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There has never been a sadness that can't be cured by breakfast foods.
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Someday We'll Know
Tuesday. 6.19.07 4:51 am
Haven't written in awhile.

I saw Pan's Labyrinth. Due mostly in part to Elessar257's incredible taste in movies and his uncanny understanding of me ('course, it helped that i've been wanting to see this movie with a passion for quite awhile). The movie was awesome. There's so much to that movie if you start to really think about it. I actually watched it twice in two days - well, the second time was the director's commentary. I never see movies with that option on - so...that's gotta say something.
Also, with Elessar's equally incredible knack for design he and I rearranged my apartment living room this weekend. I love it. Though, now it's basically a necessity to buy floor length deep red curtains. Eh, it's been needing to happen for awhile. Speaking of this weekend, there was a big stom in North Texas last night. I drove home through it. It was slightly scary for a tiny part of it - but.....it was more beautiful than anything. I'm not sure if it worries me or not but i'm really starting to see beauty in strange places. Then again, perhaps they aren't as strange as I've previously been lead to believe. It wouldn't be the first time.
I leave back to Laredo on the 28th of this month. One of my best friend is getting married. Of course, it's just a religous ceremony but I figure I ought to be there. My parents are unusually excited about me coming back for a short stay. It's a little weird. I'm not sure how long I'll be staying. I'm starting to debate on when i'm leaving for that matter.

It's late. I need sleep. I leave you with these lyrics:
(in case you'd like to hear it, it's track 2 on my music player)

90 miles outside Chicago
Can't stop driving
I don't know why
So many questions
I need an answer
Two years later
You're still on my mind
Whatever happened to Amelia Earhart
Who holds the stars up in the sky
Is true love once in a lifetime
Did the captain of the Titanic cry

Someday we'll know
If love can move a mountain
Someday we'll know
Why the sky is blue
Someday we'll know
Why I wasn't meant for you

Does anybody know the way to Atlantis
Or what the wind says when she cries
I'm speeding by the place where I met you
For the 97th time tonight


Someday we'll know
Why Samson loved Delilah
One day I'll go
Dancing on the moon
Someday you'll know
That I was the one for you
I bought a ticket to the end of the rainbow
I watched the stars crash in the sea
If I could ask God just one question
Why aren't you here with me? Tonight


Someday we'll know
Why sampson loved Delilah
One day I'll go
Dancing on the moon
Someday you'll know
That I was the One for you

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It simply is what it is
Tuesday. 6.5.07 12:58 pm
Finals went well. I got a B in my Maymester class for which I am proud and thankful. I needed that. Yesterday night was my first Summer Session I class. Philosophy of Religon from 6-10:50 pm. It's a LONG class. However intresting and amazing and insightful this class is looking to be - I can't help it, my mind wanders. However, the class....is looking to be awesome! The only downsides? All 3 of my text books were written by my Professor. This is good AND bad. Good, cause the guy will clearly know his stuff. Bad, because the guy will clearly know his stuff. I'm looking foward to it though. We'll see where this takes me.

Also, went to Austin with my friend, Priscllla on Saturday. Didn't do too much. We had planned to go downtown but since it was the "Republic of Texas Bike Riders Ralley" it was basically taken over by bikers. I get nervous when driving next to/behind/in front of anyone on a motorcycle because (more often than not) helmets aren't being worn and I'm not exactly the best driver in the world. I just worry. I'm a complusive worrier. It's nauseating. In any case, instead we went out to eat at place called "Opal's Devine" where we ate burgers/turkey ruben's, had a drink with our meal, caught up on life, and listened to the music. It was pretty decent if I do say so myself. After that we met up with a friend Pri's from High School. I knew him by association but never really KNEW him. It was weird and we ended up discussing politics, religon, and a few other topics that made me want to throttle him with something heavy. I'm sure the feeling was mutal. However, as a bright spot on this little detour of 'girls night out' I did run into a familiy friend. Turns out he lives in the same apartment complex! His mom and my mom have been 'pals' for a number of years and thusly he and I have taken a few vacations together (a few weddings and last summer to Las Vegas). He went to the same HS as me and thusly a few of his friends are also guys that I used to know. It was kinda cool seeing him. After we finally left Pri's friend's apartment we went back to her sister's house and went to sleep. Woke up, had breakfast (thanks to mom ^_^) and hung around the house for a bit. We watched "Over the Hedge" then went to the movies to see "The Ex". If I had to choose between the two I'd deffinately take "Over the Hedge". However, "The Ex" was funny - I laughed in any case - but it was more frustrating than anything. If you see it, you'll know what I mean. Came home and Pri's mom made us some chalupas, which were awesome! I left Austin around 4 and got back into Denton around 9.

....that's about it.


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Funny Face
Tuesday. 5.29.07 11:49 pm
Today was my birthday.

