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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

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Tuesday. 7.13.04 7:14 am
Was on my way home after sch. Totally shagged. Fortunately managed to find a seat after Bt Batok. Was contentedly resting my tired feet while reading my novel, listening to the mp3. However, at the point where the ants in the story discovered bio weapons, a shadow flitted across the pages of the book. I looked up for a nano second before going back to my book. But the nano second was enough for me to register that a well dressed, young guy has seated himself almost directly oposite me.

Stole a second glance. Dressed like going to pub/club, cool shirt (i have a thing for guys in shirts..whahaha), spiked hair etc. he was fiddling with his phone on one hand.

Couldn't resist. Eyes flicked upwards over the top of my book again. That guy is very handsome siaz! whahahaha~ hey u can't blame me right? Starved for eye candy in e-mei shan..lolz.. just read on for a lil bit more k?

So obviously, my eyes couldn't stay on the page... kept going up and down aka wind screen wipers..keke.. ok lah.. not THAT much like wind screen wipers. But i swear i din stare, every time i bio its not more than milli-milli-nano second. C'mon lah believe mi! I mean, tall, lanky, malay, chiselled features, beautiful eyes. va-va-voom! lolz!

Eh~ something wrong with the lovely picture. the guy's face. something's not right... covertly glanced his way again. think i'm becoming quite obvious. bleeaah~ whahaha! den suddenly it hit mi. His face is so smooth, i tell you, molecules can slide right off. All girls will turn very green with envy. But thats not the point... don't go diao/duh~ yet. The reason why his bloody face was so smooth was because of the THICK layer of power on his face! Foundation or what not rubbish.Immediate turn-off! URGH!! felt so totally diaoz~ can't believe it man. I have nothing against guys whu bothers abt how they look like. but it bothers mi, when they start slapping on make up. thats taking the term metrosexual a bit too far. Disappointed. geez.

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Sunday, July 11, 2004
10.46am, Today, ie: Sunday aka Slack out, Sleep in Day

HP rang to the tune of Black Eyed Peas, meaning un-identifed caller.
Brain, jolted from sleep: "WTF.... whu is the idiot..." as hand groped for the phone. Hand landed on: Her World mag, Atremis Fowl book, Robin Cook hard cover before picking up the jangling phone.

"Hi, I'm Adeline's fren" disembered voice(DisV) at the other end of the phone.
Brain: "Whu the fu*k is Adeline siaz.. i know Adelines mehz?"
Mi: "Huh?"
DisV: Er.. u replied to her email rem? for a job?
Brain: O that adeline~
Mi: Yea... hang on a mo. (rapidly got out of bed and tried to sound as if i've been up since 8.. as like normal hardworking pple)
DisV: he explained what the co. is doing.. sth abt halfing the price of telcos.. too groggy to catch any ball den he asked, would u be interested for _______(din hear) or a job?
Mi: a job, what kind of work are u looking for?
DisV:blah blah.. (nv pay attention)..n creative marketing(o-oh.. creative)
mi: What do u mean by creative marketing, what does it entail?
DisV: largely repeated what he just said which is the co is a start up telco that can half the rates of what we are currently paying for starhub etc, not answering my qn. (O-OH~ evasive.. sth not right.. he can't tell mi job scope when he is the one hiring?)

after a short conversation, arranged to meet at Meridian at 4 on Wed and den realised i have Yrbk meeting that day. geez..

Dun u think the whole thing smells fishy? In fact i think it reeks of Multi- Level Marketing. A fren of mine once made mi an offer to join mlm, doing some aroma therapy thingy. I actually "accepted" with the intention to back out. heez... coz i curious to know the so called techniques they use to make appointments/deals.

What I've Leant:
1) KISS- Keep It Short and Simple.. make the conversation as short as possible and make the person meet u so that u can make a proper persuasive presentation
2) Opening: Ask if the person is interested in making money. Thats all. Dun mention anything else. Goal is to get the person to meet u. If the person asks what is it abt. Dun tell him anything. tell him, you will only say if he meets u. Or repeat your opening.
3) The Hook: If the person say not interested. Say: "O.. i'm just sorry that you are missing out in this business opportunity. Its so sad." Dun say anything more. Make the person curious. Curiousity killed the cat rem?

Based on the circumstanstial edvidence and my gut. I have a right to believe that the person will try to pitch some mlm sales thing to mi if i meet him. therefore will tell him i've found another job. Oyaz... did i mention the fren whu tried to make mi a so called 'downline' (mlm jargon.. dun bother) for aroma therapy has already approached mi with a similar product? There can't be so many pple whu wants to go head on with the 3 major telcos yaz? *winks... LOLZ!

*i seem to have a lot of comments about everything huh? lolz.... anyway.. the 1,2,3 is just to warn you all of the manipulations mlm marketers in Sg might use.

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