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Welcome to the Merrick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

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....::.:.u and my blog..::...:...
Saturday. 7.3.04 8:44 am
hmm~..............u aren't really that interested with what i do with my life right? i mean, whu am i to u? let's just put aside the fact i have a chat box which was moving quite rapidly when T and johnny and huizi were overseas and go back to the question:even if i'm your fren are u absolutely certain u want to know what i did last morning/afternoon /night?

its not like i lead a 'oh so totally happening life' i dun do drugs, i'm not having
active sex, i dun have blood and gore stories to tell, no hints of romance, in fact most of what i've written here is quite a drag... complaints and anger etc, so y are u reading this? think the onli plausible reason is that u have nothing better to do/ or u are under a fantastic illusion that u are some great psychologist who can read/understand mi with the words i type at random.if i sound sacarstic, i beg to differ. i think u are would make a wonderful psycho.

i vaguely understand of the psycology of why i blog. 1.mainly its appealing to my vanity. y did u think i put a counter? another, 2.its just an outlet for mi vent my negetive etc feelings. 3.granted that i have nothing better to do then writing this totally "Duh" entry i propose we should all go get a life. meanwhile, i guess i haven't got a life yet. i don't mean to complain but i'm just curious of the mentality of pple whu spend 80% of their online time reading blogs. i'm not a great blog reader. i only read a couple. so unbaffle mi. someone.

i'm not romantic enough to think that somehow my words have made a difference in anyone's life. far from it. i just hope i'm not turning pple off with the things i write. see~ i like pple reading my blog.. that translates to narcissism. what i dun understand is pple whu actually bother to read the crap i write. k, i'm sick of writing: y are u reading? and i know u are probably sick of reading it. so just tell mi and i'll stop asking.

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.::...A Couple of things...::.
Tuesday. 6.29.04 7:47 am
boss took us out to lunch again... to a supposedly famous "field chix" porridge. (erm.. thats frogs darling~). mus say its v v v good cept for the generous kung pao style chilli gravy. HOT! Am growing too fat.. so much so i dunno if i dare to go swimming~ whahaha~

did the most hilarious things today. apparently soem legislation was passed so that all outgoing correspondence must clearly state the company reg number. so for most part of the day i ended up brain dead. open file/click/click click/paste/save and close. can't believe its soooooooo fulfilling~~ after going through the highly effective brain numb-er, i almost fell asleep at the terminal lolz~~ AND i couldn't resist the temptation and VVV unprofessionally called pple up to chat.am feeling guilty~........ erm...... yaz......... erm.... i think i am~ whahaha! then we had the crappy job of 'designing' those so called parking reserved for blah blah sign. shagged just know its art and craft. advice to all: not a good idea to lose concentration when u are using the pen knife. u may end up cutting what u are not supposed to cut. namely fingers. Also told the co. i dun mind working data entry on holidays. so we'll see how it goes. lalalalalala~~~

OYAZ~! can't believe it man~ i wana cry le~ the manager really wants us to give innovations b4 giving us A. wth! guess what i did? i actually am so free that i brought my tqm notes to work and did this cost of quality proposal for him. thats the only week i got A. KNS! although i totally admit i suck at tqm.... this is not the way heaven should punish mi. geez. LO dropped by today. the only thing he wote is going well. thats what he wrote the last time he came. total visits: 2.

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