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Surprisingly I was in a decent mood
Wednesday. 9.13.06 9:12 pm
Even though I was working with people who I don't care for {except David, he's awesome}, I was in a reasonably good mood. There was only two things that I could have done without. I could definatley have done without the 50 high school kids coming in after school to order food. And most of them were just slices so I guess I didn't really have to work too hard. That's okay though cuz it was work enough not being rude back to them. Half of them were really rude and decided that they were more important thatn anyone else and would interupt people and cut in line. They were also extremely noisy. Eventually they all left and we could tell that they were gone cuz it suddenly got very quiet out in the dining room. They are sooo damn messy too. But whatever, they put money into our store, thus aiding in our pay. The other thing that I could have done without was Jose, our pie guy today. First of all he's blind in one eye and is almost completely blind in the other eye. He can see figures and shadows and if he holds something really really close to his eye he can read it. Another thing is that he takes everything so personally its ridiculous. If you don't pay attention to him right away or respond to a question or something like that, he thinks that you're ignoring him. Or that you are purposely not paying attention to him. But anywho, in the first couple orders, which were not that hard, he messed up on them. And then when we say something about it to him, he always thinks he's being scolded or that he's getting in really big trouble. So you can get the basic idea of this guy. He also doesn't really know how to talk to customers or even around customers. So I really don't like him. I don't like working with him and I would really like for them to find someone who's actually good to replace him. But other than the high school kids and Jose, the idiot pie guy, I had a decent day. I don't really like Erin a whole lot, but I can get along with her. I'm not quite sure why I was in such a good mood. But I liked it. I don't know how I'll be tomorrow, cuz I have to work with Joey ... and Jose again. Damnit. Oh well. I only have to work two more days then I have the weekend off. But alright I don't really know what else to say right now so I'll write agian later on.

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Why? the big, little, hated and usually unanswered question. .
Monday. 9.11.06 9:26 pm
Why does work have to suck so bad? Why does life have to be so simple yet so complicated at the same time? And why does everyone have to make such a big deal about today? I mean okay, if you lost someone in the 9-11 incident then I'm sorry for your loss. I'm lucky cuz my aunt was supposed to be at the WTC that day, but something came up and she wasn't able to make it so her life was spared. But I mean, I don't understand why everyone has to make such a huge deal about it. I mean even now, its been 5 years. It happened, its in the past and there's nothing you can do about going back and fixing it. I lost a few of my loved ones in incidents having nothing to do with the 9-11 attack. And I do my grieving, but there's nothing I can do to change it. All I can do is grieve and then move on with my life. I lost my dad 11 years ago to cancer {that shit sucked}, I lost my mom's parents in the last few years. I lost my step-father last August and I just found out like not even 30 minutes ago, that my aunt died this morning from cancer. So trust me I know all about losing loved ones and being upset about it. But I'm also living my life. And I'm doing quite well. I'm not quite 20 and I've been living on my own and supporting myself for the past year and a half. I have a select few friends who I'm good friends with and I know will be there for me. I don't like the people who seem to think that they're directly affected by 9-11 if they're not. If you didn't lose anyone in the attack and you've lived in the middle of fuckin Idaho {not anywhere near New York} for you're entire life, then the 9-11 attack did not directly affect you and you have no real reason to get all weepy and whiny. No one should pity you cuz there's nothing to pity. But if you feel like you need the attention then whatever. You're not exactly the best person in the world then. Anywho, now that I've ranted about the day, on to the next thing. I called Cingular and got my txt message thing changed. I'm now waiting on finding out about getting my deposit back like they said I would. And I could be waiting a while. If I don't get a call back in the next half hour I'll call them back and find out about it. Alright I don't know what else to say so I'll write again when I do have something to say.

