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Monday. 8.20.12 4:18 pm
School is engulfing my very essence at this moment. Ugh, I am TIRED. I had to do some course switching to have the right things at the right time and now I have my Anatomy and Physiology which is literally costing me the better part of $1,000 in books and supplies. On the interesting scope of that, I will be getting a cow eye and sheep brain in the mail pretty soon.. The class itself is more expensive too because it's more credit hours because it's the class and the lab. I also have an over-zealous communications professor and I've already had to make a video of myself talking about myself to put in our internet classroom and share with the rest of the class. SIGH. It literally took me an hour to make a 45 second video.

I drank a 5 hour energy about 30 minutes ago and I'm falling asleep trying to type this. I'm tired.

Little man is officially enrolled in the coolest pre-school ever. They do a co-op with local farms and almost all the food they serve comes from there. They also can/jar so they have stuff for winter. They also have special classes they rotate in with the regular stuff that include spanish, french, science, music, yoga, sign language and maybe one or two others. I will officially have 2 entire days to myself every week to work on school work / house work / running / whatever I want/need to do. The concept makes my brain want to explode... and also my heart a little. I'm sure he will do better than I will with it and I will be sure to maintain composure until I'm out of sight/hearing range.

I think I'm going to see how easy it is to nap on 1200% of my DV of vitamin whatever..

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Bob Ross
Thursday. 8.9.12 4:17 pm
This made my flipping day!!!

Real blog coming later...

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Hello August!
Friday. 8.3.12 3:11 pm

I can't believe it's already August. This year seems to be flying by, I sure hope it isn't racing to the end lol. School starts in 10 days. Job hunt in 30. Little man will likely start preschool around the beginning of the job hunt. Most of the summer has seem so laid back and slow paced but the past couple of weeks have just been a blur.

I got sunburned this week, which practically takes an active effort on my part if it's after May, so maybe it's just making me feel super tired. My friends parents have an in-ground pool and they live right down the road from me so we hang out there as much as possible. This week there was a hole in the liner so we were out there for an entire day scouring every inch of the pool, it was a hell of a work out really. It was also pretty fantastically fun. One of my favorite things in the entire world is being able to open my eyes underwater so getting to search all over a pool like that was like my 6 year old self's ideal day. AND little man got to swim with her kids and nephew all day and they have a great fenced in yard with a big fort/slide/swing thing and a covered porch, so we all got some fresh air and energy burned off. We actually went back all day the next day just to hang out again. It's nice to be with good friends and just enjoy life.

My brother and his girlfriend came and stayed their night on their way to MS. My brother bought an insurance company and is going to be able to move back where all our family, and his ex-wife and son, live. He's so excited for it and I'm really happy for him as well. It was so good to see them and I had a days notice so I busted ass and cleaned my house from floor to ceiling and cooked a huge delicious meal so today I've just been able to relax and enjoy my day with little man. It's been very nice. Oh and they showed up with 3 bottles of wine, so last night was pretty nice too lol. We just sat around eating BBQ, drinking wine, and watching the Olympics. I really miss my family, especially my brothers.

I have an open blog with my next part of the Nutangian challenge but I'm having a really hard time with it. I'm gonna do it though.

Oh, I also think I've decided what I'm going to try and pursue with school, dental hygienist.

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So I'm kind of excited..
Friday. 7.27.12 7:28 pm
My bestfriend and I are going to a big, fancy, swanky night club tonight. AND it's lady night so we won't have to pay a cover and they'll have super cheap drinks. AND I helped her on one of the houses she cleans on the side so I have spending money that doesn't take away from the family budget. I have manicured and pedicured myself and flat ironed my hair and everything. I am pretty damn excited lol. I hardly ever fee young anymore and tonight I get to just be carefree and walk around downtown and dance and have a good ol' romping good time. HELL YES. I have needed this. Sorry if this is all choppy and blabbery. I bought myself a bottle of wine because the boys are out of town until bedtime so I'm a touch tipsy. I hope the play the Ellie ?? song lights. I'm not a big fan of her in general but I think I would enjoy dancing to it. I better go figure out what I'm going to wear. I'm harassing my partner in crime about running behind so I better have my clothes out for discussion, she made that clear lol. Oh man, wine & blogging...

I'm just procrastinating.

I hate digging through my closet. Our apartment is in a 120+ year old house and I have to use a step stool to get in the part of the closet I need in.

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Tuesday. 7.24.12 7:49 pm
God sometimes I just feel like I suck at life.

I want to just rant and rave but I don't even have the energy. I'm tired of feeling like anything that upsets/bothers/hurts me is my fault because I'm the one upset/hurt/bothered.

Ugh. I'm so lonely and so stuck. I need a friend. And a job. And a break. Ugh.

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Lemonade Cream Pie
Friday. 7.20.12 2:11 pm
So I'm sure it's just friendly conversation but a few people on here have expressed some interest in my (almost) award winning lemonade cream pie and since it's the easiest recipe ever I thought I'd share.

2 packages instant lemon pudding
1 package peach jello
8 oz non-frozen cool whip (more if you want to top/decorate with it)
1/2 cup Milk
Pie crust

Mix dry ingredients together first, then whisk in milk and cool whip. Whisk for about 2 minutes or until the mixture looks more pale yellow and less yolk-like and the mixture gets thick and hard to mix. Fill pie crust and refrigerate for at least two hours. Top with cool whip and serve! When I make it for parties/contests I like to put a couple spoonfuls of cool whip into a frosting bag and make pretty piping, which also comes out to ideal rations of cool whip per pie piece.

Let me know if anyone decides to try it!

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