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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

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Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
Monday. 7.26.04 11:42 am
conclusion: SP guys cmi.. esp SB guys

was browsing thru this School Bell and The Beau, the sch grass section for our sch, SP

2 big big questions formed in my mind.. wah~ how cum i seeing ghost man? hmm.. some ok lah.. but most look like ghost man~! whaha~! 2nd question: SB guys are reputed to be the worse batch ard.. how cum so many nominations are from SB?

Therefore that led mi to 2 conc: 1-SB guys still cmi... but yr1 batch are slightly, tinny, winny better.. 2-SP gers are really deprieved, if SB guys are the best SP has to offer. geez.. lolz!

I maintain: Even NYP has better looking guys..sobz

Gave mi a scare.. looked like my nephew.. same sch summore


Reasons: because she has become more and more pretty...
she is an easy -going person and is a typical lamer.


Den got huizhen and anna and jane siaz! go see go see!

this guy is cool: http://ch8.mediacorptv.com/belle-beau/male.php?uid=258

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.....:.I'm a kid again!:..:.
Monday. 7.26.04 7:55 am
Late for sch today. late with capital L... hahaha~ 9am lesson.. reached sch at 9.30+.. decided to have breakfast and go in when ricky gives the customary break at 10. classmates said the first half they were totally out at sea.. no idea what he was talking abt.. 2nd half... ricky talking to us abt the planets:pri 5 syabllus siaz.. duh.. insult our intelligience.. like always.. dodo...anyway, day's lessons ended early at 3.. not bad for 1 lect and 2 tuts day.

went to causeway for our too ennng~ tea time... blah blah... decided to go to the arcade to check out this interesting game. an imaginery contest show where u have real podiums to stand at and an area for audience to sit. yaz.. its a BIG game... ala a real game show.. cross between jeopardy trivia and wheel of fortune. the wheel decides the category of questions u ans. 3 out of 5.. ashamed to say died at the music questions.. haha..at least better than those freaks at the audience area.. whu got max 2 out of dunno how many tries lor..still laugh so loud at our mistakes.. humph

O.. i tell u hor... i cleared the bishi bishi game wor! whahahaha! first time i actually cleared that game..11 wins sia! audrey keep dying throughout.. den joan dying when its nearer to the end...think they spent $0.40*3 or 4 times on that... i spent $0.80 onli wor! hey hey~! fyi bishi bishi is the one with 3 big buttons, red, green and blue, where u see pple whacking the bottons until u are sure the machine is gonna fall apart. I know.. i know.. looks utterly, totally, 100% ridiculous for 3, 18 year olds......fine... 2-18 yr old and 1-19 yr old to get so excited and whacking the buttons so furiously and jumping up and down.. and screaming like kids...hahaha! attracted a crowd.. But its FUN! We're supposed to have fun at the arcade right?

Ooooooooo.. talking abt screaming.. u know this game where we slide a disc across this big table and try to score goals by shooting the disc down each other's goal...whatever lah.. u know what i'm talking abt right? played 2 pple vs 2 pple... whuuuhoo~! beat joan and lifen 6-4 and 7-3~! whaaha! somemore they own goal siaz~! weak! den they violent summore~ the disc kept flying all over the place and they even "threw" the "bat".. aiya duno what u call it lah.. at audrey's... ahem.. she had to go to the washroom to check got blue and black or not.. whahaha~! u ged what i mean??? lolz! the 4 of us were laughing so loud think the whole arcade was watching us! whahahaha! 4 crazy women at the arcade!

of coz, being like good little housewives, went to cold storage.. . found this ego waffles thingy.. hadn't had that since pri sch~! so happy to see it! its like a comfort food to moi.. so i guess i'm unnecessarily happy abt buying it.. but hey.. couldn't resist! reminded mi of one of our bd idea which we scrapped.. sell those food etc that we used to have during pri sch.. those boxes of choc with the trishaw man in front.. or those used to be 10 cents bee bee tidbits (those small thin sticks of orange tidbits).. btw: those, i mean bee bee.. are selling by the bubble cup full for 90 cents at... beach road?? aiyaz..its near the st john's HQ lahz... used to sneak out of our pri sch during the in between time where we are waiting for our supplemantary lessons(can u believe it? everyday, everyone stays back till 5 or 6 for supp.. that means 12 hrs sch pluz do homework till 1am. can't imagine i used to be so hardworking right?) and sch end.... actually we were forbidden to do that..but thats where the prefect tie comes in handy~! whu dares to bar my way! (20 odd prefects in the same class.. haha.. powerful huh?) whaha! Now, diff to find leh! hahaz~! self confessed junk-food-aholic~

p/s: apologies to koban for asking u to come early, end up their lecture cancelled...wasting so much of your time... aiyaz.. u got wynn acc u right? ha..but still... SORRY WOR!

pp/s: *wondering* if joan or audrey will send mi T's foto they took today. T nv gel hair.. so he's looking v goondu.. whaha~!

ppp/s: next entry: the horrors of hp cams lolz~!

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