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Welcome to the Merrick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

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.:....:.Finally over.:....:.
Monday. 6.28.04 7:42 am
Finally got the presentation thingy over. possibly one of my worst. ranking 3rd behind the uccd thailand presentation and the tqm debate. Que sera sera~ what ever will be will be~ whahaha~! Now i've got to settle the report. haiz. shagged. due on thurs. but never fear, coz yp is here~ lolz. i've completed 2/3 of it today already. just need to finish up with some recommendations and conclusion. boss disappeared for the whole day again. whahaha~ seriously dunno how is he gonna grade mi siaz. hardly see him in a week. ate cup noodles today. coz i pang seh the childish woman, and went out to eat anyway. so now i've got cup noodles in the office cupboard that i've got to clear. see lah~ mafan!

had a big fight with my mum yest. read, smashing things and slamming doors. anyway, i need a SERIOUSLY need a job. kindof in the same situation as Pinky now. I've flipped through the papers but most are closing their applications these few days. shag. worse comes to worst i go work in KFC. sheesh~ plz plz plz .. any kind soul with part time lobang plz let mi know. esp since classes end at 3 on wed, thurs and fri. i'm sure i can work something out. plz help, v despo for job.

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.:::YES~New template AGAIN:::.
Saturday. 6.26.04 9:04 am
whahaha~ i seriously got too much time on my hands...or rather i should say i should get a life. whahaha~ read the entries when it is still at the dark red area. makes reading easier. lolzzz. i know its not CNY yet.. but i saw this background and i just wanted to use it.. common affliction amongst blog skiners i guess..lolz.. anyway~ anything u think needs to be changed eg: colour of sth...plz tell mi and i'll see what can i do abt it. i need to vaccuum the house.. so dirty around here you would believe it to be deserted for at 3 months le.. geez.. but i'm procrastinating~ heez.. O and my birth cert apparently disappeared. shagged... i'm pretty sure its not with mi.. but my mum says it is.. so now i've got to overturn my monumental stacks of papers on my table and shelves to hunt for it. haiz. i'll do it but thats work. and its against my principle to work on sat. there's always TML~! lolzz.... just realised my frens bday is coming up... 02/07 to be exact and i haven't bought her anything yet~!!! jialat~ broke somemore... haiz.. think she is organising a chalet for her b day at sentosa. sianz.... fer those who have been reading my blog earlier might rem that mentioned this woman who is so posessive? for those whu don't juz know that we've fallen out. anyway this woman is a mutual fren of the b day ger so she'll be going most prob. i hate to be the one doing the avoiding but just thinking of the politics involved is really dampening my spirits. hmm~ since i have legit reasons for not turning up, i guess i won't go. haiz...mi low eq.. bo bian.. frens are few and far between~~ sobz~ lolzz! seem to get into conflicts with pple quite often so i think the prob lies with mi. SO, if there is any thing abt mi that pisses u off~ plz tell mi so that i can improve to be a better person yada yada yada~

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