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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

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..:Swimmingly Good Day!:..
Thursday. 7.22.04 10:37 am
Bloody bus...173. I'm gonna rem this bus number. its exclusively driven by idiot bus drivers that refuses to stop at the bus stop. Everyone of them! YESH! it is the bus outside huizi's place. THAT dodo bus! the one that made us wait for half an hour the last time we went to huizi's place for house warming. but that was long long time ago. long time since we've gathered so many pple huh? Looking forward to huizi's bbq.. hopefully most of us can turn up.

y was i at huizi's place? obviously from the title; i went swimming! or rather, this time, we: with huizi and audrey. As usual, borrowed sports bra and etc from huizi. Love to be in the water! What i like best abt her pool is that she has those "pavillion" things half way in the pool. Mi and audrey had our dinner there. Kindof romantic.. hahahaz~! really! the sun had almost fully set and its pretty quiet... surrounded by water... didn't even matter that we were having cup noodles..hahahaz... too bad was with audrey! lolz.

Also, had ice cream at the pool side! or rather i was in the pool and and i was trying to keep the ice cream from getting splattered with pool water by extending it as far as i can out of the pool. Very long time since i had ice cream... was tempted from breaking my abstinence becoz there were 2 pple sitting by the pool having ice cream. ke!

rewind~ rewind~ BD.... decided against the client base. ended up the whole class no one took client altho BC low was baiting us like crazy. ke. stuck with our own ideas. BD typically, for our group at least is a very slack affair. we always go for self declared breaks for breakfast or lunch. lolz!

ok~ what else happened today? O! MOST IMPorTantLy! saw the yearbook today!!!!!!!!!! so excited that the yearbook's coming in today i snuck out of class on a hunch that the yrbks should have arrived by now. AND it did! first time i see trolley so happy! hahahaz~! MUST BUY! you dun buy u will regret! serious! so much nicer than the last one. not to say the last one was bad... but this is nicer! the design team did v fantastic job! am so sorry i wasn't ard during production!

ok~ need to think abt teh survey qns le..dun wanna write le... tata~!

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Tuesday. 7.20.04 11:27 am
I'm jobless again. decided against taking up the job previously mentioned. a few boring reasons. shall not go too much into it.

Migraine is starting to reappear. can't slp properly till i feel things are on track. or better yet settled. Prob because suddenly have alot of things to do. for bd and yrbk and home and sch and i still need a job. buy sell buy sell tml siaz.. shag. i should be in bed now. if not tml i won't be able to conc.

Already bad memory going to pieces. and i'm babbling nonsense even more often now. whahaha~! think i need to go swimming again soon. i wanna be good student this year. but i can't seem to find the time to do revision. Muz devote myself to studying this year. final chance. gotta aim for more A's yaz? muz work out cash flow probs. at least i haven't been skipping class and i did pay attention even in lu geok lan's class ok, more or less. lolz.

trying too hard? no. i'm not even pressing myself very hard. still quite slack..ha! btw: pple whu have been reading my blog regularly will realise that some entries disappear. yupz.. i call those over nighters. house special for the night.

i'm babbling. sweet dreams. dun let the bed bugs bite. ciaoz

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