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Of course.
Thursday. 8.28.08 7:27 pm
Well, advanced acting was fun, today. Monica and I performed a Pantomime; we were two sisters fighting over the bathroom mirror and such. I kept cracking up on stage. Luckily the audience could SEE me laughing, because I had a white emotionless mask on.

BUT THEN. The fire-alarm went off, and we had to go outside. The clothes I dressed out in that day were socks, pajama pants, and a Dungeons and Dragons shirt.

Yes, it was indeed a comfortable wait outside ;D

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Tuesday. 8.26.08 6:11 pm
I think I've done a pretty good job at showing my mom that I am trustworthy.
I made one mistake at the end of my Sophomore year, I have learned from that mistake, and now I would not do ANYTHING to damage that trust.
But I guess that's not enough.

I don't understand why, but I love going to the library to study. It helps me concentrate, the atmosphere is nice, and...it makes me feel smart. Well, I call my mom after school today and ask her if I can go. (2 notes: 1) The library is literally five minutes away from my house. 2) My mom is in Columbia an hour and a half away,and won't be returning until 9:00 PM) She immediately says "No. Just, no. That sounds like a load of BS and you know it. Not being able to concentrate at home? Come on. Just turn off the TV and do your work. Were you planning to meet Aaron at the library? Just, no. I'm not there to supervise and ask enough questions. No. And don't you raise your tone at me, or I will get your license revoked. Don't think that just because you have your license and a car that you have this new freedom to go anywhere you want at anytime. We'll talk about this when I get home."

2) If I REALLY wanted to sneak off with Aaron, why the heck would I call you and ask you and give you the SLIGHTEST bit of doubt?
3) YOU get MY license REVOKED? You can take it away, but revoked? My God, mom. I haven't even done anything, nor do I plan to.

I wish you had a better radar of when I told the truth. There would be no beeping in your head.

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You are goodbye.
Monday. 8.25.08 9:47 pm
I have my good days, and I have my bad days, with you.
I feel like I make all the effort to see you. I feel unappreciated sometimes. I just...I don't want to make you heighten your expectations and feel you HAVE to do something when you don't want to.
But I will not lower MY expectations, for you, either.

My mom did a brave thing today. She got some bad vibes about the guy she was seeing regularly, about him lying to her, going out and not telling her, stuff like that. She'd tried getting out before, but she kept getting sucked back in because of his charm. Finally, I told her that she's going to keep getting sucked back in if she doesn't take action, now. She deleted all messages he sent her, and deleted him from her phone.

I'm proud of you, mom.

>.> Harumph.

I wish there were a few more weeks of Summer. Just like, maybe one or two more weeks. That'd be great.

Birthday in 5 days. :-D

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Sunday. 8.24.08 10:27 pm
I almost put a link to NuTang in my AIM profile for the 20 pps.
Not that that's a bad thing, but I kind of like keeping NuTang a bit exclusive.
I like the tight-knit community aspect, plus the privacy is better from peers I see daily.
Plus, I know Katie would kill me. x.x


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I don't want to seem like a copycat, but...
Sunday. 8.24.08 10:04 pm
I really like going to the Post Secret pages and reading new secrets.

I want to get one of the books, soon enough.

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My new layout is very...empty.
Saturday. 8.23.08 9:50 pm
But, I did indeed get the header image that I wanted.
A little more playing around with the template HTML coding should do the trick to make my NuTang page "exactly how I dreamt it to be in my wildest fantasies" (a quote from Dave on his Nutang Style Sheets Tutorial).

Haha. Ha.

Ahh. My birthday is a week from today. I don't have any plans what-so-ever, except working. Harumph.

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