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Age. 30
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location England, United Kingdom
School. Other
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[Random Layout]
23/05/07 20:31
I am...

feeling: hmmm! =3
chatting to: Pandi

Oooh. Lookie... another new layout XD And yes, I have actually named this one 'Random'... cos it is actually very, very random =3 Well, actually, it was just me drooling over the brushes from -->Hybrid Genesis<-- so was experimenting...

It turned out blobby-ful but I didn't think it looked that bad actually =3

I might make some other edits to it and change the banner in a few days, but I really can't be bothered right now.

ANYWAYS! Omw... The past few days have been... UGH.

Basically, on Monday, I had my C2 maths exam, which, by the way, I know I've failed, because I just found it so hard it wasn't even funny! Seriously I almost cried in the exam.

It was so blinking long too!!! ARRRGHHHH! >_<;; I was really pressed for time to finish it. As it goes, I know I've lost loads of marks because even though I tried to answer all the questions, I know I didn't get the right answer because loads of them were proofs and I couldn't prove that x equalled y (x and y being different equations, obviously)

I actually didn't revise that much for the exam because I became hooked on making a new layout for my -->personal site<--, but I realised once I got in there, even if I had revised my arse off, it still wouldn't have helped much.

Then I had 2 General Studies exams in the afternoon. They weren't that bad. Well, honestly, they weren't bad at all, because I don't actually care about General Studies so just chatting about whatever and reaaally didn't give a hoot. Then the maths part of General Studies came up... and I was almost crying with laughter in the exam... It was so easy... XD

Then yesterday, I had 3 German exams: reading, writing and listening. Actually, the reading and listening weren't that hard! Even if I didn't fully understand the question I could still make an educated guess, but... the writing! Oh gosh.

Let me just explain: at AS standard German (my standard) writing exam is an essay. You must write continously in German for 1 hr on either one of two set questions from one topic, and relate it to Germany. I was very prepared to write about the environment topic, since it was the one I'd learnt the most and I knew loads of facts and stats about Germany on that topic.

I got in, and didn't even understand the question. Well, there were two, but one I knew was based purely on "Öffentliche Verkehrsmitteln", which is like... public transport and pollution and stuff... and it's too narrow a topic to write about... but the other question... gosh... I couldn't understand the two main verbs in it... >_<;;

As it goes, I ended up writing everything I knew about the environment, completely generalising and adding some random phrases in that I prayed was answering the question... I found out the question meant "What difficulties do German people have with the problems of environment? And what do you think is their greatest strength?"

Praise be to God! I managed to write something relating to that... Fingers crossed I wont fail! >_<;;

Anyways... today, I just didn't work. Half term starts on Friday, thank God. Seriously I'm so unprepared for the rest of my exams it's not even funny. Sigh...

Anyways!!! What do you guys think of this new layout? ^_^ Ah! And please visit my -->personal site<-- too and leave a glomp/comment about what you think of that new layout too~! It's a very simple one, I guess I had designer's block, but I desperately wanted an iframe layout, so made one XD

I'll make another JJ one soon XD




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[Bento 019]
19/05/07 15:20
I am...

feeling: lazy
watching: YTTLJ~

Okies! Yes, I know I said I'd be posting more pieces that my daddy and I played together, but I haven't had time to upload them yet =/ Might do it some time next week, we'll see ^^;;

But, to make up for it... I've made the not-too-long-awaited Bento #019! XD This one's quite different from the others actually, as you will probably be able to tell...

No bottom tiers. Both are top tiers - one for my sister, one for me =] The pink one is for her. She likes it more decorative otherwise she probably wouldn't eat it all, so I made it more decorative for her XD

Pink: Vegetables fried rice with furikake, cucumbers and salmon slices ^_^
Red: Pure vegetable fried rice. Well, with some furikake. Which I am now obsessed with =P

Heh heh... you guys must be surprised why I suddenly made another bento on a Saturday, right? ^^;; It's cos I promised my parents to start learning to cook *properly* now... So I'm in charge of all the meals at the weekend =3

Expect another bento next Saturday... maybe XD




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[Moo. The 2nd. Rah.]
16/05/07 21:44
I am...

feeling: relieved, slightly =3
listening to: Bu Si Zhi Shen - JJ Lin

Eee... first of alllll... I must say AHHHHHHH WORK IS BLEEDING KILLING MEEEE TT_TT. I have limited myself to 1 hr of internet a day now... >_<;; (Well, until 20th June) Soooo much work to do... Seriously, I got home today, then went out to piano lesson, didn't get home till six, ordered a pizza, had dinner, and spent the past few hours writing drama essays.

On Monday, I spent 5 hrs writing German essays. Last night, I spent the whole time doing C2 (maths) practise papers. My. Word. Well, I guess it could be worse. At least I'm now motivating myself to work. And I've got enough self control to work instead of wanting to go online all the time now (even though I'm working right in front of the computer).

I think I'm doing darn well! =D But then again, my C2 and German listening/reading and writing (1 hr continous writing on the environment with facts and stats relating to Germany and what the German Bundesrepublik do about the environment) next week.

