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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

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..:The S.E Asian Irony and then some..::.
Sunday. 7.11.04 2:16 am
Afghanistan faces another 'invasion'

"Expats need a place where they can wear thongs, eat hot dogs and drink beer. You can make a lot of money here."-Alex, owner of hotel cum black jack lounge. (uh-huh.. and the ordinary pple how?)
On the other side of the city, 2 Britons have set up AFGHANISTAN's first cocktail bar , serving margaritas and Tora Bora specials to westerners at US$10 per drink. It is packed every night.(wat the...)These are just a couple of the boom in watering hole establishments that have sprung up in post liberation Kabul, capital of Afghanistan.
Mean while: A British patrol last month stopped to talk to the ,malik, or village chief, of the mud-walled settlement on the edge of Kabul. After complaining about the shortage of wells, the malik assured the patrol's commander "life is much better then it was under the Teleban". When asked how, the malik had to think hard."We can watch videos," he said finally. Then he added:"At least we could if we had television. or electricity."
Keen to please his visitors, he thought again."Our girls can go to school," he said, then once more frowned."Only there is no school." (wth, are the troops/volunteers/whoever that is supposed to rebuild Afghanistan doing? BTW In case you haven't heard, the main reason cited by the US for the war was Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. It is now known that Saddam was telling the truth when he denied their existance.)


The Truth about Japanese Women and Korean Men

Seems like the Japan pop wave is languishing, when the Japanese dream man is a Korean. Women in Japan swoon over Korean actors who come across as gentle, polite yet manly. First on the list is actor, Bae Yong Jun, who starred in the hit drama series, Winter Sonata. To thousands of Japanese fans, he is, in short, what a typical Japanese man is not. In real life, Bae is said to be much like the character he plays. "the image of Japanese man is sleazy, In Japanese shows, actors jump into bed or kissing scenes almost straight away." - Japanese salayman. (You agree Audrey?)


Wiranto team outspends rivals.

Retired general Wiranto and his election partner, Mr Solahuddin Wahid turned out to be the biggest spender in the month long Indonesian elections. according to reports they submitted to the General Elections Commission(KPU), the pair collected a total of 87.05 billiob rupiah (S$16.6 million) anf spent 86.23 billion rupiah. This amount exceeds incumbant President Magawati Sukarnoputri and Mr Hasyim Muzadi, who spent 85.94 billion rupiah from proceeds of 104.86 billion rupiah. With nearly 70% of the votes counted, Presidential candidate Mr Bambang, has more thean 34% of the votes,while Mr Wiranto is lagging at 3rd place with 22%. (Talk about money down the drain.If only the money was 'drained' to Afghanistan)


Prince Rapist

(makes you glad there's no such thing as royalty in Sg huh?)
He masqueraded as a member of the royal family and prowled night spots in KL's Ampang area for his prey. He even fixed a plate on his Proton Wira(where got Prince drive Proton one???) with the words "Selangor Prince" in malay to impress girls.(wait till i get a car, i'm gonna be Queen of Englang.. geez..)His alleged crimes came to light following 2 rape reports lodged in Ampang recently, police believe that the suspect may have raped as many as 30 women since August.A police party laid an ambush and detained the suspect in Pandan Indah this week.

-All summarised from The Sunday Times.11 July

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...::..:.Cute Flash MTV..::.::..
Saturday. 7.10.04 2:27 am
click-->For all Dieters

and to save space:

Riyo -

What would your Japanese name be? (female)
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