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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I was washin my car a few days back and when i wanted to get more water from the tap, i saw this lil one-legged grasshopper on the floor and what caught my attention was the incomplete look of it. what's so incomplete bout the hopper u may ask. well the hopper has only a leg!i was amazed by what i saw and i snap a pic of it and for a moment i felt kinda silly to be takin pic of it but then this lil thought in my head was telling me this is like some photographers hunting for some wild life in the suburb of Africa for the National Geographic. :P

i do wonder will the grasshopper even feel like how a disabled person would when they wanna move from a place to another? and i cant stop wondering, wht happened to the other leg? did the grasshopper met some cruel human in its course of travelling? anyway i do hope the lil hopper doesnt loose another of its leg.


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Monday, December 1, 2008

Its been a while since i sit and enjoy a game of soccer. Think the last time i actually sit and watch was the previous world cup. Man it was definitely once exciting match!

Last night i dragged the one sitter sofa and sat down next to my bro and watch this soccer match on ESPN, Chelsea vs Arsenal (Live). I'm not familiar wht the latest line up so bro was fillin me in wth names like , Deco , Denilson, Adebayor, Clichy , etc. I'm more familiar wth the old line up, Bergkamp, Anelka, Henry n so on. I gotta say the goals Persie made was beautiful! Sharp and precise, especially the 2nd goal! The way he turned his body and scored that goal, it was the perfect combination. But sadly before the game ends, i fell asleep on the couch!

While i was watchin that match, it reminded me of the times when i was in Club Med, Cherating wth a group of friends. It was definitely one memorable trip i had. Up till now i do miss the feelin off playin soccer wth the rest of them! Since there were quite a number of us, we decided to have a friendly soccer match. This time around its the mix team where boys and girls would be playin. So of course the boys being boys, thought that all the girls present at that time know zilch bout soccer. They were so wrong!

We might not know all the rules and we might not know how to juggle or do a bicycle kick and so on, but we definitely know how to defend and keep the ball on our ground. Some girls were jst too, i would say girlish to wanna participate in soccer, so it left a few of us to be in the team.

The boys showed us how to pass the ball , how to kick, which position should our leg be when we pass the ball to another team mate and so on. Then its time for the position assignment. The boys were so eager to be the strikers and midfielders so there was only positions of defenders left. I was the left wing. Some actually told me that i need to be able to kick wth my left leg to be on the left wing but i couldnt care less bout it, wht's important is that i play my role well and each team members play theirs.

So we'd like a day to practice before the real match. The concept is somewht like the world cup where the winner will proceed to the next phase to face the next opponent and so on. So finally we managed to get to the final. Boy! It was really exciting! the group of people cheerin for us, the team work and team spirit were jst overwhelming! That particular match was crucial, so everyone on the team was so tensed up and some started to let emotions took control of them. But thank god for our goalkeeper, also our leader, he managed to calm everyone down during our two minutes break.

I definitely enjoyed myself the most in this soccer match despite knowin how much some guys will jst give in / "give face" to their opponent simply cuz they are girls in order to prevent injuries and so on but this particular opponent, a striker, i dont really know him well , the way he was running wth the ball towards me and tryin to score were just amazing! why? for the fact that he didnt give a damn that im a girl and the he gave his full force when he kicked the ball towards my direction, treating me like im one of those guys, but thank god i managed to block it wht my upper thighs and due to that he failed to score. man! that kick was definitely one hard one, my upper thighs were red-flushin from the hard kick and i was in pain but that doesnt stop me from defendin any attacks that was aimed at me.

Our team managed to scored a point from the free kick and wht i was proud of was that this free kick was done by a girl! way to go girl! I heard the other team boo-ing at her cause they dont think she can score and she proved them wrong! Later on, our two snobbish strikers scored another 2 goals, one each, and the result was 3-2. though we won by jst a point but it was one good team work there! then only at that time i truly understand and know how those footballers in the field feel when their team won!

