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frostbitten/ can't stop the gods from engineering
Friday. 11.24.06 5:12 pm
The highlight of today is...
*drum roll please*

I was about to meet with my crush! O_OAs in introduce myself && talk with him! O_O

Okay this may sound lame but hey!
I never talked "talked" to him!

But guess what the catch is?
He thinks my friend likes him, that's why he's meeting with my friend.But my friend is taking me with her because she wants to hook us up. Gawd!O_O

This is how all this happened>>
I told my friend to research about his last name lol
Since my friend's classmate is his friend.
HIS friend thinks MY friend likes MY crush!
And the stupid little four-eyes told MY crush that MY friend was the girl who asked about HIM..
&& so HE said HE wanted to know MY friend.

O_O Yes, me is crushed. :(
But :D No. 1, i am not worried because MY friend has a boyfriend who she is madly in Love with. Haha
And No. 2, MY crush has a girlfriend (i don't know if he's madly in love with her too but who cares Lol)
No. 3, I never really thought about the thought of ME && HIM. As in, US.
*Which in my opinion, would only be in my dreams*

But we never know...

See, now he's having some sort of inkling about me now. Omg.
Oh well, we'll see. :)

If he falls for MY friend...Okay i'll let it pass. Fine.
But if MY friend would fall for HIM... OMG. That would absolutely kill ME.

That's it for now! I am happy, sort of. LOL :D

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Count the Happy's Lol
Tuesday. 11.21.06 6:15 pm
listening to: Perfect Day Hoku

Omg! It's been a long time since i posted something in one of my happy moods. (Yes, accg to Muffin-man) haha
Now there's actually something happy i've got to blog about. Lol well, happy for me though haha

Well, my Spanish hubby just got beaten up last Thursday so i didn't see him on friday and monday lol And i feel so bad for him coz my friends think he's a coward coz he ran away from the guy who attacked him. I mean it's not cowardice! it's wisdom! yo, u know ur going to get beaten up so run away before something happens to u.. ryt? Well whatever. haha i'm a peace-keeper. Lol I was thinking his face would be ruined today But when i saw him... wooot wooot! Sexiiii as alweiz haha That's why i'm happy. Lol

And this afternoon, i'm so happy! XDD We celebrated my friend's birthday in pizza pizza lol Mucho fun! XDD We filled up half the place && splattering hot sauce all over the pizzas! Lol Everyone was jooooooKing a Lot! & happy! & laughing! & pigging out! Lol I kinda miss the beer though Lol

Me is sooo happy today...these past few days... :D
It makes me feel like home u know. :) And i'm so happy. Uber-happy. Happy. :)

So Happy I could imitate Jacko>> LOL Hmm.. Hahahahahahahah XDDDDDDDDDDD

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Sunday. 11.19.06 6:05 pm
mood: suffering posttraumatic shock (?!)

Sometimes, you can be too wrought up in life. You get tangled in all its twists && turns and blah. It seems as if there's no way out. But -- when you think about it. All you've got to do is cut the strings that are tying you up. As simple as that.

But people love to make things complicated. There's this kind of magnet that pulls us towards all this drama bull--...and we ¢¾ it. Haha

Makes me laugh. How ironic and sardonic fate can be. But yes, I've moved on and I've never been any happier. :)

If there's just one wish I could have, it would be to go back to the Philippines without any Canadian complications. And yes, I could have that right now.

If only I had the flight tickets in my hands...

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Pon && Zi Craze lol
Tuesday. 11.14.06 8:11 pm

awwww cutenesss

i said cute right?

how many fricken times do i hafta say cute!?


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"Papercut my heart in half and discard the evidence. x"

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