Most of my friends (the girls, in any case) called me last night at midnight and over the course of the day I was sung to three times. To celebrate I bought myself a mini cake (pic in gallery-cause my mom wanted to see the cake...she's a nerd like that...^_^) and watced Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire. I'm a sucker for a classic - it's a curse. Mom is sending me a package and I apperently have some mail on the way, well - at least one. From one of my best friends back home. She's great at that stuff. I've learned alot from that woman.

I had started to write an entry entitled "22 intresting things about the number 22" but, as it turns out...there's not much intresting about the number. It's the length of cricket field, the amount of letters in the Hebrew alphabet, and is apperently one of the most important numbers in Numerology (sp?). Not much has changed - from one day to the next - I'm still me and you're still you. I enjoy celebrating....but I've never been one to exepct change on a birthday - it doesn't make sense to me. However, looking back I can see change - if you go back to the year before that? The change is remarkable. At least so far as I can tell. I count this is a good thing. A needed thing. A remarkable and wonderful thing....I'm rambling.....

Finals are on Friday for my May-Mester class. Then I start regular Summer School on Monday. Not too unexcited about it as I enrolled in a philosophy of religion class which sounded fairly intresting in the catalogue. Here's to hopeing it doesn't kill me in the process of being intresting though.
June is looking to be PACKED. Heck, starting this week! Finals on friday - then this weekend I'm going to Austin since one of my other best friends family invited me down to celebrate my birthday. I've got an outing planned to the FW Museum with a friend of a friend and then a home coming. Six Flags, DCI and Melissa's wedding are all smushed in there too. I'd like to try and squish getting my second tattoo somewhere in there. I'd need money for that though so we'll see when I have any extra of THAT lying around.

elessar257's mom is going into surgery tomorrow. So, please (if you don't mind) send as many prayers/good vibes as you can.

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Thursday. 5.24.07 8:18 pm
Mulan: No one will listen to me.
Mushu: Huh? I'm sorry, did you say something?
Mulan: Mushu!
Mushu: Hey, you're a girl, again. Remember?

In my own little corner,
In my own little chair,
I can be whatever I want to be.
On the wing of my fancy,
I can fly anywhere,
And the world will open it's arms to me.
I'm a young Egyptian princess,
Or a milkmaid,
I'm the greatest prima donna in the land.
I'm an heiress who has always had her silk made
By her own flock of silkworms in Japan.
I'm a girl men go mad for,
Love's a game I can play
With a cool and confidant kind of aire,
Just as long as I stay in my own little corner
All alone in my own little chair.

Granger took Montag's shoulder firmly. Walk carefully. Guard your health. If anything should happen to Harris, you are the Book of Ecclesiastes. See how importat you've become in the last minute!" ... "The most important single thing we had to pound into ourselves is that we were not importat, we mustn't be pedants; we were not to feel superior to anyone else in the world. We're nothing more than dust jackets for books, of no significance otherwise.

None of the staff but Flich seemed to be stirring themselves to help her. Indeed, a week after Fred and George's departure Harry witnessed Prfessor McGonagall walking right past Peeves, who was determinedly looseing a crystal chandeiler, and could have sworn he heard her tell the poltergeist out of the corner of her mouth, "It unscrews the other way."

Kaylee: "Wash, tell me 'm pretty"
Wash: "Were I unmarried, I would take you in a manly way"
Kaylee: "Because I'm pretty?"
Wash: "Because you're pretty."

[looking at the books in the Franciscan monastery]
Danielle: It makes me want to cry.
Henry: Pick one.
Danielle: I could no sooner choose a favorite star in the heavens.
Henry: What is it that touches you so?
Danielle: I suppose it is because when I was young my father would stay up late and read to me. He was addicted to the written word and I would fall asleep listening to the sound of his voice.
Henry: What sort of books?
Danielle: Science, philosophy... I suppose they remind me of him. He died when I was eight. Utopia was the last book he brought home.
Henry: Which explains why you quote it.
Danielle: I would rather hear his voice again than any sound in the world.

Triton: I consider myself a reasonable merman. I set certain rules, and I expect those rules to be obeyed.
Ariel: But dad, I...
Triton: Is it true you rescued a human from drowning?
Ariel: Daddy, I had to...
Triton: Contact between the human world and the mer world is strictly forbidden. Ariel, you know that! Everyone knows that.
Ariel: He would have drowned.
Triton: One less human to worry about.
Ariel: You don't even know him.
Triton: Know him? I don't have to know him. They're all the same! Spineless, savage, harpooning fish-eaters, incapable of any feeling...
Ariel: Daddy, I love him!
Triton: No! Have you lost your senses completely? He's a human, you're a mermaid!
Ariel: I don't care.
Triton: So help me, Ariel, I am going to get through to you; and if this is the only way, so be it!

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