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Sunday. 9.7.08 9:57 pm
I need to STOP procrastinating. Jeeze, I told myself I wouldn't procrastinate. I need to stop. NOW.

Well, not NOW now. But, after I'm done with this blog and turn off my computer, now. :-D

Anyways. I turned in applications to Hot Topic, Rue 21, Hobby Lobby, Pier 1 Imports, and Linens n Things. Problem though, I told all the employers I wouldn't be able to start working until November 1st. Apparently that was a mistake. I would quit Carowinds now and say I could start working ASAP, but 1) My mom said if I'm not working then I can't drive past 8, even though I have my license wavered. and 2) If I quit Carowinds I can't guarantee I'll have another job to go to.


So, I think this past game night was one of the better ones. For ME, anyway. I've learned that I'm not TOO too big on PDA, but I mean, cute little things like small kisses, and sitting on his lap, and kinda sorta cuddling while on his lap, IN FRONT of everyone else (especially Drew, because, well, he's kind of intimidating) makes me REALLY really happy. If that happened all the time (ok, maybe not ALL the time, because then it wouldn't be "special" or whatever anymore) then...I'd probably be in a better mood all the time. Maybe. -shrug-

So, today, I also went to the Tyson's Forest pool for a little. Met Britney's boy, didn't talk to him much, but I'm glad she found someone that makes her happy. Two other friends, I won't say their names because they might kill me, were also very cuddly-ish, and it was cute. There were, I think...four couples in our group at the pool, and it was strange, because at one point, each male of the couple were holding their females in their arms the same exact way. Ok, that's not exactly "strange" but it was something I observed, and it was actually really nice. I like seeing happy couples. A lot.

Maybe that's why I like Aaron to be more cuddly and stuff with me in front of people. I know some people get sick of seeing couples around and stuff, but then there are some people, like me, who like seeing happy couples. I mean, hey, you'd rather see a loving couple than a bickering one, right?

Or maybe you're one of those people who like seeing couples fight so you can make fun of them. Shame shame! (kidding, by the way)

I'm so tired right now, but I'm also really happy. Aside from my mom. OH YEAH. I forgot to mention that. My mother actually kicked me out of my house to go to my dad's house because she knew tonight she would be out late drinking and stuff. I mean, this is what she ACTUALLY TOLD ME. Probably bringing her guy back to the house tonight, too.

Damnit. I mean, yeah, thanks for not making me be there when you get drunk and whatever, but seriously, how in the fucking world can you be so irresponsible that you KNOW you're going to get wasted. Jesus Christ I get tired of all this drinking bullshit.

Wow, sorry for all of the cursing. I can't fully express that part without it, though. My bad. Also, sorry for the blog turning from sweet to sour really fast, hahaha.

Oh my gosh picture day is Tuesday. Aaaaaaaaaaaah! X.X

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I'm obviously a typical girl.
Friday. 9.5.08 11:47 pm
There are some times when I am SO unsure of myself with my boyfriend.
But then there are other times where I just...am so happy with him, and I realize how much I really like him.

I know that is the kind of situation where it's really easy to have your heart broken and make mistakes, but you know what, I'm actually ok with that. At least I know that I had the experience, and that I am strong once I pull through something bad.

I am so tired right now. I'm blurting out jibber jabber. LATER!

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Dear Araam,
Thursday. 9.4.08 8:37 pm
Sorry if this sounds rude, but please stop visiting my NuTang account. It's a blog that I want to keep private from most peers, except a select few. I don't know if I accidentally mentioned it in some other blog, but if I did, I did not mean to.



Well, this sucks. I don't think I'm getting my car until January, because my grandma is in a sort of financial crisis and doesn't have the money at the moment to purchase a new car...

-sigh- I just, I wish she hadn't told me she was giving me the car. I wish that she has waited until she was READY to give me the car, instead of flaunting it.

"Oh yeah, you want the nice car? Here you go--WOOPS, nevermind!"


I think I had more to say, but I forgot. >.<

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I r inspiration?
Tuesday. 9.2.08 11:06 pm

Oh, Stevie, sorry the links at the top of my page look like yours. I didn't know which part of the code you gave me to remove.

ANYWAYS. I'm so tired. I want to sleep. This is the first thing I have procrastinated on this year. It needs to STOP NOW. O.O

My mom got mad at me for buying an Xbox 360. With my money. Apparently I bought it "because the money I had was burning a hole in my pocket," and apparently I bought it when I was at my dad's because "I knew that she would say 'no' if I asked her." Mom...just...no. My GOD. Stop assuming I'm always doing something wrong when you aren't around. I haven't robbed any banks. I haven't gone to sneak off with some guy without your permission. Jesus Christ, put fucking trackers in my car and phone so I can SHOW YOU that I am trustworthy.

Because I'm getting so God damned tired of being trusted more by the parent I DON'T live with than by the one I DO live with. Its frustrating. Really.

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Monday. 9.1.08 6:20 pm
I'm tired of pot heads and alcoholics and sex-o-holics. Drugs and drinking ultimately ruin your life, and sex, I mean, seriously, its not that big of a deal. (Now, I wouldn't know, because I am still a virgin, and proud of it, but still, my point) I mean, it seems like girls around me will have sex with their boyfriend after like, the first month if they already lost their virginity (ex. two girls at work. One is only 15, turning 16 in DECEMBER, and she's already had sex with two guys. One she dated for 9 months before losing her virginity, the other only waiting 2 months)

HONESTLY. There...are no morals. Sex most certainly DOES NOT equal love. In fact, some people think of it as some kind of exercise routine to lose weight.


I applied to Best Buy today! I hope I get a job there. -crosses fingers-

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So, this birthday was better than I expected.
Saturday. 8.30.08 10:02 pm
I was very upset with my mother this morning, and she made me cry.
On my birthday.
She didn't know, though. And I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with going into detail about WHY it happened.

OHMYGOD. (This has nothing to do with my birthday, but I experienced something TOTALLY ironic and wanted to share.) So, I auditioned for "You're a good man, Charlie Brown" last Thursday. Well, I was browsing through iTunes, and what do you know. The Broadway Musical selection chosen "Just for me" was the soundtrack to "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown." Very weird.

ANYWAYS. Half of the gifts I received on my birthday, I did NOT expect, at ALL. First and foremost, the biggest thing: a car. My grandma GAVE me her car. 2004 Cheverolet or something like that. O. M. G. :-D Then, my mom got me this Mahjong quest game in this awesome Japanese jewelry box. :3 THEN, I got a bunch of Manga from Jeanne Marie, along with 2 Post Secret books :-D

AND THEN. Britney came, ran from her car to my drive-way in the POURING RAIN, to deliver a cake that said "Happy Birthday Steigenator" on it. That really made me so so so so so so so happy.

THEN. Right as I was about to doze off, WILL walks through my door. He gave me song bangles, and then we played Guitar Hero until I told him to leave :-D

Pretty much a good birthday. :)

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