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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
Thursday. 6.3.04 8:14 am
"Look i did not sign this contract! my manager did! he is not authorised. i want to talk to the person assigned to this case. Tell u what i'll come down to your office to talk things out." -11.50++am

"there's someone at the recept to see you" 2.10pm

shit. so fast! omg how? how? my supervisior push mi to handle the case ALONE! hello~!!! i'm an attachment student..... newbie.... cai niao~ wat the.... arrggghhhh.....

geez... NV thot i would have to bring in my law module. basically. the fella dun have a case. the manager was acting on behalf of the company.. karoake lounge no less, the contract was signed by the manager. yes, apparently he was not authorised. but if i remember correctly, this goes under the agent laws thingy. if we are under the impression that the manager is authorised, the contract is valid. somemore they paid the first installment that means they have accepted the terms of the contract right? den, its a partnership so one partner sign the other partner is also held liable. hmm..... not sure if i'm right but think so lahzzz~lolzz

either way, they really abandon mi to handle the enraged. irate and very scary client! omg~ stressssssssssssss! talked to him from 2.10 to 3.30, but nothing came out of it. he totally switch off as to what i say.... onli insist that he did not sign the contract and did not authorise the contract and he wants to see the contract. which of coz cannot show him, coz he realli din sign. guess what the manager told him? the manager said the other partner signed. which is a lie. the manager did. i was totally stressed out, but think i din't handle it toooooooo badly. At least i was coherent and did not end of a blabbering mess of jelly. at least did let the person whu came down understand that there is no way he can get out of and will have to pay irregardless. life sux. i'm not claiming all the credit, mi and the client talked for half hr pluz pluz and we went for coffee break...hahazz... he needed to call the manager to clarify things and when he got back, i got my supervisior to go talk to him together with mi. but he was already prepared to drag the manager down to negotiate tml to pay when he came back.

TML: negotiate with the lying manager. possibly with the client towing him in. STRESSSSSSS!!!!!!!! jialat, my supervisior may not be in tml, that means i HAVE to talk to them. arrggghhh... tml den see how....

say what train mi, wat want mi to gain experience.. rubbish..... say i can handle.. say i can be firm.. his head lah! went as far as to say i pillar of society in future.. like.. huh.... he seriously think too much siaz......... say all these praises dunno got wat motive...make mi do more work.... arrrrgggghhhh~~the burdens of being good.... kaoz.... pukes.. lolzz.... kidding~!

btw, i got pay le!!!! dunno how they calculate but as long as i got more then wat i calculated can le~! whahaha! muz wait till ard tues den can get the money assuming i bank in the cheque tml. so! anyone for sushi?? i miss sushi so much!!!

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What if-Coleridge
Tuesday. 6.1.04 7:47 am
What if you slept? And what if, in your sleep, you dreamed?
And what if, in your dream, you went to heaven and there plucked a strange and beautiful flower?
And what if, when you awoke, you had the flower in your hand? Ah, what then?

- Coleridge

hmmm... what den? if u woke up and found sth u picked up in a dream beside u? or someone in your dream comes strolling thru the door with breakfast? ahem~ i mean good dreams.. hahazzz...

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