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Wednesday. 10.18.06 11:39 pm
I'm cold right now. I don't really feel like bundling up though. Its not like I'm gonna be going out again tonight. It was nice outside today. And up until around 3, 4 maybe 5ish {the shit started around 3 and progressively got worse} today itself was a pretty good day. Now its just gotten really shitty. I'm not going to write about it yet cuz I want to be able to write about the outcome. All I know is that I'm kind of afraid as to how its going to end. All I can do is pray that the outcome is not something that's going to cause major drama.

I'm tired. I think I'm going to go to bed early. I might even lay down shortly after Lost is over. Alright, hopefully next time I write it'll be with good news.

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Company and other things
Tuesday. 10.17.06 11:27 pm
Today was a slow day. It was pretty normal for a Tuesday though. John went home early and Will and I were on break for a couple hours. Right before shift change we got a crazy rush. Not too busy, but since it was pretty much just me and Gary, it felt busier than it was. Nothing that we couldn't handle though.

Anywho, as I had mentioned in a previous entry, Gary had found out who I had been thinking about. I'm not crushing on him at all; I'm sure about that. But the thoughts come and go. Gary's supposed to be coming over in a bit, when he gets out of work. He's never seen Waiting... and I would let him borrow it, but I don't trust his roommate. So he's coming over to watch it. I don't mind the company.

Now that you know what the 'company' part of the title means, on to the 'other stuff' part. The 'other thing' is that I've been practicing celibacy. I haven't had sex in over 6 months and I'm very happy with my choice. I don't have a boyfriend {although I want one} which sort of makes being celibate easier. When I do finally get a boyfriend though, I kinda want to sort of ... {I dunno if its the right word} test him. I don't want to have sex right away cuz I don't want the relationship to be based on sex; like it was with my last two boyfriends. I figure that if he respects my choice to not want to have sex then he might be worth keeping and staying with. If he decides that its bad that I don't want to have sex and he goes and cheats on me or he breaks up with me, then he's not worth keeping around. I'm not sure how you all feel about that logic, but it seems to work for me. I have to get a boyfriend first in order for that plan to go through. Till then, I'm sticking with my choice of celibacy.

I have three more days of work till I'm off again. I don't have the weekend off this time. I'm off Saturday, cuz that's my one day I always have off. I have to work Sunday since Erin is a fatass bitch who complains way to frickin much if she doesn't get her way. She seems to not want to pay money for her daughter to go into daycare on Sundays {but the rest of the week she's okay with} so I have to work so that she can have the day off. I guess I don't mind too much as long as I don't have to work Saturday. I'm going back to having Thursday off. The good thing about it is that I don't have to work with Joey as much. I don't like working with either of them, but whatever. Gary has his days too where I don't like working with him either. But at this point I'm not sure who I dislike working with more: Erin or Joey. Do I hate working with Erin's fat, bitching self? Or do I hate Joey's lack-of-helping, annoying self? I'm not quite sure. Oh well.

I leave for Vegas in two months and two days. I seriously cannot wait. I would honestly love for me to be able to just not come back to Tucson. I mean, I would need to come back to get my stuff, but I don't want to come back to live. Once I'm out of Arizona in the summer, the only time I'll be back is to just simply visit. I guess that's one of the downfalls to having moved so much in the past. It gets to the point where if you get sick of a place, you don't really have the problem packing up and moving somewhere else. People who have lived in the same place their whole lives don't really know what its like to move every so many years. And although they might get sick of living in the same place, that's their home. That's where they are most familiar, and a lot of people are almost afraid to leave. But for someone like a military brat {or someone like me} who moves a lot, they don't get used to one place and as soon as they start to get comfortable enough to start to call it home, they move again. Oh well. All I know is that I can't wait to move out of this hell hole.

Alright my friend is here so I'm gonna write again later.

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Home cooked food
Sunday. 10.15.06 3:41 am
The thing I dislike most about living on my own is the lack of wanting to cook. I don't like cooking anyway, but I'm sure I'd be more motivated to cook if I weren't living by myself. Anywho, I miss home cooked meals. I miss my step-dad's cooking, but I know I'll never get it again. I do, however, also miss my mom's cooking and I am looking extremely forward to eating her cooking in December. I have certain recipies to some of my more favorite meals, but again, the living alone thing kinda prevents the meals from getting cooked. In the last few days I've been craving this one meal in particular: my mom's Chicken and Rice. She got the recipe from a cook book, but she modified it to make it her own. So I asked her to e-mail me the recipe.

I actually had a home cooked meal. It was delicious!!! It was the first time I had cooked it and it tasted exactly like the way my mom cooks it. It was wonderful. It was kinda funny though. Last night I was shopping for the ingredients and I couldn't find half of them since I don't normally shop for those certain things. It wasn't even hard to find them. I just usually shop for the same things or around the same things.

