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Monday. 5.3.10 8:41 am
applied for first apartment yesterday. i have to send over my last two pay stubs via fax around 915, then we will know for sure!

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Friday. 4.30.10 1:02 pm
i came home from work yesterday, and my sister was sitting in front of the tv with her laptop and her mac both open and operating on the coffee table. this saddens me. she had the day off yesterday, and i'm sure that she just sat at home and did this for the majority of the day. what a shame.

she just bought an iPad. i guess that's cool. but what, now she is gonna sit in front of the tv with her two laptops and her iPad. that can't be good for our electric bill.

her and i are supposed to (separately) be moving out come august. and she's wasting money on a piece of equipment she doesn't need. i guess two computers and an iPhone isn't enough to satisfy some people.

so stupid.

me? i'll be saving my money for furnishings for my soon to be new place to live. i can't keep clothes in an iPad, or cook on top of an iPad. here you go, shredder, here's $500. what's that? i can do WHAT now? access the internet from ANYWHERE YOU SAY? oh, i have a smartphone for that. and a computer. FUCK iPad.

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Thursday. 4.29.10 12:48 pm
so middaymoon accidentally accepted my NWF battle. i guess we're supposed to replicate a music video? sounds complicated. i'm game.

i just had this customer in my office for like, EVER. he was asking me questions first about power of attorney, then about IRAs. ugh.

...i would go into detail about what i explained to him, but i think i might fall asleep blogging if that were the case.

i have to do some yardwork this afternoon. however, after that, i believe ames and i are gonna go get some pho! mmm. if you don't know what pho is, you can find out, here.

that's not actually a link. you can google it.

yes, i do that a lot with links. to find out why, click here.

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Tuesday. 4.27.10 9:25 am
so this is pretty funny.

a friend of mine saw the sandwich video that i made, and liked my editing skills. so i got hired by [insert name of company that she works for] to edit a 90 minute fitness video. i knew that eating that nasty thing was worth something!


i may end up doing this editing on a weekly basis for [insert name of company that she works for]. ohhhhh yeah! i may be reading that wrong though. oh well. easy.

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Monday. 4.26.10 8:59 am
songs i'm working on learning:

dear june by nickasaur
pinball wizard by the who
lucy in the sky with diamonds by the beatles
lose it by cartel
i've just seen a face by the beatles
bad romance by lady gaga
how does she know by amy adams (from disney's enchanted)

yes, it's quite a mix.

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Friday. 4.23.10 5:19 pm
it is approximately 5:19 PM on friday, april 23rd, 2010, and i am about to go nuts.

i haven't had a legit customer in the past few hours, and i have to remain here for at least another hour. this fucking place is so boring on friday evenings.

i've pretty much been sitting on facebook/nuTang all day today, chatting with people every now and then, but mostly just staring as the status updates scroll by. i wonder how i am supposed to keep up with the two hundred some odd friends, and how those with 800 to 1000 friends on facebook could possibly (a) know that many people and (b) keep in touch with all of them.

every person on my facebook i either personally know or know from nuTang. why would i be friends with someone i don't know at all? certainly not to be neighbors with them on farmville, fishville, yoville, or any other dumbass-ville there is.

i just received a call from a douchebag customer who instantly started whining about how there is something wrong with OUR internet banking and bill payment system. he then clarified that his situation involved him skipping a bill last month. i think that if you are gonna complain about other people or companies or services they provide, then you should (a) not be such a douchebag as soon as i ask how i can help you politely and (b) learn about your own damn responsibilities before complaining about what our responsibility as a bank is. fuck that mother fucker.

i can't wait to leave. i wish i was at home, in the dark, watching a movie.

my plans tonight just so happen to involve being at home, in the dark, watching a movie. by myself. damn it. good ol' fridays. wish i got paid every week instead of every other.

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