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

I actually thought that Iíll be able to pig out on my sleep since Iím done with my last paper and no more studying for now till the semester starts but I was just to awake to even head to bed. I didnít want to just lie down there looking at the ceiling and start counting sheep!

Since Iíve got like a few episodes of Heroes to catch up, I finished up 3 episodes of season 2 last night and at bout 3am+ I went to shower for I was feeling a lil warm. After that I listened to some songs and head to bed after that. By the time I was in bed it was already 4ish and I suppose to get up at 7 for the morning market with my mom but I didnít! What a pig right?! Mom actually came and woke me up at bout 6.45 and I actually thought I was dreaming! Lol... I even dreamt about me arguing with my mom over some sweet potatoes; bought some last night when I was at the hypermarket. I shall get myself really tired today so that I can sleep like a dead log tonight.

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Family Time
Friday, November 28, 2008

Finally Iím done with my last paper. I would say it was pretty easy comparatively to the previous 2 papers I had. It was weird that when I was walking outta the main gate of my college to my car, deep inside me was actually smiling; that kind of smile where my friend would call it the heartwarming smile. That pure happiness I felt, itís been a while since I had that feeling and it was really great! Even I can feel myself smiling without me realizing it. Not only that, I was even feeling the joy of finally being able to just relax and visit some bookstore to hunt for my two most wanted novels.

Today was a pretty packed day for me. After lunch at home, I took both my mom n bro to this somewhat new, but not so new mall over the mainland (am staying in the Island). We walked around, shopped a lil and both my mom n bro got themselves each a top. It was definitely good to see them all smiley and itís been a while since I spent some good time with them. I almost forgot how good it feels to be able to spend time with my family members. After the shopping sessionís over, came back home n chill a ill while before driving the whole family n this include my 90+ years old granny out for a family dinner. I picked her outfit for her and somehow I miss doing that. I used to kinda love to mix and match my grannyís wardrobe for her when I was much younger and today when she wanted to wear a blue top and I told her that she should not cuz it doesnít go with the bottom. It feels like I was travelling back in time. Over dinner, I couldnít help but to look at her when she eats and I canít stop myself from putting more food on the plate for her. All of a sudden I feel bad; I feel some form of guilt. Lately, Iíve been so into my stuff, busy with exams and somehow I kind of neglected spending time with her, even the simple task like sitting beside her and talking to her or get her fav breakfast for her. I suppose I can make it up to her now that Iím officially off college till Feb. The jam back home after dinner was crazy n the slight drizzle didnít help at all. What worse were more cars broke down and people got into accident and those nosy passerbies just gotta slow down their car and look and try to figure out what happened and so on which cause the movement of the traffic freaking slow! Stop looking and being nosy and move those cars already!!

I actually thought dinner was like the last destination but after we got back from dinner, me n bro went over to the nearest hypermarket and got some groceries. N now feels like just the right time to pour some low fat milk and add a few tablespoons of honey cereal on it!

Thatís not all, my ex, which is married by the way called again in the afternoon. I didnít bother to answer it and I have no idea what else he wants. Stop it already! Canít believe my bro actually wanted/encouraged me to pick up and find out what he wants. Brute honesty, I donít give a fuck on what he wants.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

After a long hours of buryin myself in the book, i decided its time to get online and relax a lil. It was definitely a good time to be online for i was able to talk to some online friends ive not talked to for ages. I came across these orignami so i thought i'd share it.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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Midnight Hunger
Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Time now's 1.57am and im not sure why am i all hyper n hungry at the same time when i should be in bed tryin to compensate for last night's lack of sleep. Its definitely not the weather, unless if u're talkin bout cold/chilly weather that makes one hungry than i'd agree on that other than that i thought this kinda weather will induce and somehow lullaby one to sleep.

I'll jst go lie down on my bed or better still pick up my thick text book and start studyin for my last paper! which i kinda doubt when all i have in mind right now's peanut butter! lol.. now i cant wait till breakfast. perhaps i can have some scramble and marjerin toast wht cheddar cheese... yummy ... now i should seriously stop temptin myself before i head to the kitchen and make some "breakfast"...

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