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Its amazing...
Sunday. 9.10.06 5:45 pm
Its amazing just how much crap we've written about in the past and just how in depth and dumb most of the shit is. I mean have you ever gone back and read some of the shit that you wrote when you first joined? And I'm talkin only if you've been a part of nutang for more than a year. You look back at the shit you wrote about a year {or longer} ago and then think about where you are right now. I mean holy shit!! I was so dumb to actually write some of that stuff. And I was reading some of my sister's stuff too; holy shit we were so ... I don't even know the words to describe the things we seemed to have been going through. Whatever. I'm pretty sure when the next couple years go by I'll be doing this same kind of entry only I'll be talking about the shit from now. LoL. That's funny how that kind of stuff works. Anywho, I'm still counting down till December. I have a few countdown things that I'm doing. One is my 21st b-day!! Only a year and 27 days. The next thing is the countdown till I go to Vegas for Christmas. After that I have the summer when I plan on moving back to Vegas again. After that is the acutal excitement for the 21st b-day. So basically in chronological order the events I'm looking forward to the most are: my 2 week vacation in Vegas for Christmas, the move I plan on making summer of '07 and then my 21st b-day Oct. of '07. So right now I'm trying to decide what we should do while I'm out there. I know that two weeks is a good amount of time, but I also know that mom's only gonna have a week off and even though you can do a lot in a week, there's still a lot that I want to do. I also have to make sure that I spend my money accordingly. I really want to get that tattoo and I'm seriously hoping that its under $300. If not then I guess I'll have more money to spend on other stuff, but I really, really want that tat. I also know that we're gonna go somewhere, and we have 4 places to choose between. Disney Land, Lego Land, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Mt. Charleston. The cheapest would be Mt. Charleston. Ma wants to go to Disney Land just to say that we've been there. I want to go to Six Flags, cuz I heard that they're gonna be closing it soon and I want to go before they close. Lori wants to go to Lego Land. I don't really want to go to Disney Land cuz I would compare it to Disney World and with Disney Land being much smaller than Disney World I don't think I'd like it. Six Flags has a lot of big coasters in it which is why I wanna go, but that wouldn't be too fun for ma. I'm thinking that maybe if we have enough money we could go to Lego Land and Six Flags over the course of a few days. Granted we have the money for that. This way we could do something for all three of us. I dunno, I'll have to wait and see about the money situation and the time and all kinds of other stuff. In the meantime, I'm gonna go find something to do. I'll write later.

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Vicious Circle
Tuesday. 9.5.06 1:45 am
I just wanted to inform all those who missed Dane Cook's Vicious Circle tonight on HBO then they missed one of the greatest things ever!! It was so damn funny, I was laughing so hard I was crying; and it was for the greater part of the show too. I will be watching it every other time it comes on as best I can {obviously if I'm at work then I can't} But I'm serious, you NEED to watch it. And if you don't have HBO then you have a friend who does and you can watch it at their house. If they don't let you then they're not your friend!! So go watch it and if you can't like I said, find a damn way!! You won't regret it.

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Pizza and beer
Sunday. 9.3.06 8:49 pm
I think that one of the best foods on this planet is pizza and the only thing that makes it better is beer. Which is my choice for dinner tonight. I got this flyer in the mail uhm yesterday for this pizza place that I had never heard of so I thought I'd try it out. I ordered pizza and wings. They were good so I decided to order again today. And since right now all I have to drink in my house besides water is beer it works. Yesterday and today were my two days off this week and I did nothing. I watched the first two discs of Entourage Season 2 and then I went up today and got the third disc. I haven't watched it yet, but I will. I really don't want to work tomorrow. But in order to afford all the things I have and the things that I want I need to work so that I'll have the money. I don't even know who I'm working with tomorrow. I hope its not anyone annoying. After having the two days to relax I don't want to have to deal with anyone annoying. So anywho, I don't really have anything to talk about cuz nothing happened. I'll write later.

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Thursday. 8.31.06 10:05 pm
Now I know that tomorrow is Friday, but I am glad that its Friday cuz that means that I have two days off. I actually have Saturday and Sunday off this week. I'm kinda happy about that. I'm happier than I originally was. I don't really like Sunday's off cuz it screws me up cuz I'm so used to working Sunday. Its like having a three day weekend off from school. You are so used to only having two days off and then you have a third, it kinda screws you up. So right now I'm happy about having two days off in a row. Anywho, I had to work with Joey and David. Joey was pickin on me like usual, but I wasn't really too bothered by it. David hasn't really done anything at all to me in a good long while and I am perfectly happy with that. So I've been talking to Thomas almost everyday. I want to see him, but I know that its going to be extremely weird. For a bunch of reasons. One cuz I haven't seen him in so long and I haven't exactly been keeping in touch with him either. I only just recently found him on myspace. Another reason is that the things that we talk about and the things that we say we're gonna do once we do see one another and get together. I just know that its gonna be really awkward. I mean sure I'll be happy to see him, if I even do, but I also know that I'm not really going to know what's going to happen. I hope that if and when it does happen that it won't be so weird that we both won't know what to say. I mean there won't be a whole lot to really catch up on since we talk to one another on a daily basis. Well maybe, cuz we don't really talk about what's happened in the years that we never talked or saw one another. Anywho, I don't really know what else to say. When I think of something I'll write about it.

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