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Okay, okay, here's a pic
Monday. 6.16.08 9:22 pm
puppy and hands

My puppy. How cute. Yes, you know I love statements of the obvious. *wink*

@Muffy: Haha, I am the strictest at discipline. Teens, kids, friends, adults...and dogs. There is no problem in that area.

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About the pup...
Monday. 6.16.08 3:05 pm
This puppy...having the responsibility to care, nurture, and teach him. In a way, this is what I've always wanted. Always been looking for a somewhat blank slate to make my own, to make into the form I wanted it to be. At the same time, I feel as if I've done too much of that and I don't want to di it anymore. I've been doing it all my life, I do it everyday.

Both my cousin and I (she in her thirties and is the eldest child) have realized that we need less responsibility in our private lives. That's the reason the only pet possibility I had thought of was a cat, which by the way, she has. Cats are independent and like I mentioned in the previous entry, [needy + clingy = annoying] in my eyes. *siiigh*

What WILL I do with a puppy? *groan*

Another side is that this is MY puppy. For the moment and maybe years on, I want to have a real bond if nothing else. Something that is truely mine. Of course, there's also a side track to that. If the dog sees my mother as more of its master...well, then. There won't be anything I can do about that.

If that happens to be true, I will let my mommy have him and have her fun.

*sigh* I have to go. *wave* Bye!

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A Crazy Surprise
Monday. 6.16.08 3:19 am
I'll get to the surprise in a second.

First, the prom went fine. We danced, we had ice cream, we danced, my feet started killing me, we danced. Car service home, performance next day.

Today, performance went fine.

In between these two things lies the surprise. A puppy. Well, of course it was the spur-of-the-moment decision as always for my mother. She didn't think it through. I enver in my entire life ever thought of having a dog. Goldfish, I have had. A cat, maybe, because they are independent and I'm really starting to realize I hate anything too needy or clingy--including guys. *shudder*

*sigh* My puppy is a very cute Bichon Frise. Snow white, only a two months old, very very energetic. And crazy. *grin* He likes biting things, such as everything and toes.

As I said before, she didn't think this through. Quel Surprise. (I sound like Karen's Jackie in Will & Grace) Immediately, I had to go find a friend willing to take him for a few days. Our apartment is not suitable for an animal right now. Especailly not one only a few months old. Thankfully, I found a friend willing to hold him for me. We should be taking him home on Wed.

Ugh, my god...what am I going to do with a puppy?

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Prom stuff
Friday. 6.13.08 5:07 pm
I'm hungry and I have no time for food.

**Note: BOYS/GUYS/MEN/MALES/COWBOYS, this is a girl thing. Outfit, dress, shoes, jewelry, accessories, the whole shebang. Go away unless you're interested.**

I'm leaving to go check out my outfit for tomorrow and probably make an appointment to get my hair done. I'm thinking chignon. My dress is looong with a train--just a few inches. A dark navy blue. Very similar, almost the same to this; only my straps are wide and not a V neckline / a little bit of ruching at the chest = a little cleavage / the back is not draped as I'd like, but cross straps / the extra inches for the train. Pretty much same color though.

Had been thinking of silver, but somehow ended up on the champagne/gold/beige side. Nude shoes, dark blue stone earrings, champagne clutch, silver bracelet with blue stones. Deciding whether to go with black or beige/gold/champagne sequined cropped crochet-ed jacket. Both are same style, just different color.

I think that's it.

And the guy is still deciding on his outfit. >.> I told him I'd go for black and white, but he wants color. I will not be seen with him if I'm in this classy, elegant outfit and he's...not. He wanted a gold vest, etc. and I'm in dark blue! *sigh* What's wrong with an elegant black and white penguin tuxedo? Lucky him, I won't be in higher heels. I could tower over him. Hah!

Ay-yi-yi. I don't like what I'm starting to sound like. I'm outta here.


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Buy for me, a.k.a. NEW Book Reccomendation
Wednesday. 6.11.08 11:55 am
I don't need you to die for me. Just buy it for me.

New book to introduce to you all: The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston
It's a true story about a real murder case that ends up spitting the author out of Italy--forever--and dumping the man who introduced it all to him and became his partner investigator in jail.

Read the Introduction here that tells why he was in Italy in the first place, the basic details of the case as he first heard it and his meeting Mario Spezi (the buddy that winds up in jail). So interesting.

I really want it...

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I had a good birthday
Wednesday. 6.4.08 11:07 pm
Lots of people remembered me. Today is by no means as famous as Washington's b-day, but it was good enough. More than ever before. My friend left me a voicemail singing happy birthday. My stalker sent me a text mesage. *cringe* My friend called to confirm tonight's dinner date and...I actually asked to postpone so I could celebrate with my mommy instead. *wince* Yes, I know.

My mommy bought me a huge cake, black forest cake with lotsa chocolate and strawberries.

It was good. *sigh* Today was good. Best birthday ever? Maybe. ;)

Only...I'm less lonely than before, but having a guy wouldn't hurt. ;D

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Wednesday. 6.4.08 9:21 am
Today is my birthday. It was going okay, pretty well. My mommy was nice until she left the house and called to yell at me. ;_;

It's raining. My friend can't make it to prom shop with me. I have no plans at all today. I'm stuck here watching Densha Otoko. How sad is it that I can empathise with the beginning? It's the poor thing's birthday, no one remembers, and it's the worst day of his life. Poor thing.


So...I'm meeting my mom for lunch. Then off to class. And that's my whole day. Unless my friends and I go do something. Though at this point, I'm in a bit of a pessimistic mood. I don't think it'll happen. A twelve o' clock curfew for nothing. *sigh*

Talk to ya'll later.

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My Legality!
Tuesday. 6.3.08 9:17 am
Birthday tomorrow, wheee! I'll finally be 'legal'! Of course, good or bad depends on how you look at it. I could GET sued, or I can SUE!

My first thing will be to buy one o' those scratch tickets. ;D Then, I'm hoping to go shopping with my two aunts for a prom dress. They have horrible taste, but they've got their wallets so I expect we'll come out even.

My friend is doing my nails today. Perhaps I'll take a picture when it's done and put it up. That is, if ya'll are interested.

Ooh, I gotta call my aunts...

Tomorrow, tomorrow~ I love ya, tomorrow~

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