I have left overs {which I don't normally like} but in this case I'll eat the leftovers. Its rare that I eat leftovers. Which is another reason why I don't like cooking meals for myself. The rest of what I didn't eat would just go to waste. But this is good left over.

My day was uneventful. A normal Saturday. I'm off tomorrow, but I never called Katie like I was going to. Oh well. I might call her at some point tomorrow, but making spur of the moment plans don't always work out. Besides I have to do laundry tomorrow. I spent the day watching movies, and fighting ducks {don't ask, its got to do with an online game} and just lounging at home. I like days like today. I don't always like sitting at home, but today was nice. I didn't have the urge to do anything. Maybe tomorrow will be more eventful than today.

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Holy ish...
Saturday. 10.14.06 12:32 am
Today was crazy weird. Nothing bad happened, it was just different from your average Friday. I'm not quite sure if it being Friday the 13th is part of the reason or not, but it was strange. I was sort of expecting today to be busy, but nothing like what the day started out with. We open at 11. About ten minutes till 11 there were about 50 people waiting to come in. I could not believe how incredibly rude they were. And they were very impatient. We couldn't even start our prep until like an hour and a half after we were open. Whatever. It was off and on all day.

Something great happened though. I got Tiffany to say 'fucking asshole'. It was great!!! You kinda hafta know her in order to understand why that's so sweet. But I'll do my best to explain. She one of those sweet, innocent, church going, girl scouts that doesn't even approve of anyone else using foul language, let alone she herself using it. If someone else swears around her, she askes them to watch their language. She's really nice and cool to hang out with though. But today her friend was working and he said that she's cussed before, but not that often. So I told her that I'd pay her 3 bucks if she said fucking asshole. And she said it! It was sweet!!!

I have the weekend off again. I'm thinking about calling Katie tomorrow at some point to see if she wants to do anything either tomorrow or Sunday. I'm not really sure what there is to do since I'm broke. Other than calling Katie, I have no plans. I basically just plan on spending some quality time with me and my computer.

Alright, I'm watching Monster's Inc and I'm not really paying attention to the computer. I'll write again whenever I have something to write about.

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Friday. 10.13.06 2:02 am
I'm kinda tired. I didn't sleep real well last night cuz of how late I slept in yesterday. I know that I'm going to sleep well tonight since I had to be up early and I had to work all day.

Work was normal for a Thursday I guess. Joey was just as annoying as ever. And Jose is just dumb. I'm not going to elaborate since I've already done that so many times before. Besides I just don't have the energy right now. Other than that, nothing. Wait, there was a minor blip that happened that made me smile. Richard {the cute alarm guy} came by to drop off something for the alarm keypad. But then annoying custmers ruined my flirt time. Whatever. Maybe he'll be given a reason to come by again sooner or later.

I was talking to my mom last night about my upcoming move and she said if need be I can always move back in with her until I have the money saved up for a place of my own. But I really don't want to do that. I left home for a reason. I'm not gonna go back to it. Even if the circumstances are slightly altered, there'll still end up being problems and I'll be reminded why I didn't want to do that again. I am going to do my best to get my own place. But that's not for a while. I have time to plan things out.

Alright I'm gonna get some shut eye. I'll most likely write tomorrow night after work.

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Ben & Jerry's
Wednesday. 10.11.06 9:01 pm
My all time favorite ice cream. Its one of my ultimate comfort foods too. But if anyone were to ask me which kind of ice cream I would pick over any others, I wouldn't be able to pick a specific flavor. I would only be able to give you the brand name. I know that its more expensive than others, such as Breyers, but its worth the money. I don't buy it all the time cuz I don't always have the money, but when its on sale you can bet that I buy at least a couple pints.

Another of my favorite foods is Spaghettios. But I have to buy it with meatballs. I can eat it without, but I prefer them with the meatballs. I don't eat them that much. But when I'm not in the mood for ramen or any of the other usual stuff that I eat *coughworkfoodcough*, I buy the Spaghettios. Its my day off today and aside from playing on the comp all day and watching TV, that's what I've done: eat. I know its not that healthy for me, but I'm allowed to chow down on junk food every now and then.

I plan on going on a healthy streak next month. I usually go on a healthy streak about a month before I go on vacation so that once I'm on vacation I can eat whatever the hell I want and not have to worry so much about gaining extra weight. From dieting and eating healthy a month or so before I go on vacation, I lose some unnecessary pounds. The only junk food I'll allow myself to have is something simple like cookies, but even those can be healthy.

I know most of you have already heard about the plane crash in New York City. But I thought I'd just inform. Earlier today, around 12:30 PST {3:30 EST}, a small private plane owned by the New York Yankee's pitcher Cory Lindle, crashed into a 50 story condominuim. There were only two fatalities; the pilot {Cory} and a passanger. There were a few minor injuries, mostly to firefighters on the scene. They said that it only took about 45 minutes to control the fire. Its a tragic loss, but there's nothing that can be done to change it.

Alright I have nothing else to say so I'll write again whenever.

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