

"Here's the payment for animating the corpse... do you need a ride home An..." The voice got cut off as more shotgun bullets tore through every part of his body to be eventually toasted to ashes by the flamethrowers.

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This is just a test
Friday. 1.12.07 2:16 am
Testing links.


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