Oh, and General Studies but er... reaaally don't care about that. =P

Gosh. But thank God that this time next Tuesday I'd have finished all my exams before half term. But then I'd need to seriously crack on with revision for M1 (maths), Drama, FP1 and NM (both further maths)... Woo.

BUT! After the 20th June it'll ALL BE OVERRRR.

I cannot wait! x_x;;

Oooh! I got invited to a friend's house-party next Friday ^_^ I'm not sure if I should go... I'd like to, but erm... they get very drunk there... and I'm more one to erm... stop at slightly dizzy o_O;; Well, I know that if I go they definitely aren't going to force me to drink or anything, but I dunno... Would I really enjoy myself if I'd probably have to take care of most the drunk friends of mine come 2am? =3

Hmmmm... decisions, decisions! We'll see, ne? ^_^

Okay I'm so tired... Just blogging to say I might not blog as much for a bit... nooot that I'm that frequent a blogger in the first place ^^;; Eeeeh! Sorry x_x;; Will try to change =/

But I'm really looking forward to 30th June!!! I'll be going to Germany on an exchange program for 2 weeks!!! Yay!!! =D Really looking forward to it! I'm hoping to come back more or less fluent ^_^ So will be attempting to learn as much as I can there!

Okies I gotta go now! Any suggestions on whether to attend the party? =3

And a final note! I passed the golden $20!!! XDDD Ah, and I've also filmed some more piano pieces =3 Me and Daddy playing together again; piano and erhu, sounds a lot better than pipa and erhu ^^;; I'll post it up some time this week =D




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[Pipa Erhu Ensemble]
13/05/07 00:14
I am...

feeling: tired!!!
watching: Yi Tian Tu Long Ji

Ahhhh I am sOoOoOo tired... but I'm waiting for a download to finish =3 It's almost finished anyways...

Eeeeh! Okayyy I posted a new video today =3 And although I wasn't going to introduce videos anymore on NuTang, I figured I should introduce this one... XD It's slightly different ^_^

Uuuusually, it's me playing piano... right? Well... piano isn't the only instrument I play =3 the one I posted today is my daddy and I playing a piece of music called 'Bamboo Melody' aka Zi Zhu Diao, in Chinese.

Reason I thought I should introduce this one, is because it's played on Chinese instruments: Pipa (4 stringed lute) and Erhu (2 stringed... 'violin'? o_O)
Pipa - me
Erhu - my daddy
ensemble =]

I haven't practised in ages... so yeah... you can hear sooo many mistakes from me ^^;; But also the false nails I'm using are rather worn and I haven't had a chance to get new ones, so the sound isn't very good either sigh... but you can get a taste of Chinese instruments by watching at least! ^^;;

Eeeh... Enjoy? ^^;;




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[Moo =3]
11/05/07 18:34
I am...

feeling: really happy ^_^
watching: Yi Tian Tu Long Ji

Eee, some minor disappointment that nobody commented on my personal site entry =( but aside from that, I'd been having some problems with Annie for the past... well, quite a while, actually, and they've finally been sorted! ^_^

If not, then at least most of it's been sorted. There was a period where I was very, very depressed but it's over now! ^_^ Ehh... but one problem over, another kinda occurs, but this one, I don't think is as big. I think it's a really big problem for my other best friend, Timmy, but I believe he'll be over it soon, so it's not that massive an issue =3

Besides, I never put potential boyfriends high up on the 'important' list. Ever.

Anyways! Hmmm... About my personal site... from now on, any videos that I post will be introduced there =] I've actually posted up 2 new videos already, that I've introduced on my personal website, but not here ^^;;

I've decided this will purely be my blog, and any videos or bentos I put up will be introduced there instead. I will still post links up on my modules, but won't blog about it =P

I'll be mainly blogging about things that have happened or are going to happen to me here and how I feel about those things happening XD

Annnnyways! Tonight, I will be the piano accompanist for our Bible Study Group! ^_^ First time ever~ But hopefully it'll be alright ^_^ The pieces aren't that difficult anyways, and only took me about 10 mins to learn and perfect. But I'm only playing to the melody line and chords, so that's very easy woo~ ^_^

Oh yes, I not only play piano... I will be posting up a video of me playing pipa on YouTube soon too XD Look forward to it! Although, again, check my personal blog for updates on that really! =P

And when you go to look on my personal site, please change the encoding to Western (something-or-other)! ^^;; Even if it's on that already, if you see the title being a little weird (usually happens if you're using auto-detect languages I think), just click encoding->western again XD



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06/05/07 20:07
I am...

feeling: accomplished ^_^
watching: Yi Tian Tu Long Ji

Firstly, ehhh I didn't realise I hadn't posted how my drama exam went! ^^;; It went well!!! =DDD YAY!

Actually, it was the best performance we'd ever done! So yes! Brilliant, really happy... ^_^ Glad it went really well on the RIGHT DAY! XD The examiner liked it too! Hehe. We were originally at like... D's for our drama... now I think we're a little higher ;)

Next thing... About the title of this entry... would it be terribly rude of me to promote my other website on my NuTang blog? ^^;;

CrystleKuri.Twilight-Melody.Org, aka CK.TW.ORG ^_^ It's my personal site, so yeah~ ^_^ have a look if you have time! And feel free to Glomp me XD




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