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» Away from home
Wednesday, 7/16/03 - 11:14 am
Beat: Coheed & Cambria - Time Consumer
Joke of the Day: My brother and Jason thought Jill really did work at a morgue for 10 dollars cleaning up dead bodies and putting make-up on them.

Another exciting excerpt from my life. Well not really. I have like 30+ new Cds added to the collection. Lucky me.

My brother said to me he needed some guitar polish so he brought me along so I can buy it for him. Jill came along too! We played on the guitars knowing we actually know how to play something now. We played with the drums too. I bought a capo, picks, and guitar polish. I had fun there.

We then decided to go to Borders and pick up Jason on the way. I listened to some new CDs. I didn't find anything I was interested in. I wanted to purchase a graphic design book but they're all very expensive.

We then went to Best Buy and I bought a DVD. Actually my brother gave me his gift card which was worth 10 dollars. So I only paid for $ 6.08. The movie I bought is the musical, Fame.

Then I visited my friend Jaimie. She's leaving around August and September. She's joining a convent. I'll miss her.

I think I'll go watch my movie now! And I'm wondering, what is Jill doing right now?? I bet she's wishing to be away from home.

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» Not an insomniac
Tuesday, 7/15/03 - 11:28 pm
Beat: The Ataris - Summer `79

I just watched movies today. That's about it. Oh yea! I spoke to a friend of mine that I haven't seen in a year, Paula. She moved to Van Nuys. She brought up the Shuffle Board Crew [inside joke]. I miss her.

Convo Piece of the Day:
Iil surfer grl: my mom says i have insomnia
Iil surfer grl: haha
Iil surfer grl: she's like u need to learn how to control it!
Iil surfer grl: blah blah
AsHuNiE HuNNie: haha
AsHuNiE HuNNie: we're not insomniacs
AsHuNiE HuNNie: we just..
AsHuNiE HuNNie: like to sleep very very early in the morning
Iil surfer grl: yeah!
Iil surfer grl: exactly

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» Walk around the block..
Monday, 7/14/03 - 11:58 pm
Beat: Watashi Wa - All Of Me
Joke of the Day: Road trip to Venice— Italy.
Joke of the Month: The scary picture on the back of Jill's page.

Jill came over around 5pm. We chilled at my place for an hour or less. We were suppose to go to Rockstar Alex’s [Kris] house to jam on the guitars and drums and to also pick up some stickers. We spoke to Britney on the phone too. Brittney turns out to be a work-aholic like Denise. She’s saving up for a car. I gave Jill’s page to her and she found it really amusing. She really liked it.

Later we decided to go take a walk to Jason’s house since we weren’t doing anything. We saw Jen and Eleanor next door. Jill got a free hat. When we got to Jason’s we all had nothing planned so we decided to walk around the block. Funny thing is, Jason was trying to set me up with his 19 year old Canadian cousin. We headed back to Jason’s place and decided to call up Jessel. We found out that she got a job over at Romatix [porn/sex shop]. So we decided to head over there just to look around. Jill was only 17 and she forgot her wallet at my place but she still got in the store. We probably stayed in that store for an hour.

We then went to McDonald’s to eat something off of the Dollar Menu. When we were leaving McDonald’s Jill tried to steal the Pirates of the Caribbean poster off the door. We then picked up Kenji from OC. When we got to OC we saw the car smoking and realized Jessel’s car had overheated. We waited for Jessel’s dad to get there to help us. The smoke and the weird liquid from Jessel’s car smelled like fish. She hasn’t changed her water. Jessel’s dad gave us all a ride home and that was it. I had a great time with my antisocial friends I never knew I had..

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» Hott Stuff
Sunday, 7/13/03 - 11:49 pm
Beat: The Drive - For A Dream (Acoustic)

This guy is just a hottie! He's a younger version of Tom Welling, another hottie. Glenn McMillan is 18 years of age. He's the yellow Power Ranger in Ninja Storm. I was browsing the channels and I happened to hover over the show, and that's how I spotted him. I think I have a thing for guys with this hairstyle.. Tom has it, Glenn has it, Hector had it [Ci's Tom look-a-like], and that other fellow..

Glenn McMillan

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