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Welcome to the Merrick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
.:..:....::..3rd and last.....::..
Friday. 7.9.04 10:34 am
This is the 3rd time i'm trying to write something here. comp: hung, hang, hanged for 3 times... if this screws up.. i'm gonna forget abt it. but if u are reading this yaz.. its up.. stupid of mi right?

dun really have any deep thoughts or emotions to get off my chest.. but just very pissed off at not being able to complete what i was trying to write.

lets see.. my francs holding up well.. earning 1000+/-.. if onli it was real money.. haiz... its not even my own acct. i'm using audrey's coz by some freak of electronic beeps my email got lost or never left my pc. dunno. too late for that now anyway. oyaz... for those who are quite lost.. the entire cohort of Financial Trading students have to take part in this contest where we buy and sell in a virtual foreign exchange. very cool and very stress. will cause serious heart implications in the long term. already showing sympthoms of heart palpitations watching the prices float up and down. Buy Low sell high not easy to acheive. overall still losing money because of yen.. haiz...

how's your bd project group? mine has a sebastian incarnate. yes... i mean my friend..THAT sebastian. supposedly from the broken wrist club. whom i always bullied into carrying my huge file in yr 1. whu when playing mahjong will take pity on mi and gimme some leeway. whu is possibly a nicer human being than some pple i know, but unfortunately horrifyingly emotional/"passionate" lolz! anyway.. my point is not to draw up a very negetive image of some one who i still call a friend, dun think too much... lolz... back to my team mate. he calls himself metrosexual. i guess i would have to agree. the babarian guys of old aka those in my class would never think of going for facials, putting foundation or moisteriser(audrey say one), and actually putting some more conscious thoughts into what to wear for a day in sch. Not very used to the way he works.. erm.. dun really think we need a petty cashbook to claim money lehz... aiyaz.. dunno lahz... small things.. let it be.. heez.. oyaz kenna sabohed by dearest audrey to be grp leader. sianzzzzzzzzzzz!

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.:....wassup w pop up ads?...:.
Saturday. 7.3.04 9:47 am
okie, i'm annoyed at the pop up ads i got while writing the last entry. *indignant sniff* for some reason all, and i mean ALL~ were those lame matchmaking websites. wassup siaz?

fine, there are lonely hearts all over the world who had to resort to going through this faceless and voiceless procedure to meet decent single pple. if u can't find any decent single pple in your neighbourhood or country for goodness sake, darling i suggest u move. that or yes, there might be something wrong with you. geez....... haiz.. ok ok i know i'm being unduly harsh. unfortunely, i totally dispise those so called matchmaking websites who are taking advantage of pple's weaknesses and insercurities and profiting on it. pple who actually join included. they are only fanning the numbers of such websites. guess i'm a traditional girl? lolz.

hmm.. i realise the cosmetic/plastic surgery and the general beauty industries operate in the same way. they just exploit a different weakness. and in this case i can't pretend to be quite so dogmatic since i did succumb under their spell. dun think i need to elaborate that i mean cosmetics yaz? lolz. i KNOW its unfair to judge pple because they have joined a matchmaking website. and seriously seeing at its popularity, i'm being a stubborn stick in the mud. wahahaz~

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