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Name: Emily
Age: 24
Locaton: Auburn, Ala.
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Friday. 12.12.03 5:05 am
Today at 10:45 I will start my Psychology final and then I'll be done with these classes forever!!!! Man am I glad... I watched the movie Antwone Fisher tonight and it was probably one the best movies I've seen in a long long long long long long time. And also the saddest. But sad in a really good way. If you haven't seen it then shame on you! Go rent it, it's great. And it's a true story. Also, I thought I'd mention this because it's pretty funny... I was going to get my clothes out of the dryer, and as I was bending down to get the clothes and put them back in my hamper (weird word!) I slammed my head into the edge of the dryer. It hurt pretty damn bad, but it's okay. Now all I have is a big knot and a bruise. hmph. I'm glad nobody saw or heard it. It was pretty loud...

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*bling bling*
Thursday. 12.11.03 3:55 pm
Today I'm selling my books back (except for psychology, I'll sell that one back tomorrow) and hopefully they'll give me lots and lots of money because I'm negative about 40 bucks in the bank. I forgot to subtract a couple things... Like, ohhhh, 2 or 3 tanks of gas. Damn them for having pay at the pump and me always forgetting to get my reciept!!!! Too bad I won't get the same amount I paid for my books. Although I hear my math book is worth 80 bucks, and that ain't bad. I'm glad I bought that one new...

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*so happy*
Wednesday. 12.10.03 10:02 pm
man am i glad i'm done with math. now i only have my psychology final and i'll be through!!! then i get to start all over again.

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Wednesday. 12.10.03 2:31 am
I can finally get the picture of Drew having a seizure to work! He's not really having a seizure, just too much fun. And then there's me. Yes, don't ask because I don't know.

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Wednesday. 12.10.03 1:14 am
My sister Danni got a car today! Man am I glad because she and my other sister used to fight like crazy people over who got to drive what car. See, my dad has a new Rodeo and a 1981 Mercedes diesel (and a Ducati motorcycle, but we're not allowed to go near it). Nikki, my other sister, doesn't have a car yet, and loves driving the Rodeo because it's "cool." She hates driving the Mercedes and my moms car which is a new Corolla. She's not even supposed to drive the Rodeo because she committed a HIT AND RUN which is highly illegal. She ran into one of those thingies that you talk into at Sonic and like, scraped off part of the bumper. It cost a pretty penny to fix, I tell you. She also hit a cart at Winn-Dixie like a month later... Man! I have a 1998 Mazda protege *grumble* It's a manual which is okay except that I live on a big fat hill with a gate that takes forever to open and when people get behind me they don't realize that I can roll back on them and they get right up on my ass and I swear, someday I'm going to roll right into one of them. *whew* Anyway, Danni got an old Volvo, and I'm sure she's very happy because she really likes retro stuff and the Volvo she got is most likely very retro. And I'm sure Nikki is really really happy because she won't have to worry about Danni taking the Rodeo when Nikki has important places to go and cool people to see. HA!

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Tuesday. 12.9.03 7:36 pm
I hate stupid people. And rude people. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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