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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

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.:...:..Beautiful Day.:.::.......
Saturday. 7.17.04 10:51 am
Finaly got to go for the long anticipated swim. With Huizi and XX. I was not late! contrary to Huizee's expectations... she arrived late thinking i will be late. with XX. dunno if i can reveal the name, so i'm not doing so. pple in the know will know. whahaha~ kenna fly aeroplaned by audrey etc.. so i thot left mi and huizi, din wanna break the appointment coz i felt bad abt breaking the original clubbing plans. See....! i soooo have a conscience right? not like the rest of u~~ bleeehh!

see them both.... i'm going misty eyed. glad they are now doing ok. past things i dun wanna comment le. seriously in no position to do so. anywayz, went for steamboat at marina south afterwards. Feels so good to be in the water again. i even miss the smell of chlorine. keke~ at least i loosened my tensed up muscles. haven't felt so good in a long while. had a good talk with huizi.. long time nv really talk to her le. since sch reopened, even tho we are in the same class, by some quirky twist of fate.. we seldom really talk. hmm.. partly becoz we jio her along our expeditions to the various fcs. aiyaz.. she bz woman mahz.. dun becoz of us interfere with her plans..lolz!

back to marina south: Cut throat biz down there siaz.. this (i think) new steamboat rest. was ferrying customers down to their rest. for free as part of the service they provide, and (i think) they are SP students. most of the crew quite young... our age...den this guy has a SPSU towel ard his neck. BD proj?? lolz.. i was perfectly aware that i'm being a GIGANTIC light bulb down there.. but hey.. it wasn't intentional! i wondered off as best as i could at the arcade,ok? and i tried to look elsewhere and inconspicuious as much as possible.. thats the best i can do man...

the food's ok...no big deal. and we turned chix soup to mushroom soup! lolz! poured alot of mushrooms into the soup coz mi and huizee like to eat. too bad audrey's not ard..she would be drooling all over the tabe. lolz! moi and Weilin are mushrooms freaks.

conclusion for the day: i'm at peace. i'm over the sushi craving, swimming deprivation, sun malnurition, friend induced worry (hz lor). yaz.. i think i may die in peace.

hmm~ i'm reconsidering if i wanna take up the job i'm hired for. coz for 1, pay bloody low. may or may not keep up with expenses. monetary crisis on the way to recovery le.. but i need to supplement with income flow from external factors. 2 i'm still actively looking for jobs. if i find something else, i'll just take. 3 ying ying say they v scared of pple leaving le. feels like so bad if they train mi le den not long after i say wanna leave. waste of my time and theirs. 4 i still got bd and currently yrbk stuff to do. bd i think will require quite alot. guess the trust is not there yet. yrbk at least till the most end of year niaz. wah.. din realise the entry is so long le. so~ thats all folks!

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..::..:.Quick Updates.:..::...:
Friday. 7.16.04 8:19 am
I've found a job. the pay sux sux sux.. but.. nvm.. do first den say. at least timing is flexible. hmm.. waiting for the manager to call and let me know when to start training.

Going swimming tml! yay! finally! and audrey better wear her bikini!

stuffed with sushi today. finally~ craving for it like crazy for so long. din help that some dodo went to put his msn nick as all sorts of jap food a few days ago.
hmm~ eat till so fat... tml no food le

not gonna repeat yest. suntec stuff. refer to polaris or fen fen's blog.

the new shoes i bought damn pain siaz.. i've got 1...2...3 big "bubbles" on my toes. geez... but nice lehz.. whahaha~ the stupid things gers put themselves thru~ geez

So T are u getting a blog? i'm holding u to your word. aiyaz.... u dun take CF and somemore BD dun see u ard that often le. den i good ger dun talk in lectures yaz?heez~

went to try out this nail art machine at Ig's heaven at city link. juz for the fun of it. a dollar niaz..whoa.. its like colour printing on the nail. whahaha~ quite fascinated~ kekeke.... but now i look at it.. wierd looking seh~ hahaz!

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