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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

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Durians! Chocs!Chix Rice!
Thursday. 6.10.04 6:55 am
mood: happy drowsy
listening to: MLTR Take Me to Your Heart (Chn:Wen Bie by Jacky Chang)
watching: my back

Given my current diet consisting of durians, choc milk, co co krunch, satay, mamee mee, chicken rice and the likes downed with coca cola, guess its no suprise that i'm sick (and fat). Whaha~

Din go to work yest. it wasn't intentional i swear. Got 2 reasons: 1) woke up VERY late, 2) wasn't exactly feeling in tip top shape... wat the heck.. i'll just go see doc. Doc gave mi this big glass bottle of cough medicine and some tablets for flu and sore throat. took 1 1/2 hr ++ wait but what annoyed mi most was that even though i wasn't in a dress, it doesnt make mi a guy! geez... hah.. think u all dunno what i'm talking abt. I went to polyclinic.. those that print out your particulars on stickers. guess what... some how, i'm "male". humph!

O~ its the durian season! one of the top 5 most lovable seasons of the year! here's the official list

1. CNY~ aka goodies season
2.Durian season
3. Moon cake season
4.tang yuan season
5. rice dumpling season

ya.. all food related! whahaha... lemme know if i missed any impt seasons.

TODAY: think the medicine made mi so drowsy....... almost fell asleep on the train. hmmm... to be more accurate.. i did doze off... standing up... shag... so now i'm gonna finish my bowl of koko krunch (thats dinner) and log off... read a bit and sleep! Now reading Cold Mountain, finally done with sophie's world.... whu else read it? SW made mi so mind boggled, need to read again.. haha

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Copy right Breach- CAUGHT!
Tuesday. 6.8.04 7:57 am
Miss Audrey Tay copied and pasted my entire entry (the credit card one) in her blog and made the following comments --> Yanping seems a bit agitated.. lOlz. =x In my opinion, i felt that when we reach a certain stage of marriage, there will be times whereby affordability is no longer a issue. Perphas it's a issue of "whose-money-i-am-spending". i also believe that when we reach that certain stage, marriage aint abt love anymore. Love might/ might not cease. It depends. And at that point of time, perhaps women will use how much their hubby spend on them as a measurement of love? I dunnoe. =D And gerl.. of coz u spend wat u earn.. First, You are financial independent Second, You always spend till ur pocket has a "hole".. lOlz Third, Try enaging urself with "one more party".. and u will know ur money aint urs only.. bleahz .. =p
First i need to carify: I was not agitated when i made that entry. lemme show u wat agitated looks like: ahem ahem........" wat on earth are you thinking! credit card cards are meant for the financiallly independent! NOT to wait and wait for bloody gazillions of years for the poor broke husband to scrape himself together to give You a credit card! Get one yourself, DUH!" 2nd pt: to remind miss tay, i've been RETRENCHED... i'm not financially independent anymore. so, if u see good openings, plz help lemme know so that i can go look for work and stop harassing u all. 3rd: if how much the husband spend on u is a measurement of anything.. its time to get out siaz... hmm.. not advocating divorce. aiyazzzzz best thing is juz dun get married and save all the hassle lah!

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