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100 Words
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100 Words
Day 105
6.23.07 at 11:33 am
I recently bought this yummy trail mix that’s called “indulgent” and believe me, I know why. It has chocolate and white chocolate chips in it with peanut butter chips. Then their were cranberries, raisins, almonds peanuts and cashews. Sooo darn good. I think my favorite part of it, besides the chocolate and PB chips, were the cranberries. I love dried cranberries. I would buy dried cranberries, but they’re very expensive for a tiny bag. At least the Indulgent Trail Mix has a lot of everything I love. My second favorite is peanut butter chips. Makes me drool thinking about it.

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Day 104
6.22.07 at 10:20 am
Good morning! Thank you Nuttz for your comment, I appreciate it.

I am doing better today. The thing is, we’d had some issues lately and I approached him about it. He told me that he feels that we’re more like best friends than a couple and I kind of agree. It really was hard to break up [he broke up with me], but he just really wanted to stay close friends like we already were pretty much like, and I want to also. I did tell him to stay away for a little bit. I don’t take breakups well, usually.

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Day 103
6.21.07 at 12:35 pm
My boyfriend and I just broke up and I’m really torn up about it. I wanted to fix things and he really just wanted to end it and be friends. I am so hurt.

Since no one really wants to hear about stuff like that, lets talk about flowers, fuzzy bunnies and rainbows. My yard has flowers, I saw a bunny eating grass yesterday and I haven’t seen a rainbow in ages. The last rainbow I saw was a double rainbow. It was very pretty. I even got a picture of it. If I had it online I’d show you.

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Day 102
6.20.07 at 11:16 pm
I sometimes wonder what it’d be like to be a stand-up comic. Ya know, if I wasn’t stage shy and I knew I wouldn’t stumble on my words in front of people. Also considering I can’t think on my toes. Okay, I have all the makings of never being able to consider something like that. It does seem like it’d be fun though. Who wouldn’t enjoy making a bunch of people laugh and smile? Funny people are fun to be around. Most people want someone who can make them laugh. If only I had the stage talent. I love comedy.

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Day 101
6.19.07 at 10:27 pm
I’m going to make this quick and sweet. I’m slightly in a hurry because I have a lot to do before midnight.

Today was an alright day. Kept busy. Mom was home so I couldn’t get my usual stuff done this morning, which is why I am in a hurry tonight. I had to return our new DVD player because the remote stopped working. We changed the batteries and it still didn’t work. The customer service lady looked at me like I was dumb for returning it, but that’s why we even bought the DVD player in the first place.

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Day 100
6.18.07 at 2:52 pm
So I’ve finally reached 100 days! 100 words, 100 days and I did forget to post once out of those 100 days. Anyway, you’re probably wondering what I plan to do now that I’ve made it to that 100 day goal. That’s an easy one, I plan on continuing to write 100 words every day and I’m going to continue counting up in days. I loved having to write 100 words every day. It gave me a daily goal.

So if you’ve enjoyed having me around as much as I love being here, I definitely plan to stick around longer!

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